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T-i-m-m-m-b-e-r-r-r: competition promotes skills, safety in logging industry.

A Warren timber cutter finished atop an eight-man field Sept. 26 at the Arkansas Game of Logging, held at the Bradley County Fairgrounds in Warren.

Eddie Smith, 30, was awarded $1,000, a chain saw and a set of logging safety clothing for the first-place finish. He also qualified to represent Arkansas at the National Game of Logging finals, held last weekend at Nelsonville, Ohio.

Loggers from around the country competed for more than $10,000 at the national championship, sponsored by the NORTIM Corp., a contract risk-management firm for timber harvesting operations.

The competition, designed to test loggers' skills with a chain saw, consisted of chain filing and carburetor setting, bore cutting, speed cutting and felling standing trees.

Smith, a 10-year veteran of the timber industry, also won $100 for the bore cut competition, in which contestants were tested on their ability to make cuts within designated lines. Smith works with his brother, Ronnie, who has a cutting and skidding contract with Becton Timber Inc.

Dickie Hendry, 38, of Nashville took home the second-place prize, worth $400. The $200 third-place prize was won by Thomas Gifford of Leola. Gifford also won $100 in the precision stump-cutting event.

Randy Gill of Malvern won two $100 prizes for his finishes in the spring pole cutting and tree felling events. William Woodard of Warren earned $100 in the speed-cutting competition, while Ronnie Smith earned $50 for a center-hit target in tree felling.

Skills and Safety

The annual Game of Logging's regional championship is promoted not only as a skills contest but also a safety competition. Loggers from across the state demonstrate the skills they have learned on the job.

The prizes go to those with the highest scores and the fewest safety violations, both equally important to NORTIM.

About 70 small logging contractors in Arkansas avail themselves of NORTIM's services. The Pittsburgh-based firm operates in Pennsylvania and Indiana as well as Arkansas.

It offers safety training, timber harvest production training, internal claims management, return to work programs and several types of logging insurance.

NORTIM has been in business since 1980. It acts as contract manager of logging operations owned, leased or controlled by its customers.

A derivation of Northern Timberlands, NORTIM subcontracts with more than 500 independent logging contractors in six states.
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Title Annotation:loggers' participation in the Arkansas Game of Logging
Author:Taylor, Tim
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Oct 5, 1992
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