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TAC meets, builds new interests.


The Telecommunications Associations Council (TAC) held its Fourth Annual Conference hosted by the International Communications Association during ICA's Conference in New Orleans.

The heads and representatives of nine Associations representing more than 52 chapters, state and international associations picked-up where they left off five years ago at their last meeting in 1985.

The following Associations with their representatives were in attendance: Association of College and University Telecommunications Administrators (ACUTA), Del Combs, Administrative Director; Canadian Business Telecommunications Alliance (CBTA), Brian Callihoo, President; Communications Managers Association (CMA), Jerald V. Marcone, President.

Also present from Energy Telecommunications Association (ENTELEC), Ronald L. Amox, President; International Communications Association (ICA), Roy Bruce, President; International Telecommunications Users Group (INTUG), George McKendrick, Executive Director; Mid-Western Telecommunications Conference (MTC), represented by Lois Wander, President for Chicago Industrial Communications Association (CICA) and Daniel Reising, President for North Eastern Wisconsin Telecommunications Association (NWTA).

Present from Southeastern Telecommunication Association (SETA), Mel Dunn, Chairman of Board; TeleCommunications Association (TCA), Martin "Marty" R. Hill, Corporate Chairman of the Board; Telecommunications Associations Council (TAC), Roger L. Underwood, Liaison/Convener.

This TAC meeting was very poignant in that it was dedicated to the late Bernard Overeynder, who, during his term of office as President of ICA, was instrumental in forming a liaison between and among the various telecommunications associations within the United States, Canada and other countries. Meetings were held in 1983, 1984 and 1985.

The purpose and objectives of TAC at all three of these meetings was to promote cooperation among the various associations, exchange and share information, and assist one another in matters of mutual interest.

For example, the Meeting Agenda might include Regulatory Issues, Associations' By-Laws, Coordinating Conference Dates, Staffing and Association Office, Education of the Membership, Newsletters and other Association Publications, "Things bigger than both of us," etc.

In 1989, a proposal to revitalize TAC was considered and then approved by the

ICA subject to the approval and consent of TAC member associations. In March 1990, TAC members were contacted and the go ahead was given with ICA hosting the next meeting to be held during the annual ICA Conference.

Phil Evans, the Conference Chairman, asked me to act as liaison and convener for the fourth TAC Meeting and to do any follow-up activities resulting from the meeting.

The agenda items for this meeting followed pretty much the same as previous TAC meetings. In this column, I prefer to report on TAC in only a general way. That protects the confidentiality that is important to some TAC activities.

It is up to individual TAC members, if they wish, to inform their association's membership about the council's activities through their own association newsletters or other publications.

for more information, contact me at the address below.

I'm honored to be a part of this tradition. TAC and the Association community are close to my heart, and the dream of Bernard Overeynder is being fulfilled.

Roger Underwood has been involved in telecommunications for over 30 years--as a corporate telecomm manager, president of ICA, charter director of TCA, and liaison to the association and supplier communities. Contact him at 185 Front St., Suite 201, Danville, CA 94526 (415-831-1140).
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Title Annotation:On Associations; Telecommunications Associations Council
Author:Underwood, Roger
Publication:Communications News
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Date:Jul 1, 1990
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