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 FARMINGTON, Conn., Dec. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Telepartner International today announced TeleServer, an advanced communications server delivering a full range of connectivity options that includes support for wireless computer users. TeleServer brings remote and mobile computer users access to both mainframe and midrange information systems, with a variety of connections and support for Windows, DOS, and Macintosh workstation operating environments. With unmatched flexibility and advanced compression techniques, TeleServer is designed to meet the demands of both today's and tomorrow's remote computer users. It is immediately available from Telepartner International.
 More Flexibility
 TeleServer provides users more connectivity options than other similar communications servers. It concurrently supports X.25, wireless, and asynchronous direct-dial remote access technologies while simultaneously supporting different workstation environments. Remote and mobile computer users within local areas can connect through direct-dial; geographically dispersed users can connect via X.25 packet networks or 800-number access, and, with TeleServer, there is the added capability of connecting through wireless networks. TeleServer combines all of these options in one unified communications server.
 More Functionality
 With the introduction of TeleServer, remote and mobile computer users will also find a new level of functionality and versatility. This powerful product allows up to 64 simultaneous users access to corporate databases and other information systems. Users can run applications, access E-Mail, perform file transfers, and print from remote locations. TeleServer provides an interface between remote and mobile workstations and host applications by working with standard Telepartner workstation products.
 High Performance
 In addition to eliminating the expense and complexity of multiple gateways, TeleServer also improves performance and reduces network charges by incorporating DynaFLASH! an advanced, field-proven compression technique in its server and workstation components. Developed by Telepartner, DynaFLASH! compresses outbound data by up to 80% and brings exceptional performance to remote computing.
 Pricing for TeleServer is based on the number of simultaneous users. The server component is priced at $9,700 for up to 16 simultaneous users; $11,700 for up to 32 simultaneous users, and $14,200 for up to 64 simultaneous users. These prices include the server component, a communications server based on an 80486, 33MHz microprocessor, 16MB RAM, with one remote access port and one host connection port. TeleServer add-on components are priced separately. Workstation software prices begin at $295 per copy.
 Service and Support
 TeleServer is backed by a team of seasoned technical support professionals with years of experience in remote and mobile computing, data communications, and managed electronic information distribution solutions. The worldwide Telepartner support team is committed to providing the highest quality service available.
 Telepartner International
 Telepartner International is a leading developer and marketer of high-performance, flexible, and reliable data communications and managed electronic information distribution products for remote and mobile computing. The company offers a full range of connectivity products, from wired to wireless for mainframe and midrange systems in a variety of workstation operating environments. Telepartner's performance-rich products include the PACKET/PC line, which is the recognized leader in PC SNA asynchronous connectivity, and Synchrony, a powerful managed software distribution solution.
 Headquartered in Farmington, Telepartner International has offices in Oslo, Norway, and London, England. Distributors are located worldwide. For more information on TeleServer, or any Telepartner International product, representatives can be reached at 800-935-3270.
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