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TEK Creates Web-Based Print Ad Publishing Suite.

FORT WAYNE, Ind.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 20, 1998--TEK Interactive Group, Inc. (TEK) will roll out Build Your Own (BYO(TM)) ad publishing and management suite for retailers at the Do it Best Corp., market in Indianapolis, IN this weekend.

The four-part suite--BYO, Kate, AdServe, and Eigenshrink--takes an ad from artist concept to a retailer-specific published circular while keeping it completely digital.

Historically, local retailers were stuck with a predetermined ad from corporate headquarters, or they had to make modifications to a printed example several months in advance of the sale to customize an ad to their regional market.

With the BYO suite, a corporate advertising department can mandate certain ad designs without mandating the items and prices sold. Equipped with a Web browser, a retailer can see a mock-up of the circular on the screen and change the items, prices, and descriptions of any product element.

Starting with Quark Xpress and TEK's Kate Xtension, an advertising department can export a BYO-ready template from their advertising layout. Via AdServe, they then publish the BYO documents to a Web site for retailer modification. Once the retailer is satisfied with the ad, the product data can be brought back into Quark through Kate. Only the product information is imported. The Quark design stays intact updated with the retailer's sale choices.

"This can save weeks or even months over the paper cut-and-paste method many retailers are using now," says Dan Turkette, a partner in TEK. "That kind of time savings means your prices and products can be even more competitive against the local competition."

The final element of the BYO suite is Eigenshrink. It performs bulk conversions of print-ready images to low-resolution GIF (web-ready) images. This is a boon to companies with extensive image libraries allowing the creation of Web-based ad publishing and e-commerce Web sites.

About the System

The system is comprised of the following components: -0-

-- BYO(TM), a Java application, which allows users to edit templates
 exported from Quark. BYO allows a Web user (say, a dealer or
 co-op member) to modify certain content elements of an
 advertising supplement yet retain a corporate-controlled design.
 BYO also allows the advertiser to make color proofs.

-- Kate, a Quark Xpress(TM) Xtension (a plug-in), allowing the
 export and import of files used in conjunction with the Java
 application BYO(TM). Kate creates a representation of the Quark
 file by recognizing key design elements of the file and
 reconstructing them in BYO format for the Web user. Upon import,
 the changed content information is brought back into the original
 Kate file.

-- AdServe, a web-based client/server application which manages the
 SKU data, pictures, prices, product descriptions and other
 information about the items being sold. AdServe also manages the
 workflow of building and advertising supplement, as well as
 bridging BYO information to future AdVersion enhancements.

-- Eigenshrink: Automatically performs bulk conversions of
 high-resolution images to low-resolution GIF images for display
 within BYO(TM) and Web catalogs. The final GIF images are
 suitable for many Web applications. Eigenshrink is the perfect
 application for advertising departments and digital press
 operations to move their image libraries to the Web.

In addition, TEK is developing additional major enhancements: -0-

-- AdVersion: will automate the management and versioning of retail
 circulars and other advertising supplements. AdVersion organizes
 promotional information into product- and/or price-based market
 segments that are user-definable to the individual store level.
 Once a market segment is selected, automatically links the most
 current pricing and promotional copy and delivers it to the
 retailer for production. AdVersion will also allow members or
 franchises around the country (or all over the world) to enter
 local pricing for comparison.

-- Web-to-Legacy Integration: BYO will deliver the updated
 promotional prices by remote location into legacy systems, which
 then deliver the data back to the retailers P.O.S. system by
 direct and Internet connections.

About TEK Interactive Group, Inc.

TEK Interactive Group, Inc. is a rare combination of not only a world-class web design firm and full-service ad agency, but also a nationally ranked Internet service provider.

TEK focuses on creating Internet solutions that cover the entire marketing structure and embrace emerging technology-based media.

About Do it Best Corp.

Do it Best Corp., is a two billion-dollar hardware wholesaler which supplies 4500 member locations in 32 countries.
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