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I'M trying to imagine what would happen on the streets on Riyadh or Tehran if a bunch of white British women - in dresses that showed a bit of leg and the merest hint of bosom - took to the streets waving placards and screaming: "Al Qaeda Go to Hell."

I suspect they'd be rounded up, buried up to their necks in sand and stoned to death before you could say "Stick Sharia Law up your jacksie."

But a group of Muslim women who obviously hate the West and all it stands for stood outside London's Old Bailey last week demanding the release of four extremists who were jailed for encouraging murder and terrorism and stirring up racial hatred.

Never mind that in those countries where the Islamic faith is the predominant one these women wouldn't be allowed to speak publicly on how to boil an egg, let alone protest openly on matters of law and justice.

Yet there they were being openly hostile to a woman police officer who was only there to protect THEM against any backlash from a public who might be justifiably angry that they were calling for the release of men convicted of encouraging Muslims to slaughter westerners.

But what amazes me is that if these women - who weren't brave enough to protest without the protection of a full niqab - hate the West so much, why don't they shove off and live in a country where they can practise and live by whatever religion and rules they believe in?

Why don't they go live in one of those countries where, for women at least, the freedom to protest doesn't exist, where women are reduced to uneducated chattels who are there only to serve men, where expressing an opinion would almost certainly cost them their lives.

Because Britain's freedoms were too hard fought for to be used and abused in this way. In sentencing the four convicted fanatics to six years in jail Judge Brian Barker, the Common Serjeant of London, said: "With freedom comes respect and responsibility." But where was the respect for our laws, our country and our hospitality from these women who don't realise how damned lucky they are to live in liberal Britain.

If Gordon Brown REALLY wants to make an impact in his new job why doesn't he tell (nay force) all those people who hate us and our way our life to bugger off somewhere they'd be more comfortable. We'd even help pay for them to go.

Because if we're talking "rights" here, it's the right of every decent, law-abiding person in this country not to have to live among people who want to destroy not just us, but our way of life.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 22, 2007
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