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TAPPI Wet End Operations Short Course.

January 7-10, 2002, Caribe Royale Hotel, Orlando, Florida, USA

Course overview. This intermediate level course covers all aspects of wet and operations and features many opportunities for problem solving and small group interaction. Participants will learn the fundamentals of wet end operations and increase their ability to troubleshoot problems and optimize production. Sessions are organized with an introductory explanation followed by presentations on specific applications. The course is designed with special emphasis on practical applications and problem solving.

Learning outcomes. Participants who successfully complete this course should be able to:

* Describe the basics of paper structure and formation and the operating variables that influence them.

* Demonstrate how forming fabrics are designed for different grades of paper and different applications.

* Describe how the design and operation of the headbox affect machine performance.

* Discuss how the design and operation of fourdrinier and twin wire machines affect drainage and formation

* Describe techniques and equipment used to troubleshoot operating problems on the paper machines.

Who should attend. This course is designed for paper mill production superintendents, foremen, machine superintendents, chemical and process engineers, and technical and quality control personnel. Technical service, sales, and R&D personnel from chemical and equipment suppliers specializing in the paper machine wet end will also find the course to be of great benefit. Participants should have a basic understanding of wet end terminology and, at a minimum, one year of work experience involving the operation of the wet end.

Course chairman. Industry consultant Jim Atkins, president of Atkins, Inc, leads the team of instructors.

Registration and hotel. Fees are US$1300 for TAPPI members and US$ 1880 for non-members before December 14, 2001. After that date, member fees are US$ 1500 and nonmember fees are US$ 2185. Please contact the Caribe Royale Hotel at 1 800 832-8300 or + 1 407 238-8000 or fax: + 1 407 238-8088 for room reservations. Be sure to reserve your room by December 14, 2001 to take advantage of TAPPI's special room rate of US$ 140 per night, which includes breakfast.
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