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The TAPoit is a touchscreen designed for use by individuals with learning, cognitive, developmental, fine motor, hearing and upper extremity disabilities. TAPoit, which stands for Touch Accessible Platform for Interactive Technology, features a 42-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) screen with shatter-resistant, low glare glass that resists mars and scratches. The screen tilts between 0 and 90 degrees. The screen is mounted on a wheeled, height-adjustable stand that has a counter-balance to prevent the unit from overturning. Four locking casters allow the TAPoit to move freely on hard surfaces. The TAPoit's touch drivers are designed to recognize the difference between an arm resting on the screen and a finger or other assistive device intentionally touching or tapping the screen. In addition to responding to touch by the user's fingers, TAPit can be used with pointers, mouthsticks, and head pointers. TAPoit can be used with a wide variety of educational and assistive software programs. It supports the use of on-screen keyboards or voice recognition programs for typing; switch/scanning for mouse control or mouse emulation programs; screen reading programs; and screen magnification programs. OPTIONS: Laptop computer shelf; desktop computer shelf; NEC speakers. DIMENSIONS: The screen measures 42 inches diagonally. The screen height from the ground adjusts from 17 to 66 inches using a powered height adjustment mechanism. WEIGHT: 250 pounds. COLOR: The screen casing and the stand are purple. WARRANTY: 3-year warranty on parts and labor. TAPoit is a registered trademark of SmartEd Services.

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