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Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz led Punjab government added another feather in its cap as it formed Punjab Youth Commission (PYC) whose members will serve the country and nation with a missionary zeal.

The Punjab government has made Punjab Youth Commission a formal institution and Youth Employment Fund was created in the provincial budget for the year 2010-11.

The members of the commission selected in a transparent manner will give proposals for resolution of problems facing the country.

The members of the commission will play a role with regard to education, health, potable water, change in thana culture, elimination of corruption and other reforms in their respective areas.

According to Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the new generation is capable and is the guarantor of bright future of Pakistan. "Our youth is precious asset of Pakistan and we have high hopes that they will utilise all their energies to steer out the country from the crisis and will put the country on the road to progress and prosperity, the dream of which had seen by the Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal."

He said that the talented students selected through a procedure in a transparent manner throughout the province had given valuable suggestions for the reformation of the system in the various meetings of Punjab Youth Commission which shows that the young generation has a spirit and determination to make the country and the nation prosperous and it will definitely bring out the country from the present situation with its sincere efforts and devotion.

He said that the commission has also been established for this purpose so that the builders of the country could be included in the process of policy making and development of the society. He said that only those nations succeed in the world which face the challenges courageously and Pakistani nation particularly young generation are fully capable to resolve the present issues of the country. He said though it is a difficult task yet it is not impossible and we along with the new generation will definitely succeed in bringing out the country from the crisis.

The Chief Minister said had we utilised resources properly, developed our own resources instead of depending upon foreign aids and loans and eliminated the menace of corruption during last 63 years, the country would not have been faced present situation and the poor would also not have been moving from pillar to post for the bread, medicine and other basic necessities.

He said that the members of Youth Commission should participate enthusiastically in public welfare programmes in their respective areas so that the deserving persons could be provided their right.

He said that Punjab Youth Commission will be free from politics and it will have only the spirit of service to the country and the nation. Young generation will use this platform for accomplishing the mission of putting the country on the road to progress through hard work and devotion, he added.

Addressing the concluding session of two-day Punjab Youth Conference at Al-Hamra Hall, Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that no voice was raised against those who committed a dacoity in the Bank of Punjab, looted national recourses and got waived off loans worth billions of rupees but whenever welfare steps are being taken for the poor, criticism is started.

He said that no one can even think to deprive the poor people of their livelihood during this price-hike and the nefarious designs of those criticising the Sasti Roti scheme will be foiled by making this scheme successful at all costs and the young generation will work shoulder to shoulder with him in this welfare programme.

He said that the new generation are the hope of bright future of Pakistan and the entire nation is confident that it will bring out the country from the crises by utilising all its energies.

The Chief Minister said that today Pakistan is facing a number of problems, depending upon others and taking dictation from them has become a routine matter. He said that now 63 years have become part of the history and there is no use of crying over the wastage of time but we have to march forward by learning from our mistakes and have to mould the country in accordance with the ideals of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal and future builders will have to play their key roles for this purpose. He said that we have to realise the labourers, farmers and workers that they have as much right on the sources of Pakistan as have elite.

He said that if we have to put the country on the road to progress then we will have to ensure provision of education, health and other facilities to all without any discrimination from Khyber to Karachi and it is only possible when experienced persons and the youth will make efforts jointly. He said that today he wants unadorned and intrepid talks with new generation.

There was reign of a dictator in the near past and he termed it a democratic era but it is a fact that in his era no one can imagine to ask such unadorned and intrepid questions which the members of the youth commission have asked in the present democratic era. He said that only that society can progress where everyone has the right of freedom of expression and keeping in view all these facts, Punjab Youth Commission has been set up which will not only leave a positive impact on the Punjab but the entire country. He said that the foremost duty of young generation is to equip itself with education and it is the responsibility of the government to utilise all its resources for this purpose and remove the flaws of the system.

The Chief Minister said that billions of rupees were spent in the name of "Paraha Likha Punjab" during previous regime but the educational institutions are still lacking the basic facilities which negated the claims of rulers of that time. He said that despite obtaining loans worth billions of rupees during last 63 years, we still depend on others and the corruption has weakened the foundations of the country. He said that the major portion of the development funds is plundered with the connivance of officers, concerned departments and the contractors. He said that if we have to eliminate corruption then we will have to launch a campaign against corruption as a nation and today if the whole nation should stand up against corruption then unemployment and poverty will also be eliminated.

He said that he does not defend the fake degrees of legislators rather condemns ignoring them but the inventor of the condition of B.A was a person who removed the constitutional clause for horse-trading and again incorporated this clause after fulfilling his objectives. He said that fake degrees are certainly a crime but those who disintegrated the country and raised the issue of Kargil are main accused.

He said time has come that the politicians and generals as well as all segments of society should play their role in development of the country for achieving its lost glory. He said that there was dictatorship in the country for about 34 years. He said that democracy is restored in the country after sacrifices by all segments of the society. He said that there must be some shortcomings but it is the beauty of the democracy that everyone has an opportunity to talk about his problems. He said that the 18th constitutional amendment can only resolve the people's problems when it is implemented in the letter and spirit. He said that Punjab government under the leadership of Quaid Pakistan Muslim League (N) Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has promoted good governance and merit and has taken effective steps for eradication of corruption. He said that transparent recruitment of 38000 educators and 12000 police constables is a proof of this fact and he is also thankful to MPAs for ensuring supremacy of merit.

It is his belief that only an able teacher can perform the duty of training and teaching the builders of the nation whereas a constable recruited on merit can protect the life and property of the people, he added. He said that setting up of Punjab Educational Endowment Fund is a milestone for the improvement of educational sector and the funds will be raised to Rs6 billion in the coming financial year and five male and female students will be sent to Ivy League Universities for getting modern education.
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