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T is for nature. (What's New?).

With warm weather now firmly established across the nation, T-shirts are once again the uniform of the day. For nature lovers and gardeners, a batch of sturdy T's from Earth Sun Moon Trading Company, Grove City, Pa., fit the bill nicely.

In keeping with themes of patriotism rampant in America, a big hit should be the regal bald eagle in fierce profile with the slogan "The Real Survivor." For those with a bizarre turn of mind, a huge mosquito puts a fresh twist on the milk industry's ad campaign by inquiring "got blood?" Those plagued with backyard and garden pests will enjoy the rogues' gallery of the "Ten Most Wanted Mosquitoes for Bloodsucking Crimes" and "The Ten Most Wanted [squirrels] for Birdseed Crimes." A sly dig is apparent with the scarecrow shirt that comes with the caption "The Perfect Man. Quiet. Patient. And Helps in the Garden." These delightful shirts run $16.99-18.99, depending on pattern.

For kids, an assortment of crawling, hopping, and flying insects are labeled "Icky Bugs," with the first word spelled out in grass-like letters and the second beneath it looking as if it is made from dirt. The shirt comes in a plastic bug-catcher jar with a perforated lid and a sheet of collecting tips and icky bug fun facts. The whole set comes packaged for $18.99.

To accessorize, there's an "Official Birdwatching Hat" with a target on the top (use your imagination) and a baseball cap with the "got blood?" mosquito for $16.99 each. All of the clothing can be ordered online at

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Date:May 1, 2002
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