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1. Which former Boro star wore beer goggles to attend a session at MFC Foundation to launch a World Cup drink and drug driving awareness campaign recently? 2. Billingham born Pat Partridge awarded the British Empire Medal recently for his outstanding career as a referee, refereed in which World Cup? 3. Steven Johnson, Lewis Johnson, Stuart Tipp, Martin Gill, Shaun Smith and George Dunkerley have all been chosen to represent Team GB in Los Angeles 2015 Special Olympics from KTS Academy in which East Cleveland village? 4. As a result of the introduction of the basic oxygen steel making plant at Lackenby in 1972 to cut pollution, how many chimneys were eliminated at the open hearth plant? 5. In the 1950s Joe, Des and Bill played with their brother for Great Broughton in the Cleveland League. What was the name of the brother who went on to play for the Boro and became a football legend? 6. Kind therapist Caroline Chinn from Trinity Holistic Care at James Cook gave her patient Paula Adamson a lovely surprise when she arranged for Paula to meet which band who performed recently at Durham Cricket Club? 7. Two local engineering firms who were involved in the construction of the 1974 14K Rio-Niteroi Bridge across Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro, one was Cleveland Bridge engineering who was the other? 8. Phil Philo attended a Buckingham Palace Garden Party recently, he is the curator of which local museum? 9. Which local fundraising festival just celebrated it's 28th year at Sexhow Park Farm, Hutton Rudby? 10. Last Sunday Middlesbrough put on a great day to show it's support for the military, on Armed Forces Day formerly known as what before 2009?


Armed Forces Day which was held in Middlesbrough recently
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jun 28, 2014
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