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 BEAVERTON, Ore., Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- In an important move for the company, Tektronix, Inc. (NYSE: TEK) is migrating the power of its traditional benchtop test and measurement equipment into the hands of millions of technicians worldwide, for a fraction of the cost. The new TekTools(TM) brand family of electronic tools introduced this week by the company, will help transform the way electrical engineers, electronic technicians, and maintenance craftspeople work.
 TekMeter(TM), the flagship within TekTools, includes a line of hand held electronic tools which automate common measurements by combining an autoranging digital multimeter with an autoranging oscilloscope. This oscilloscope automatically finds and displays electronic and electrical signals, allowing technicians to visualize problems. Other product lines within TekTools include hand held digital multimeters, accessories and probes.
 "This new marketplace sould have a significant impact on our test and measurement business," notes Tektronix CEO Jerry Meyer. "There are more than 6 million technicians in the U.S. alone, and the worldwide potential for hand held electronic tools should top $500 million."
 The proliferation of highly sophisticated electronic components in everything from automobiles and aircraft to phone systems, security systems, and industrial equipment has created a need for a new means to install, maintain, and repair equipment faster and easier -- hopefully before shut down costs can mount up. Before the emergence of hand held electronic tools, there was no easy cost effective way to perform preventative maintenance in the field on these highly sensitive components.
 The new family of products is a natural evolution in Tektronix' close relationship with its customers. "Our understanding of engineering needs built our Test & Measurement business; the same holds true for TekTools," adds Dan Terpack, vice president of Tektronix' Test & Measurement Division. "We realized there was a tremendous need for powerful, highly portable, low cost, and 'intelligent' tools that could be used to maintain and service the growing number of electronic components in all areas of industry. These smart tools manage a great deal of complex information and display it in a way that is easy to learn and use. The need for these products is evident by early demand which has been significantly greater than what we had expected.
 "Most of these new customers will be unfamiliar with the Tektronix name, and we realized we needed to create a brand name that will stand for the same high quality, performance, and design we deliver in our benchtop test products," Terpack commented. "We are backing the TekTools brand with a sizable awareness and merchandising program which includes direct mail, advertising, publicity, training for sales people, channel promotions, and retail displays. This is the first time in our history we have put so much promotional effort into marketing our test & measurement products."
 In order to reach this huge market, T&M has had to go outside its traditional direct sales channels and is depending exclusively on electrical and the top electronic test and measurement distributors throughout the U.S. and most of the world.
 "TekTools is an excellent example of how Tektronix has made an effort to understand and cater to its customer's needs," said Winston Stalcup, chairman of RS Electronics, a major electronics distributor based in Michigan. "We have already seen the demand for this product and expect it to be a big seller in 1994."
 TekTools marks a revolution in the way the division is doing business. The new brand is also the result of Tektronix' re-engineered product development process. According to Terpack, by migrating a single architecture from "mainframe" benchtop instruments, rather than starting from scratch, the company was able to cut the time to market dramatically. "Our first products were designed in half the time, at half the price and with twice the features of any product on the market today," he notes. "This same focus produced a portable tool for under $1000 which has much of the functionality of larger benchtop instruments."
 Tektronix is a leading manufacturer of electronic products in the areas of test and measurement, computer graphics and television systems. Revenues in fiscal 1993 were $1.3 billion. Tektronix is headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon, and has operations worldwide.
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