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TAMMY Wynette was right.

Byline: Polly Hudson

TAMMY Wynette was right, sometimes it is hard to be a woman.

We do our darndest to live our lives under modern society's tough constraints, constantly worrying whether we should wear skinny or wideleg jeans/if the jojoba extract in our shampoo really works/if squoval is still the most fashionable nail shape/all of the above - and then they move the goalposts again.

You see, a report out this week says that, foodwise, not only do we have to worry about carbs and cals, but now also colour. As in, which one the room we're eating in is.

Apparently brightly coloured rooms stimulate appetites, causing you to "speed eat" so fast you don't notice when you're full. They reckon red is the worst culprit. Bloody red, might have known.

So if you're really dedicated to dieting, you now have to take a tin of white emulsion with you whenever you go out for dinner.

Mind you, the calories you burn up redecorating the restaurant mean at least you can have pudding afterwards...
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 6, 2007
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