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TARGET AMERICA! Kim shows his Army hawks who is boss with US 'threat'.


FIERY North Korea continued its sabre-rattling yesterday by claiming to be on a war-footing against America and South Korea.

State news agency KCNA announced that the country's military had been ordered to "destroy and wipe away any enemy" as it trained its sights on US bases in Guam, Hawaii and America's mainland.

The statement added: "The Korean People's Army top command declares that all troops including strategic rocket units and longrange artillery units are to be placed under Class A combat readiness."

However, experts have dismissed the threats, questioning the technology behind their long-range missiles. Instead, the rhetoric and live artillery exercises have been seen as an attempt by leader Kim Jong-un at placating hawkish military chiefs who could try and topple the dictator.

The maverick 30-year-old was pictured making "battle plans" with army heads in an apparent bid to build his military credentials.

South Korea said last night it had not detected any unusual activity.

The Pentagon last night said the US was ready to respond to "any contingency".


COUP ARE YA Z Kim Jong-un with his military chiefs

FIRE DRILL J Rockets are tested during an exercise
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 27, 2013
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