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 FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Telematics International (NASDAQ-NMS: TMAX) announced LAN routing capability on its ACP 50 with a new product called ELX (Ethernet LAN eXchange).
 "We have a proven record of success with Asynchronous, SNA, X.25 and frame relay connectivity, and now we're combining all those with support for LAN traffic, at a very affordable price," said Terry Rihel, director of product marketing at Telematics.
 Sensible Routing Solution
 The ELX board represents a sensible LAN routing solution for ACP 50/386 users, by expanding the connectivity to include TCP/IP. It consists of a Communication Equipment Module (CEM) daughterboard that resides on the ACP 50/386 motherboard, and a Communication Adapter Module (CAM) which attaches to the back of the ACP 50/386.
 ACP 50/386 customers can upgrade their existing units to support Ethernet TCP/IP LANs simply by installing the ELX CEM/CAM and adding new software. The IP protocol is bundled with some of the most popular protocols including SNA, X.25, ASYNC and frame relay as well as Telematics' Transparent Protocol Passthrough, which can transport any other bit or byte oriented protocol.
 The ELX supports one Ethernet port and two links running at 384 Kbps. These links have an RS530 interface which can be connected to V.11 and V.35 devices via interworking cables. The statistics collected by the ELX software component are designed to be MIB2 compliant.
 When a user on one LAN wants to communicate t ?a server on another LAN, a "virtual circuit" is automatically established between the two ACPs based on an IP address. Timers can be configured to bring down the virtual circuit when there is not traffic for a configured period of time. Transferring data between TCP/IP networks and X.25 networks, the ACP receives Internet Protocol (IP) datagrams from the Ethernet TCP/IP LANS and fragments these datagrams into smaller packets, which are forwarded through the X.25 network.
 The destination ACP receives the packets, (drawing in) which are reassembled into IP datagrams with the same size and content as the original.
 Optimized Multi-Protocol Architecture
 Since the ELX is based on an implementation that is optimized towards efficiently moving data off the LAN onto the wide area X.25 or frame relay link, the processing capacity supporting the other protocols is not interfered with.
 "The result is an ACP 50 that can provide high-performance multi- protocol integration," said John Marrama, president of Integrated Communication Solutions Inc., a Telematics value-added reseller in Frederick, Md., that has installed the ELX at beta sites.
 Mr. Marrama's company does about 90 percent of its business with the federal government, and he said he's very excited about the ELX. "We think there's going to be a very high demand for this product throughout the entire government networking arena, because they're such large users of TCP/IP as a networking protocol," he said.
 The ELX reflects Telematics' recognition of the LAN market as an important opportunity, Mr. Rihel said. "This is only part of our evolving LAN strategy," he said.
 Telematics designs, manufactures and markets computer systems and software products for voice and data communication applications and networks. It provides a full range of frame relay products under the NFX brand name, including frame relay switches, frame relay concentrators and frame relay access devices called FRADs. Telematics' NET25(R), SmartNet(R) and Digital Wideband Networks include a complete line of wide area networking products designed specifically for voice and data communications applications and networks. This includes a full range of programmable packet switching systems, frame relay systems, access communications processors and T1/E1 networking multiplexers. Telematics is also developing an extensive ATM-based product family under the NCX product line. Telematics, headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., has approximately 380 employees worldwide with facilities in five U.S. locations, Basingstoke, England, Frankfurt and Paris.
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 /CONTACT: Sam Carter of Telematics International Inc., 305-772-3070, or Louis Tharp of Clay Marketing & Public Relations, 914-348-0400/

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