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 CALGARY, Alberta, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Talisman Energy Inc. today reported continued success in exploration and development drilling programs in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.
 In the Monkman area of northeastern British Columbia, Talisman continued its string of successful finds, drilling and casing three more as natural gas wells.
 The most recent well, Talisman Ocelot West Sukunka d-98-J/93-P-4 penetrated a previously undrilled structure and encountered 568 feet of gross pay in the Triassic. The initial flow rate was 56 million cubic feet per day with an acid gas content of 15 percent.
 "The well could have flowed at a higher rate but was limited by the surface equipment," said Dr. Jim Buckee, president and chief executive officer. "The well is currently shut in for an extended pressure build up."
 Talisman, which has 87.5 percent working interest in this well, will tie it in for the expected November 1994 expansion of Westcoast Energy's Pine River gas plant. Ocelot Energy Inc. has a 12.5 percent interest in the well.
 Two other Monkman wells, drilled earlier this year, were tested this summer. Talisman et al Murray River d-57-J/93-I-4 penetrated a new structure and encountered 528 feet of gross pay in the Triassic. It tested at 30 million cubic feet per day with an acid gas content of 26 percent. Talisman has an 29.7 percent working iznterest in the well; Imperial Oil Resources has 58.34 percent and Sceptre Resources Ltd., 12.48 percent. "I believe the Murray River well brings a new catchment area closer to reality," said Dr. Buckee.
 Talisman Amoco Sukunka d-39-C/93-P-5 entered a new pool in a previously drilled structure. It encountered 650 feet of gross pay in the Triassic and flowed at 10 million cubic feet per day with an acid gas content of 15 per cent. Talisman and Amoco Canada have equal interests in this well for which Amoco paid as part of a multiwell farm in.
 Talisman is the operator of all three wells and will spud up to three more in the area this year. All three of these wells were completed open hole, so the entire formation is open to the wellbore.
 "The recent wells and those that will be drilled in 1994 will position Talisman for the expanded Pine River facility," said Dr. Buckee. "Monkman continues to meet our expectations."
 The company is currently directionally redrilling Talisman NIM W Sukunka c-1-C/93-P-5, the first well the company drilled after returning to the area in 1989, to increase reserves and deliverability.
 On the crude oil side, Talisman has continued the aggressive infill drilling program it began last year in the Chauvin, Alberta, area. Of the 30 wells drilled earlier this year, 28 are tied in and producing about 660 barrels per day. Production for August was about 4,400 barrels per day compared with 3,460 per day at year end 1992. A water flood applied at Main Mannville is giving early indications of response and will likely add another 315 barrels per day. The company plans to drill another 10 to 20 wells next year.
 In southeastern Saskatchewan, Talisman has drilled eight horizontal wells this year which are currently contributing 2,470 barrels per day, bringing the area total to 5,760 barrels per day in the month of August. An additional eight wells will be drilled by year-end and another 32 next year.
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