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TAKE MY ADVICE & GO FLAT OUT THIS SUMMER... Accessories special.

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It has been a depressing couple of months for me, to say the least. Having suffered my second injury in a matter of weeks I have come to the conclusion that the gym is evil and have cancelled my membership.

June is also my birthday month and that loathsome place where you actually pay to do planks, squats, spotty dogs and all sorts of other crazy-named exercises has given me a not-so-nice present just in time for it - a leg injury.

But it's not just any leg injury, it's a leg injury in which I have to wear flat shoes for the forseeable future. Eeeek!

So not only am I a year older, I'm a year older and can't wear heels. Just when you thought birthdays couldn't be any more depressing, believe me, they can - especially when you are 5ft 3ins! And things were about to get worse.

After speaking with my doctor it turns out heels may have also contributed to my injury. Surely not. Not beautiful, confidence-building, inch-adding heels? Surely it was all the evil gym's fault? But no, funnily enough she was right. Because on the night of my birthday party I tried on a pair of skyscraper wedges and my injury got worse. So I air of skys ys ys y crap ap aper wedge ge g s an a d have found myself shopping for flats - not a position I've been in much (probably why I'm in this predicament) - and I'm finding it very hard to get excited. There are so many boring ones out there. In my mind, the word sensible should NEVER be uttered in the same sentence as the word shoe (probably another reason I'm in this predicament).

If you love getting high and are addicted to heels, please take my advice and invest in a pair of flats. Wear them as much as possible to give your legs and feet a rest.

And as you can see below, after much scouring and searching it turns out some flat shoes can actually be interesting AND desirable... who knew eh? desirable... w
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 13, 2013
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