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TERA to BladePatch cords.

Siemon is introducing new versions of their hybrid TERA to RJ patch cords. These cords feature a standards-recognised TERA plug on one end and Siemon's patented RJ45-compatible BladePatch plug on the other. The four pair TERA to BladePatch version utilizes high-quality category 7A stranded cable and meets or exceeds all 10GBASE-T standard requirements, including all alien crosstalk parameters. The two-pair TERA to BladePatch cord allows two 10/100 Ethernet applications to be supported over a single TERA outlet and cable through cable sharing. Accepted by both TIA and ISO, cable sharing can help reduce the overall number of channels required to support lower-speed applications, effectively doubling connectivity density without increasing permanent link cable density. The BladePatch RJ45 plug further supports these density benefits. BladePatch is a unique RJ45-style patch cord that can be inserted and removed without the need to depress an external latch. The patented push-pull internal latching mechanism locks the plug into position when pushed into the outlet or patch panel, and is removed by simply pulling back on the boot.

The BladePatch latching design and slim boot require less "finger space" around each patch cord making it the ideal patch cord solution for high-density environments. The TERA to R J45 BladePatch allows users to install high-performance category 7A permanent links capable of supporting future application speeds in excess of 10Gb/s while maintaining the ability to immediately integrate with their current networking equipment.
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Date:Apr 1, 2008
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