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TCA's users manual: must reading for regulatory scene.

The TCA's (Tele-Communications Association's) corporate government liaison committee, chaired by Bill Moore of Boeing Computer Services, publishes annually an outstanding Users Manual. I consider it must reading, and vital for taking follow-up action on the many hot issues which appear as "storm warnings" on the regulatory scene.

Here are a few of the chapter headings you will find:

* Elements of Interexchange Service

* Local Exchange Company Access Charge and Access Services

* Divestiture-Related Restrictions

* Price Cap Regulation

* Computer III Developments

* Conflicts in Federal and State Regulation

* How Services and Equipment are Obtained by Users

* Interstate Services Transmission Services and Rates

* Bargaining and Contracting for CPE

There are two additional sections: Emerging User Alternatives, which includes bypass and developments in emerging wireless services; and New Issues and Concerns, which includes operator service providers and traffic aggregators, privacy in electronic communications, fee structure, and coping with a changing regulatory environment.

The Manual is, of course, sent to the TCA membership. It states in the Manual that additional copies are available at $45 each. Contact the TCA Corporate Office at 818-967-8411 if you are interested in this vital and very timely publication.

ACUTA changes

At ACUTA's annual conference in St. Louis, incoming association president Paula Loendorf announced an organization-wide, long range planning effort that will include re-evaluation of how ACUTA can best represent the interests of its members as federal agencies write regulations that will affect colleges and universities.

Loendorf also appointed a six-member Regulatory and Legislative Affairs Committee to examine issues and make recommendations in this area. Committee members include: Randy Collett, Central Missouri State University; Whitney Johnson, Northern Michigan University; Harry Kyle, Oklahoma State University; Ferrell Mallory, Brigham Young University; Ruth Michalecki, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; and Anthony Mordosky, Millersville (Pennsylvania) University.

"These assessments will be conducted in the light of the Operator Consumer Services Improvement Act of 1990 and subsequent FCC rulings," Loendorf says. She is Director of Communication Support Services for the University of North Dakota.

"The Operator Services Act, signed into law by President Bush in October 1990, has been interpreted by the FCC to include colleges and universities as "telephone aggregators," subjecting them to a wide range of rules that were designed to curb practices that took unfair advantage of travelers caught in locations with limited access to telephone services," she explains.

ACUTA plans to continue cooperative efforts with NACUBO, the college and university business officers association; the American Council of Education; the Telecommunications Associations Council (TAC); and other organizations so the interests of higher education will be more clearly visible to lawmakers and other regulators, says Del Combs, ACUTA's executive director.

TAC asked Combs to take the leadership of a council initiative to combine the efforts of its nine-member organization before the FCC.

Median salary $45,000

According to the CUPA (College and University Personnel Association), as quoted in ACUTA News, the median salary for a college telecomm director is $45,000 with a low of $22,328.

The chart shows the college or university total budget and the salary of the positions for the telecomm, computer center, and information services types.

Contact ACUTA, 800/27-ACUTA if you need more information, or want copies of the survey.

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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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