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Reactions to our March 2019 issue on the state of Black theatre and artists,

*SharonWashActor: So proud to have been a part of this. Thanks

@MonicaNdounou for including me. Onward!

STIknisArts: Theatres across the US are staging a wider array than ever of plays reflecting varied experiences of the African American diaspora.

(?therose92: There are no singular "Messiahs." We are a GANG of fucking Messiahs coming to save our stories from the slobbery rabies infested jaw of the White Supremic Gaze.

* MINKAWILTZ: This is exciting on many levels! Not holding my breath and waiting for approval kind of exciting.

@DonnettaLavinia; Well now this was a power read!!

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Next month TCG Books will release Plays for the Public by Richard Foreman. In his five decades of work in theatre, Foreman has become known as the figure-head of the "downtown" scene, the king of all things experimental and unconventional. This new anthology is a tribute to his mammoth acclaim, including such memorable works as The Gods Are Pounding My Head!, Idiot Savant, and Old-Fashioned Prostitutes. Order your copy at


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Emma Messenger and Regina Fernandez in The Moors at the Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities in Colorado.

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Date:Apr 1, 2019
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