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TEKKEN'S A KNOCKOUT; 5 games to be won.

IT'S back and it's better than ever. Yep, Tekken 3, the third instalment in the first-rate beat- 'em-up series, has arrived.

And to celebrate, Mega has five Sony PlayStations, five Tekken 3 games and five dual-shock joysticks to give away.

Tekken 3 boasts state-of-the-art gameplay and new, highly-detailed characters. Like its predecessors, the gameplay is flawless and there are new combos, attacks, counter-moves and defences.

And while Tekken 2 battles took place along a fixed axis, Tekken 3 characters can dodge left and right to avoid attacks.

The game and the storyline are very complex, but here's the basic idea. Heihachi's Tekken Force reports sighting the mysterious God of Fight while excavating Native American ruins. Meanwhile, Jin Kazama, wants to avenge his family, killed by this God of Fight.

Jin asks his grandfather, Heihachi, to teach him how to destroy the god, and Heihachi stages a King of the Iron Fist tournament to entrap the God of Fight.

For a chance to win one of our great prizes, just tell us the name of Heihachi's grandson. Call 0640 802 831 with your answer. Tekken 3 is rated 11, so you must be 11 or over to enter this contest.

Meet the

new stars


Nationality: Japanese

Age: 19

Fighting Style: Advanced Mishma-style fighting, Karate and Kazama style of self-defence.


Nationality: Chinese

Age: 16

Fighting Style: Hakke Sho and Hike Ken-based school of Chinese martial arts.


a computer that's out of this world!

MEGA Mirror has teamed up with Tinsey the alien and Tyne UFOs for a super space-age competition.

Tinsey is the Tyne UFO's alien, and he aims to take you to another planet every tea time with fun UFO-shaped chicken pieces in a can. They are available in four tasty flavours - Tomato, Gravy, Spicy Tomato and BBQ.

To celebrate the arrival of Tyne UFOs, Mega Mirror readers can win a hi-tech multimedia personal computer worth around pounds 2,500.

This state-of-the-art machine comes with a CD-ROM drive and will enable our lucky winner to enter to play the latest intergalactic computer games.

The winner and ten lucky runners up also scoop a Tyne UFOs goodie bag, which includes a rucksack and pencil case. To be in with a chance of winning these fantastic prizes just tell us how many flavours Tyne UFOs are available in.

Phone 0640 802832 with your answer.


GET set for a dino-mite competition. Episodes of the hit CITV cartoon Extreme Dinosaurs are now out to buy on video. To celebrate, we are giving away five copies of the new vids Out Of Time and Ick-Thysaurus Vacation plus five original animation drawings called cels.

In Out Of Time, the dino heroes T-Bone, Stegz, Bullzeye and Spike are imprisoned by government agent Dr Scarwell, but they must escape to battle the nasty Bad-Rap and his Raptors. In Ick-Thysaurus Vacation the dinosaurs win a holiday to Mexico but the trip turns out to be a set-up by the Raptors.

Each vid costs pounds 9.99 and features two episodes and a bonus episode, but you could win one by telling us the name of the Extreme Dinosaurs' evil enemy. Phone 0640 802834 with your answer.


THE world's most famous crime-fighting comic duo Batman and Robin now star in a thrilling new 3D adventure game.

It is based on last year's smash movie Batman And Robin and features all your fav-ourite characters from the film, in-cluding the Caped Crusader himself, Batgirl, the deadly Poison Ivy and the chilling Mr Freeze.

In the game you either play Batman, Robin or Batgirl, and it's your task to save Gotham City from the clutches of evil.

To do this you'll need to choose your weapons carefully, learn some special fighting moves and analyse clues on the Bat computer.

To celebrate the arrival of Batman And Robin, Mega Mirror has teamed up with Acclaim software to give away 10 copies.

To enter tell us where the game is set and call phone 0640 802833 with your answer.


CHILDREN'S ITV presenters Stephen Mulhern and Danielle Nicholls are a talented pair.

Danielle, 19, is the former All England Modern Dance Champion and 21- year-old Stephen is the youngest ever member of the Magic Circle.

Stephen was just 16 when he became the resident magician at the famous London shop Harrods, entertaining such celebrity guests as Bruce Willis.

But Princess Diana give him his most memorable moment.

"I'd been told you weren't supposed to speak to royalty unless they spoke to you," he says. "But I got so excited when I saw Di I asked her if she wanted to see the fastest magic trick in he world. She just carried on walking.

"But then she came back and said, 'What is this trick?'. So I made one of her rings disappear."

Stephen, who comes from Stratford, in London, will be performing most of his magic on TV with Danielle. "We are a great partnership," says Danielle.

Catch Stephen and Danielle every weekday on CITV between 3.25 and 5.10pm and Sundays from 9.25am.

GOLDEN boy Michael Owen is to feature in his own football sim Michael Owen's World League Soccer '99. It will be released in November for PC and PlayStation with a Nintendo game out next April.
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