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TCA targets development, names officers.

Education of the membership will continue to be the primary emphasis under the Tele-Communications Association's Donna Kwak. She is the 1991 Corporate President and the 1992 Chairman of the Board.

Kwak says she plans, during her term, to continue to direct the efforts of the Association in the area of professional development of the membership.

She is tapping the vast resources of the members of the Corporate Education Committee by making them available to those responsible for the education and professional development within the 10 chapters which make up the TCA.

TCA was founded in 1961 and has chapters in Arizona, Colorado, Washington State, Oregon, Maryland, and five regions of California. Those latter are Los Angeles, Orange County, Greater San Diego, Northern California, and the Sacramento Valley.

Listed below are the 1991 chapter presidents:

Arizona Chapter, Joan Hinson: Director of Telecommunications, John C. Lincoln Hospital.

Colorado Chapter, June Hoffman: Telecommunications Supervisor, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan.

Greater San Diego Chapter, Jo Cavanaugh.

Maryland Chapter, Susan Bober: Vice President, T. Rowe Price Associates.

Northern California Chapter, Oscar Lafontaine: Telecommunications manager, Loral/Rolm Mil-Spec Computers.

Northwest Chapter, Arlene Myhre: Telecommunications specialist, Snohomish County PUD-1.

Orange County, Dyanna Winn: Director, telecommunications and office systems, Bergen Brunswig Corporation.

Oregon Chapter, Toby Trowt: Telecommunications analyst, Sequent Computers.

Sacramento Valley, Ronald P. Costa: Communications systems manager, City of Sacramento.

Southern California Chapter, Janice Wong: Senior communications planner, American Honda Motor Company.


Members of the oldest association have their bags packed for Houston. The Energy Telecommunications & Electrical Association (ENTELEC) expects to hold its largest conference and exposition in their 63 year history.

Martha Fike, executive manager of ENTELEC, tells me that this year's annual conference and exposition is expected to outdraw any other in their history.

This is the only conference/exposition of its kind focusing exclusively on energy telecommunications: equipment, services, seminars, technical papers.

As you would imagine, member companies include the "biggies" such as Shell, Chevron, Union Oil, Exxon, Ashland, Aramco, etc.

Since most of these telecomm managers operate almost as their own telephone companies in real boondocks areas, you can expect the seminar subjects and exhibits, as in the past, to be general and transmission systems, microprocessor technology, network technology, with specialized products from vendors you and I seldom hear about.

The Conference will run from March 3 to 6 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. Headquarters hotel is the Hyatt Regency.

If you need more information, contact Martha Fike at ENTELEC Headquarters in Dallas. Phone is 214-235-0655, fax 214-235-0653.

ACUTA Member Beats Rates

ACUTA member Deanie Haldorsen, management systems manager at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus, has found a way to beat long distance rates. She is offering student telephone services at eight percent below AT&T's published rates.

Thanks to ACUTA News, the Association's excellent monthly magazine, the rates for dialed calls, feature telephone, fax, voice mail, and service charges for Illicall, the University's student telephone service, were cut markedly.

Dialed call rates are eight percent below AT&T rates, local directory assistance is 45 cents, AT&T directory assistance is 60 cents. 900 calls are 15 percent above published rates and collect calls are marked up 15 percent.

The line rate, included in the student housing contract, is $12.93 per month for 12 months. Call transfer, consultation, three-way conferencing, call hold, and last number redial are part of the line rate.

Illipac is a $4.50 option that includes call waiting, ring again, speed calling. Purchased separately, call waiting is $3, the others a dollar each.

Sending domestic fax is available at $2 for the first page, $1 for each additional sheet. Receiving is $1 for the first page, 25 cents for all other pages.

Voice mail is available for $2.50 a month per student. All residents of any room are obliged to be on voice mail or none can be. Mail box includes 10 messages, up to two minutes each, with three day retention.

There is no charge to set up Illicall authorization numbers. The phone set is included in the housing contract. Moves, adds and changes in voice mail are $15, Illipac moves, adds or changes are $10, the Illicall disconnect/reconnect charge is $20. There is no charge for lost or stolen number replacement.

Del Combs, executive director of ACUTA, can put you in touch with Deanie Haldorsen at the University.

Here's an excellent example of how you can make your telecomm function into a profit center instead of an overhead center.
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