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 Eclectic Group of Personalities Among Devotees
 of Unique 2-in-1 Laptop/Printer Product
 COSTA MESA, Calif., Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Technology can make for some interesting bedfellows. Take the NoteJet laptop computer from Canon Computer Systems Inc. (CCSI), the only notebook computer that features a built-in Bubble Jet printer.
 Ever since the advent of laptop computers, working on a computer has been made easier and more flexible: no longer was a user restricted to waiting until he or she returned home or to the office to write that letter or finish a spreadsheet. It has been the inability to print that has proven to be an underlying frustration of mobile computing users -- until Canon and the NoteJet.
 While this innovative product has made life easier for thousands of traveling executives, a diverse group of well-known personalities has also enthusiastically embraced the Canon NoteJet -- making this portable computer/printer product a must-have technology tool.
 The NoteJet in Legal Circles
 For F. Lee Bailey, the world renowned attorney, traveling without the NoteJet is unthinkable. While computer technology in the legal profession has become commonplace, Bailey's NoteJet is as essential to his domestic and international business trips as is his briefcase.
 In fact, Bailey has made the unit standard equipment in the Boston and West Palm Beach offices of his law firm.
 "The NoteJet performs extremely well," Bailey suggests. "It produces laser-quality documents instantaneously and makes any business meeting more effective and efficient."
 The NoteJet and the Arts
 Peter Max, one of the world's most popular modern artists, has taken the computer and printer capabilities of the NoteJet one step further. He's added a cellular fax/modem card to his unit.
 With a hectic schedule of art exhibitions and meetings to discuss an upcoming animated feature film he's working on, Max invariably needs to have presentations at his fingertips, often making last minute revisions.
 "I remember being stuck in my hotel room waiting for a bellman to deliver a crucial fax that I needed prior to my `Pop to Patriotism' exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery with President Clinton and Senator John Glenn," Max recalls. "Ever since that near miss, I rely on the NoteJet with the cellular fax/modem card to get me a hard copy of what I need, when I need it."
 In another instance, Max was on his way to a meeting at a restaurant with executives from Silicon Graphics Inc. to discuss an animated film with which he's involved.
 "While in the car, I realized that I'd forgotten my storyboards," he explains. "Within 10 minutes, I had them faxed to me from my studio to my NoteJet -- just as the driver was pulling up to the restaurant."
 A Prolific Writer and his Best Friend
 Writer, editor, speaker, television commentator and one-time New York City mayoral candidate William F. Buckley Jr. is constantly traveling, if not in a plane, then sailing on his beloved 36-foot sailboat, Petito.
 "Because of my writing demands, my fingers are never far from a keyboard," says Buckley, who was one of the country's first writers to embrace computer word processing in the early 1980s.
 "The Canon NoteJet is simply marvelous. It is identical in size to the myriad of laptops on the market, but it's the only one that prints," he points out. "Instead of lugging a separate printer along on my travels, my beloved NoteJet does it for me. I fax my columns, parch up my speeches or do my letters that need to get done right away. It's my rod and staff while I'm traveling," Buckley explains.
 The NoteJet and the Laptop Market
 The laptop computer market has experienced tremendous growth. According to Dataquest, a leading computer industry research firm, approximately 5 million notebook and subnotebook computers were in use by the end of 1992. That number is expected to triple to 15 million by 1997. But according to John Goetz, a Dataquest analyst, although laptops have provided countless benefits, there has always been an underlying frustration: the inability to print while traveling.
 CCSI's NoteJet II 486C features a color screen and a 130MB, 260MB or 340MB Hard drive and weighs less than 9 pounds. The built-in Bubble Jet printer generates crisp, high resolution text and graphics and can print two pages per minute on letter and legal size paper or transparencies. Estimated street prices for the NoteJet are as low as $2,000. In comparison, a brand name laptop computer with similar features and a separate printer could cost almost $1,000 more.
 Laptop computers have become essential tools for traveling executives in diverse professions. And as companies such as CCSI continue to add practical features to future models, notebook computers will become even more widely used.
 About Canon Computer Systems Inc.
 Since 1992, Canon Computer Systems Inc. has led Canon's activities in the U.S. computing market with the following product lines: Bubble Jet and laser printers, scanners, desktop and notebook computers in addition to the unique integrated computer/printer, the NoteJet. Small office/home office (SOHO) customers are reached via the mass market channel -- a network of computer dealers, superstores and mass merchants who represent more than 5,500 storefronts nationwide.
 Canon is recognized as the world's largest computer printer manufacturer and a leader in imaging technology with more than 7,500 patents worldwide. For more information, customers can call 800-848-4123.
 Canon and BJ and BJC are registered trademarks, and Bubble Jet is a trademark of Canon Inc.
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