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TDK CD-R add-on line debuts.

LAS VEGAS--TDK Electroncis Corp. is showing its new lineup of compact disc and cassette tape cleaning accessories products here at CES.

TDK's accessories lineup for 1995 consists of its new line of high performance CD-R accessories as well as updated versions of its current audio and video cleaning products and accessories.

New accessories on display here include a CD Laser Lens cleaner/ sound check system designed to keep a CD laser player's pickup in shape as well as a special SoundCheck system which lets users fine tune their home theater and stereo systems to create an 'audio landscape' for any listening environment.

The disc includes easy-to-follow voice instructions for users to match speaker levels, Dolby Surround Sound image placement, and car stereo speaker testing. In addition, the special TDK Reference Tone Library provides instructions for setting recording levels for ideal recording of all types of music.

TDK's CD lens cleaner also prevents buildup of dust, dirt and other contaminants on a CD player's laser pickup lens and automatically cleans the lens to help prevent mistracking. The lens cleaner is compatible with all CD players including home, portable and car stereo units; as well as carousel or magazine type changers and most multimedia CD-ROM and CD-I players. Suggested retail price on the CD laser lens cleaner is $20.00, and it is available for immediate delivery.

Also new from TDK is the CD-ROM Disc Caddy that protects CD-ROM discs and minimizes handling. The caddy, compatible with most caddy-type CD-ROM drives, permits CD-ROMs to be pre-loaded and stored for faster disc changes. Suggested retail price is $10.00, and it is scheduled for immediate shipment.

TDK is also showing its new CD cleaning cloths designed for portable and car stereo use. TDK cleaning cloths remove surface contaminants caused by fingerprints, dust and oily deposits, and help restore playback quality. Each package contains 15 cloths. Suggested retail price for each pack is $4.00, and it is available for immediate shipment.

For custom labeling of CD-R disc, TDK is offering its TDK CD Writer, a permanent marker pen. The CD-R pen has been tested and approved for safe use on all recordable CDs. Suggested retail price is $2.00, and it is available for immediate shipment.

TDK's CD cassette adaptor enables all headphone-type portable CD players to be played through conventional audio cassette players, including car stereos and boom boxes. The adaptor also accommodates MiniDisc and Digital Compact Cassette players. No wiring is required to use. It has a suggested retail price of $30.00 and is available for immediate shipment.

TDK's is also displaying its newly renovated and repackaged audio/video accessories lineup, which consists of both wet and dry-type audio cleaners, audio head demagnetizer and a VHS dry-type video head cleaner.
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Title Annotation:TDK Electronics, recordable compact disc and cassette cleaning products
Publication:HFN The Weekly Newspaper for the Home Furnishing Network
Date:Jan 2, 1995
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