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Byline: Francesca Craggs

TANTRUMS & TIARAS Francesca Craggs THEY say getting married and moving home are two of life's most stressful milestones.

So with the wedding firmly under our belt, and the huge dent in the wallet to prove it, we've turned our attentions to finding the perfect family home.

Compared to our friends, my husband and I live a pretty frivolous lifestyle. While they play parents to their 2.4 children in their tidy suburban homes, we enjoy a 'work hard, play hard' party lifestyle that's reminiscent of those in their early 20s. We spend too much, drink too much, dine out at the drop of a hat and drive the most impractical of cars.

It's been fun while it's lasted but it's all about to stop. We've decided it's time to cease living life in the fast lane and start acting our age. Our first quest is to stop splurging cash on random useless objects. Much to my husband's dismay, the sports car is the first to go. He's also banned from buying gadgets, especially ones that resemble watches.

As well as cutting down on the spending, we're also looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle and reduce our alcohol intake to weekends only. Well abstaining from Mondays to Wednesdays anyway. One step at a time please!

The biggest measure of all in the settling down process will be the sale of our apartment. The home in which we've enjoyed almost six happy years. The home I bought as a single girl, and am now selling as a married woman. Finding that perfect family home however, has proved trickier than we'd imagined. The one (overpriced) house that stirred any sort of emotion has sold and nothing we've seen since even compares.

No luck with our apartment either. In my opinion, the property market is somewhat comparable to the dating game. They like the look of you, fill you with compliments and then you never hear from them again. Oh well. As the words of our first dance song say "we have all the time in the world" and our perfect family home is out there somewhere.

I'm not so optimistic about sticking to our new no-fun, no-frills lifestyle, however. In the past two days, my husband has taken it upon himself to commission Sky Plus in HD, bought a pounds 30 handkerchief, some pricey drinking glasses that 'wobble' and two years subscription to Viz magazine.

Sports car, anybody?


IMPRACTICAL Francesca's car.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 10, 2009
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