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T-rex and Shark both have teeth. (First-In/First Out).

IBM has introduced what they claim to be the world's most sophisticated server and announced that customers of all sizes will now be able to access the capabilities of the IBM mainframe through new on-demand services from IBM Global Services.

The IBM eServer zSeries 990, the new flagship of the eServer family, builds on the technology of the eServer z900, which brought new security, reliability and performance advances in Linux virtualization and automation. According to IDC, the zSeries family gained eight points of market share in $250,000 and above servers since the introduction of the z900 in October 2000, while Sun and HP (combined with Compaq historically) each lost share in the same period of time (source: IDC 4Q02 Quarterly Tracker).

IBM also announced that its TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server Model 800 ("Shark") has been enhanced for IBM's new flagship eServer z990 to provide data protection and access for business continuity and efficiency.

The continuing evolution of the industry-leading ESS Model 800 with e-Business On Demand capabilities now includes standby capacity on demand, which allows customers to acquire up to 6.9 terabytes of "standby" capacity, based on business needs; this additional capacity is available whenever needed. IBM's flagship storage solution also now includes Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (PPRC) V2 and FlashCopy V2 to significantly enhance data mirroring and business continuity for the z990 as well as other server environments.

"As the backbone of IBM's storage product family, we have continued to enhance Shark to deliver increased value to our customers," said Roland Hagan, Storage Systems vice president, IBM Systems Group. "When coupled with our new flagship zSeries mainframe, the new Shark offers more data protection, performance and accessibility than any other zSeries/storage option to support customers' on-demand requirements, which require extremely high availability and protection."

Highlights of the announcement include:

* Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (PPRC)V2 Enhancements: Long distance (including coast-to-coast) data mirrormg using new Asynchronous Cascading PPRC further extends the ESS remote copy solutions for zSeries and open systems data; two- or three-site configuration options dramatically improve protection against data loss.

* FlashCopy V2 Enhancements: Data set, multiple relationship and incremental refresh improve granularity, flexibility, capacity management/utilization and completion times.

* Standby Capacity on Demand: Improved flexibility in the quantity of ondemand storage available--up to 6.9TB more--and pricing options provides more convenience, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Powered by numerous innovative technologies, including fast copper microchips and 2Gbps FICON data transfer rates, IBM's Enterprise Storage Server offers self-management features that enable comprehensive real-time "on the fly" system configuration and management.

To make it easier for customers to take advantage of the new Standby Capacity on Demand for ESS feature, IBM is offering customers the opportunity to implement this new enhancement, with no convenience charges. This feature will be available for customers that install an eSeries z990 server with the Customer Initiated Upgrade (CIU) feature and ESS FlashCopy V2 by the end of September 2003.
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Title Annotation:IBM eServer zSeries 990 and IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server Model 800 ("Shark")
Author:Ferelli, Mark
Publication:Computer Technology Review
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jun 1, 2003
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