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 NEW YORK, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- The potato chips, dip and six foot heroes may need no explanation before you throw this year's Super Bowl party, but when it comes to beer, maybe you need to think again.
 According to New Amsterdam Amber Beer, one of the nation's leading brewers of craft-brewed beer, these's more to drinking a beer than simply "popping a cold one."
 Joseph M. Tighe, president of The New Amsterdam Company and former pro defensive tackle, offers the following advice to beer and football lovers for Super Sunday:
 -- How to Keep Your Head: The richer and heavier head you give your beer the better. A heavy head indicates that the beer has less carbonation, which means you won't fill up as fast.
 -- How to Pour: Always pour the beer right into the center of the glass so that it "explodes" and gets a good rich foam.
 -- How to Keep It Clean: Win or lose, you at least want to make sure that you keep your glass "beer clean." A sprinkling of salt of the side of a damp glass is the best indicator. If the salt sticks and forms a pattern, it's clean and ready to use.
 -- How to Store: Beer should be kept in a refrigerator or any other cool place, like a basement. Most beers should be consumed within four to six months of purchase -- beer does not improve with age. For the best taste, Tighe recommends trying a craft-brewed beer which may only be weeks old.
 -- How to Serve: Chilling the glass before serving is usually a bad idea since chlorine from the water can be frozen to the glass and ruin the taste of the beer. Tighe advises that beer is best served between 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit.
 -- Don't Get Carried Away: Above all else, New Amsterdam says that the best way to enjoy the game and your beer is in moderation. It's fine to take the game seriously, says the microbrewer, but if you're going to take beer seriously too, that means you have to do so in moderation.
 Tighe's heart lies with New York's Buffalo Bills, but he says he has no strategies to offer either team before game time, he only deals in beer now.
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