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TELLY Vision: THRILL BILL - THE APPRENTICE - Must See.. The Apprentice TV3 - Tomorrow, 9pm.

Byline: Naomi McElroy

FOR too long now the Brits and the Yanks have had it all their own way.

Any time we've wanted a bit of Apprentice action we've had to put up with Donald Trump and his bouffant hair roaring, 'You're fired' or Alan Sugar listing off all the different people he doesn't like (men, women, children, small and fluffy animals...).

So thank God there's finally an Irish Apprentice to give them all a much-needed kick up the backside.

Starting tonight 14 contestants will battle it out to become the right-hand man of Bill Cullen, Ireland's toughest self-made millionaire.

Born into a family of 16 children in inner-city Dublin, Bill left school at 16 and slogged his way up the ladder to become a business giant.

He is mates with Tiger Woods, don't you know, and he's certainly got what it takes to put his rivals in their place.

On Alan Sugar, he said: "He's a grumpy guy, but I've probably fired more people in my time than he has."

And on Trump: "His comment that he likes to kill adversaries and their families, so they won't bother him again, is Sopranos stuff."


Kick-start.... Wannabe entrepreneurs will battle it out to become Irish business mogul Bill Cullen's right-hand man
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 21, 2008
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