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 NORWELL, Mass., March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile professionals are not just the Globetrotters analyzing the intricacies of the next deal on a notebook computer at 36,000 feet, or the Road Warriors playing the freeways with mobile phone in hand. A recent study by BIS Strategic Decisions concluded that the ranks of mobile professionals also include those with more mundane travel habits, but who represent an even bigger market: the Corridor Cruisers and Collaborators we pass in the hallways every day.
 Mobile information technology -- portable PCs, printers, facsimile systems, cellular phones, electronic organizers, pagers, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) and PICs (Personal Intelligent Communicators) -- is the fastest growing segment of the IT market. A plethora of mobile products exists, but who is buying? How do you characterize them? How are they using these devices? When will they buy a PDA and not a notebook PC? It is not enough to look at customers as members of a vertical market -- surprisingly, the BIS study found that occupation and industry sector and other traditional demographic parameters are poor indicators of mobility and do not meaningfully segment the market. The BIS study provides a clear description of key market segments defined by functional requirements.
 Across all occupational categories, almost 75 percent of today's professional workforce is mobile, according to BIS' research. Commanding sizeable discretionary budgets, these professionals, managers, and independent business owners influence technological purchases by their organizations.
 This new study, The Mobile Professional Market Segmentation Multiclient Study, defines various stages of mobility away from the desk: in-building/on-campus, the metro-area, and international travel. The study concluded that most mobility is local (i.e. in the building or on the campus). Sixty-nine percent of the mobile professional's time spent away from the desk is still in the building or on the campus vs. only 1 percent of "away time" spent out of the country. There is a significant opportunity for companies who can extend the computing environment to these people who are away from their desks -- wireless LAN's, paging systems, etc.
 The research also revealed that not all frequent flyers are created equal. Three distinct categories were identified:
 Globe Trotters represent the primary segment with substantial international travel.
 Road Warriors spend three quarters of their travel time away from the building or campus, 30 percent out of the metro area.
 Corporate Wanderers, primarily made up of managers, travel less than the other frequent fliers and typically spend more time visiting those in their own companies rather than in other firms.
 In addition to these three segments. BIS identified five other segments whose members travel more locally, but who spend 40 percent or more of their time away from their desk and are in need of mobile information technology.
 Corridor Cruisers are workers who spend most of their time away from their desks working with others in the same building or campus.
 Hermits, among the least mobile of all groups, seldom work with others, even when they leave their desk.
 Small-Site Bosses typically are owners and partners of small businesses, as well as branch managers of larger firms.
 Collaborators are well-educated professional who spend 85 percent of their time working with others.
 Solo Practitioners, while not hermits, typically work independently and travel occasionally.
 The Mobile Professional Market Segmentation Multiclient Study, surveys 1,514 professionals across companies of all sizes and industry sectors to provide a projectable data set for business planners. For More information please contact Bill Ablondi at 617-982-9500.
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 /CONTACT: Martha Popolowski of BIS Strategic Decisions, 617-982-9500/

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