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TDS WARNED OF BREIVIK COPYCAT; Politicians and gardai 'face risk'.


DAIL authorities warned TDs their lives could be in danger after an admirer of mass killer Anders Breivik claimed they are lawful targets.

Weirdo Peter Nolan has declared war on Ireland and there are fears he is trying to incite others to follow the Norwegian fascist's example.

On Tuesday the Dail's top security officer wrote to TDs about another email sent by Nolan.

While one TD described Nolan as a "nutcase" his threats are being taken seriously because of his support for Breivik, who was not considered a risk before he murdered 77 victims. In an email to all TDs the Dail Captain of the Guard John Flaherty wrote: "I wish to take this opportunity to inform you a number of Members highlighted to me concerns regarding a further email sent to Members on Sept 4, 2012.

"I have furnished the email notice to the Garda authorities and requested an update on the investigation."

In a vile YouTube rant Australian Nolan quotes from the Bible and warns no one paid attention to Breivik until he embarked on his killing spree last summer.

He also describes teenagers mercilessly gunned down on the island of Utoya as criminals killed like "fish in a barrel".

Nolan states: "Breivik showed the politicians of the world killing the next generation of politicians is the simplest task to perform. His large bomb killed just a few people but his shooting on the island killed many, many people who were on a youth camp for the Marxist left.

"The next generation of criminal politicians in training. It must have been like shooting big fish in a small barrel.

"I wonder how the parents of those young adults Anders Breivik gunned down feel about their refusal to listen to the spoken word or read the written word.

"Perhaps those in the Norwegian Government are a little more inclined to listen to those who are criminally victimised at their behest?" He warned there is a risk to politicians, the gardai and members of the Law Society.

Nolan said: "So the risk that those in the Dail, Law Society, gardai and editors in chief now face is this.

"Is there one or more men in Ireland willing to declare war and take up arms against his oppressors?

"And if so, will that man, rather than acting in blind rage and anger, stop and think about the political statement he wishes to make with his life?"

Nolan, who is believed to in hiding in Germany, lived here from 2001 to 2006. He applied for Irish citizenship but his application was turned down last February.


INSPIRED Nolan and his hero Breivik
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 6, 2012
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