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TARA AND EGG GO OFF THE BOIL; Fun comes before romance for This Life star.

THIS Life star Andrew Lincoln's passionate romance with TV beauty Tara Fitzgerald is over.

The pair started dating a year ago after splitting from their partners.

In Tara's case that meant giving her fiance, Soldier, Soldier star Dorian Healy, the elbow after five years together.

Once free of him, Tara, 30, found herself falling for Lincoln on the set of the lavish BBC Christmas drama The Woman In White last summer.

Surprisingly, Tara and Lincoln, 24 - Egg in the cult BBC2 series about lawyers - went to enormous lengths to keep their fling a secret. They also came up with some amusing denials whenever they were quizzed about their love affair.

"There was absolutely nothing going on," Lincoln said when word first broke about the couple's romance.

"Tara is just like an older sister, really - a wicked person. We get on really well."

So well, in fact, that Tara told pals Lincoln was the man she wanted to wed.

"She was secretly hoping he might go down on one knee and ask her to marry him," one of her close pals told me yesterday.

"They had a very passionate relationship. Lincoln was so different from Dorian, and Tara was besotted with him."

Sadly the actress's friends are convinced that Tara's infatuation with Lincoln has ultimately led to the split.

"It seems she was rather keener on him than he was on her," the friend added.

"Tara's six years older than Lincoln and wants to settle down. She's been living a fairly nomadic life since breaking up with Dorian.

"But Lincoln's just the opposite. He's young, famous and wants to enjoy himself."


AFTER losing Geri Halliwell, Spice Girl Mel B is keeping a firm grip on husband-to-be Jimmy Gulzar throughout the girls' American tour.

The pair were spotted by my snapper enjoying a day out in the Big Apple while Posh, Sporty and Baby Spice took a trip to Washington.

Dancer Jimmy, 25, and Mel, 23, wanted to spend some time by themselves, so they slipped away from the rest of the group.

The two lovers, who became engaged last month, dined out at the city's trendy Balthazar restaurant.

"They were all over each other," my snapper tells me.

"But they were also very friendly. The Spice Girls can act like royalty when cameramen are around but Mel was absolutely charming."

A benefit of Ginger Spice's departure, I wonder...?


TWO weeks after I broke news of Robbie Williams engagement to All Saints' Nicole Appleton, I hear his ex-girlfriend is also planning a trip up the aisle.

Ravishing upper-crust make-up girl Jacqui Hamilton-Smith is to wed actor Sean Pertwee, son of the late Dr Who star Jon.

The couple, who started dating 18 months ago, have been telling chums they will marry next year.

Jacqui, 30, daughter of Tory peer Lord Colwyn, no less, was instrumental in helping Robbie beat his drink and drug addictions.

They dated on and off for nine months before breaking up in January last year.

Two months later Jacqui - who once dated Britain's top record producer Nellee Hooper - fell for 34-year-old Sean.

"It will be a big showbiz wedding as they have so many rich and famous friends," my spy tells me.

"Sean runs his own production company and his partners are some of the fastest rising stars in the business - people like Jude Law and Sadie Frost."

Kim's in as Kaff's out

I'M trying not to work myself into a froth about this - but just weeks after Gillian Taylforth, alias Kaff Mitchell, quit EastEnders her sister Kim has landed a part in a rival soap, Channel 4's Brookside.

A MISPRINT in Thursday's paper gave the wrong number for the Doctor Doolittle box office. The correct number for tickets to the musical starring Phillip Schofield is 0171 730 4110.

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Date:Jun 27, 1998
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