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AT A TIME WHEN Oregon's attention to women in business is lacking, and when the state doesn't track even the most basic benchmarks -- you try to find current state statistics about how many women-owned businesses there are -- it is both refreshing and frustrating to see help descend from elsewhere. That would be Chicago, home of The Coleman Foundation, which recently awarded one of its Entrepreneurship Awareness and Education Grants to WinNet, the Eugene-based Women's Network for Entrepreneurial Training. Among other things, the grant allows WinNet to expand its mentoring program, which pairs successful women with startup women in hopes of creating that entrepreneurial synergy that organizations like the Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum insist is the key to Oregon's future success. Suddenly, with the success of the Oregon Women Business Owners Conference in Eugene and WinNet's new outreach programs aimed at middle school and high school girls, it looks like Eugene rather than Salem might be the place to look for mo vement toward leadership on women's issues.

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Date:Nov 1, 1999
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