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TECH TALK; Keeping data secure is causing growing panic. and rightly so. Do you trust google? apple? anyone? Thought not. The best way to keep vital files safe is to use an external drive. That way no one out there can get at them.


LACIE MOBILE DRIVE PS159.99 (FOR 5TB) THE model we tested contains a whopping 5TB - more than enough for most mortals. The cut-angle design may not appeal to everyone, but it's a vast improvement on the usual brick. Unlike the other models here, this has a conventional hard drive with USB 3.0, so it came last in speed tests. That's not everything, of course, and this is deffo good value 7/10 SEAGATE BACKUP PLUS SLIM PS59.99 (FOR 1TB) NOT only is it slim (unlike myself), but it's also very light (also unlike myself). The Backup Plus is small enough to slip into your pocket and comes with a tiny price, too. Despite a soft-sheen metallic front-plate, the design is nothing to shout about, but it does support blistering transfer rates, taking half the time of LACIE's drive in our tests.

7/10 APRICORN AEGIS FORTRESS L3 PS225.99 (FOR 500GB) a STEP-UP in price, but also a step-up in data security. The aegis Fortress l3 has a keypad for Pin protection and encrypts your data on-the-fly to Us military standards. Quite how it manages this is a mystery, because transfer rates are just as fast as the Backup Plus. should it get nicked, the data will selfdestruct after a number of unsuccessful Pin attempts. Foolproof.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Express (Aberdeen,Scotland)
Date:May 25, 2019
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