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 SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Jandel Scientific today announced shipment of TableCurve 3D for Windows, a cutting edge surface-fitting program for scientists and engineers. "TableCurve 3D for Windows is a unique new program for discovering the best equation for X, Y, Z data sets. What's amazing is that it automatically selects from over 450 million built-in linear and non-linear equations, then rapidly fits and ranks up to 37,231 in a single processing step," said Joe Osborn, president of Jandel.
 TableCurve 3D is a specialized program that uses automated statistical methods to process an X, Y, Z data table for the best possible surface-fit equations. Once an appropriate equation is selected, TableCurve 3D can produce printed graphs and reports, files for use with SigmaPlot and major spreadsheets, and ready-to-compile code for the major programming languages used by scientists and engineers.
 TableCurve 3D's hallmark is its one-click automated surface-fitting and ranking of thousands of candidate equations. TableCurve 3D has been designed to make full use of the capabilities of Windows, including a graphic display of the data with multiple windows containing various elements of the surface-fit. The program adapts to the user, remembering graphical formats, window positions and sizes, and other options automatically, so there are no defaults to set.
 TableCurve 3D includes 453,697,363 built-in equations, including 168 pre-defined and two user-defined non-linear equations. The non- linear group consists of 72 3D peak functions, 72 3D transition functions, 12 XY exponentials, and 12 XY power equations. The program automatically determines effective starting estimates for these functions. Equations can be ranked by standard r2, F-statistic, degree of freedom adjusted r2, or fit standard error as desired.
 The two user-defined functions (UDF) can contain up to eight parameters and can include most mathematical constructs, including: special functions, series convergence, conditional statements, differentiations, and integrations. User-defined functions are compiled for the fastest possible fitting and are transparently added to the set of pre-defined equations. UDF estimates can be adjusted either graphically or by inspection of partial derivatives to assure successful convergence.
 All equation processing is rapid and fully automated. Using a 33MHz 80486 CPU, TableCurve 3D will fit 100 data points to all 37,321 linear and non-linear equations in just 168 seconds. The user simply imports or enters their data, processes the data for best equations, selects the optimum equation for their application, then prints, outputs files, or generates code.
 TableCurve 3D offers great flexibility in its many data input options. Data can be entered manually via the keyboard or imported from Lotus 123, SigmaPlot, Excel, Quattro Pro (DOS and Windows), dBASE, ASCII, the Windows clipboard and other file formats. Large data sets can be digitally filtered during the read operation and stored as a subset. The TableCurve 3D data table can handle an X, Y, Z set of 16,384 points. Once entered, data transformation can be performed on individual points or on all points.
 TableCurve 3D ranks the equations according to user-selected goodness-of-fit criteria, then displays the ranked equations list and best fit surface. Visual examination of each function's goodness-of-fit is achieved by stepping through the equations list, which immediately updates the 3D graph. To assist scientific programmers in selecting the fastest executing equations, the list also offers floating point demand values based on TableCurve 3D's own code generation option.
 Viewing options include an Animate feature which rotates the surface through a succession of user-defined viewing angles. In addition, the surface can be manually rotated to a specific X, Y, Z view angle using scroll bars. Data points can be colored to identify the number of fit standard errors from the surface. Custom scaling and titles are available, with superscript, subscript, and symbols. Prediction or confidence intervals can be displayed at 90 percent, 95 percent, and 99 percent levels. Additional review features include a listing of standard errors, F-statistic, residual graphs and a full numeric summary for each surface-fit.
 "I like the 3D scaling and the ease with which the log scale can be used. The quality of the graphics is very good compared to some programs I've used. The 3D views are exciting. The fact that you can view the graph from different perspectives is very useful," says Vincent Rasicci, a beta tester at Gencorp Inc. of Uniontown, Ohio.
 After processing and graphic review, the results of the selected surface-fit can be written to a SigmaPlot for Windows worksheet file, an Excel XLS file, a Quattro Pro for Windows WB1 file, and Lotus WK1 or WK3 worksheet files. File output to ASCII is available in three different formats where parameters can be saved with full precision. These may optionally contain identifiers in the Windows INI style. Also, TableCurve 3D's main graphs can be copied to the clipboard as a Windows metafile or bitmap, or saved as an Aldus placeable disk-based metafile.
 TableCurve 3D offers printed reports containing an equation summary, data table summary and standard error analyses. For hard copy options, TableCurve 3D will produce customized half page and full page graphs using Windows supported printing devices. For the scientific programmer, TableCurve 3D generates complete scientific code for any of the built-in equations in several programming languages (FORTRAN, Pascal, C, and BASIC).
 TableCurve 3D is now available for $495 from Jandel Scientific and selected dealers worldwide. It comes with complete documentation and tutorials. Jandel provides a 90-day money-back guarantee and free technical support.
 About Jandel Scientific
 Jandel Scientific, founded in 1982, develops and markets scientific and engineering software directly and through dealers to scientists and engineers worldwide. One of the fastest growing small businesses in the United States, Jandel has been listed three times as an INC 500 company. Jandel has a wholly-owned subsidiary in Germany that sells to and supports its customers in Europe. Jandel data analysis and presentation products include SigmaPlot, SigmaStat, TableCurve for Windows (2D), TableCurve 3D for Windows, SigmaScan/Image, Mocha, and PeakFit, with a total installed base of over 55,000 users.
 NOTE: TableCurve and SigmaPlot are trademarks of Jandel Scientific. All other product names are trademarks of their respective companies.
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 /CONTACT: Craig Rappaport, senior product manager, 415-453-6700, ext. 267; or Walter Feigenson, marketing director, ext. 261; or Joseph Osborn, President, ext. 214, all of Jandel Scientific/

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