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Byline: Emma Davison Court Reporter

A MAN grabbed a screwdriver from his car during a road rage incident with a taxi driver.

Dellaney Adams became angry when the cabbie got in the way of his vehicle after dropping off a fare.

Adams, of Milford Street in Chapel Hill, pleaded guilty to possessing an offensive weapon in public.

The incident happened outside The Albert pub in Huddersfield town centre on October 10.

At just after midnight the taxi driver had dropped off a passenger by the Victoria Lane premises but was having diffi-culty reversing out of the side entrance.

He asked a member of staff for help and at that point Adams was arriving in his car.

Rory Byrne, prosecuting, said: "He carried on driving forward so the taxi driver was unable to reverse his vehicle.

"He asked Mr Adams to move his vehicle and got the response: 'f*** off .'.

"The driver got out of his vehicle and asked him what was up.

"He (Adams) said: 'I'm not moving mother f*****'."

Adams, 56, then grabbed at his groin and made a suggestive comment.

He swore at the taxi driver again, this time in Punjabi, and imitated going to spit at him.

Mr Byrne said: "He (Adams) went to his car boot, got out a screwdriver which he placed in his hand and walked towards him.

"The driver said: 'What you going to do, stab me?' and the defendant turned round and returned to his vehicle.

"It (the screwdriver) was brandished in the middle of what could be considered a road rage incident."

Adams claimed that he held the screwdriver by his side and did not wave it about as the witness described.

He said the screwdriver was from his work belt and that he feared for his safety after being the victim of a previous assault.

Deputy District Judge Maggie McCormack committed his case to Leeds Crown Court for sentencing.

This will take place on December 10.


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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Nov 13, 2015
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