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TEC Oslomej has to be modernized.

The Oslomej thermoelectric power station has to be modernized because its operating at full capacity is of great importance to Macedonia's energy stability. This was the main conclusion of the counseling organized by the Energy Sector Alliance of Macedonia in cooperation with the Economic Chamber's Macedonian Energy Association (MEA).

According to academic Gligor Kanevce, under the European directives, TEC Oslomej has to be modernized by 2017 at the latest because otherwise it will not be allowed to continue operating for it would not meet the required technological standards.

"Two scenarios are possible. We should invest either 50 million euros to improve the existing equipment or 100 million euros to construct a new modern highly efficient power plant in which part of the existing equipment will be used. Unless we modernize our thermoelectric power stations, we may have to import electricity of about 150 million euros a year," Kanevce said.

Aleksandar Paunovski, development director at AD ELEM, said the company considered five options for Oslomej's modernization. According to the president of MEA, Koco Angjusev, the best option is to combine Macedonia's lignite with the imported high-quality coal.

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Title Annotation:BUSINESS NEWS
Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:Jun 11, 2015
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