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TEI Board Approves Award for committee award for committee service.

TEI's Board of Directors has approved the establishment of an award to recognize meritorious service on an Institute committee, working group, or task force. To be eligible to receive the award, a nominee must have made outstanding contributions that enhanced the effectiveness, reputation, or operations of TEI. Nominations are to be made by the respective group and only one person from each group may receive an award during the year. In addition, the Institute's Executive Committee may select one person annually to receive the award.

According to TEI President Ray Rossi, the award is intended to recognize contributions of members who may work on one or two projects during the year. "TEI's other awards are normally given when a recipient nears retirement. This award will permit us to recognize the ongoing contributions members make to the formation of TEI's policy on technical topics or in the design of a particular project," he stated. "In our view, you can never say 'thank you' often enough."
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Title Annotation:Recent Activities
Publication:Tax Executive
Date:May 1, 2004
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