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ImmunityBio Study Shows Positive T Cell and Antibody Immune Responses to its COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate that Targets Both Spike and Nucleocapsid Virus Proteins. Aug 4, 2020 783
ImmunityBio announces preclinical results for COVID-19 vaccine candidate study. Aug 3, 2020 399
Bristol Myers Squibb, bluebird bio Submit Biologics License Application to FDA for Idecabtagene Vicleucel (Ide-cel, bb2121) for Adults with Relapsed and Refractory Multiple Myeloma. Jul 31, 2020 709
Bristol Myers Squibb and bluebird bio submit cell therapy application to FDA. Jul 30, 2020 211
Bristol Myers Squibb and bluebird bio submit cell therapy application to FDA. Jul 30, 2020 207
TScan Publishes Data On Precise T Cell Targets in COVID-19 Convalescent Patients to Inform Development of Next-generation Vaccines and T Cell-based Diagnostics. Jul 28, 2020 595
The New England Journal of Medicine Publishes Non-Human Primate Preclinical Viral Challenge Study of Moderna's mRNA Vaccine Against COVID-19. Jul 28, 2020 650
NeoImmuneTech receives FDA approval for second study of NT-I7 (efineptakin alfa) in adult patients with COVID-19. Jul 27, 2020 175
NeoImmuneTech receives FDA approval for second study of NT-I7 (efineptakin alfa) in adult patients with COVID-19. Jul 27, 2020 171
PDS Biotechnology announces preclinical data for PDS0203. Jul 27, 2020 231
US FDA Approves NeoImmuneTech to Proceed with Second Study of NT-I7 in Adult COVID-19 Patients. Jul 27, 2020 406
TCR2 Therapeutics announces interim data for Phase 1 of TC-210 trial. Jul 26, 2020 507
Gilead reports FDA approves Kite's Tecartus for MCL. Jul 24, 2020 191
Genocea working with FDA to provide additional information on GEN-011. Jul 23, 2020 243
Short Communication - In Silico Profiling of Regulatory MicroRNA Targets in Programmed Cell Death 1 Gene. Report Jul 23, 2020 2278
Bit of hope on Covid-19. Jul 22, 2020 362
T-cells: How they protect you against COVID-19. Jay Hilotin, Senior Assistant Editor Jul 22, 2020 1201
Killer T-cells: How they protect you from COVID-19. Jay Hilotin, Senior Assistant Editor Jul 22, 2020 1383
Vaccine triggers immune response. Jul 21, 2020 461
Vaccine triggers immune response. Jul 21, 2020 460
Vaccine triggers immune response. Jul 21, 2020 460
How does it work? Jul 21, 2020 740
Vaccine could provide double protection against virus. NINA MASSEY Jul 21, 2020 806
Vaccine triggers immune response. Jul 21, 2020 460
Vaccine triggers immune response. Jul 21, 2020 460
UK government orders 30mln doses of Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Jul 21, 2020 625
UK government orders 30mln doses of Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Jul 21, 2020 627
AstraZeneca and Oxford University vaccine triggers immune response in trial. Jul 21, 2020 465
Vaccine triggers immune response. Jul 21, 2020 460
Vaccine triggers immune response. Jul 21, 2020 460
Generex files pre-IND briefing package with FDA for peptide vaccine. Jul 20, 2020 191
Oxford Covid vaccine shows strong immune response. Jul 20, 2020 756
Pfizer, BioNTech Tout Early Positive Update from German Phase 1/2 COVID-19 Vaccine Study, Including First T Cell Response Data. Jul 20, 2020 747
Tiziana Life Sciences CEO talks expansion into CAR-T therapy with novel proprietary approach. Jul 18, 2020 152
Tiziana Life Sciences expands its oncology pipeline into CART-T therapy space. Jul 17, 2020 479
Tiziana Life Sciences expands its oncology pipeline into CART-T therapy space. Jul 17, 2020 481
Hopes raised of breakthrough in vaccine trials. Jul 17, 2020 289
Applied DNA, Takis Report Positive Preclinical Results from LineaDNA Vaccine Candidates for COVID-19. Jul 17, 2020 502
Maxcyte: At the forefront of cell therapy revolution. Jul 16, 2020 494
Tonix Pharmaceuticals anounces research collaboration with Columbia University. Jul 16, 2020 238
Oxford coronavirus vaccine could give 'double protection' in human trials 'breakthrough'; British scientists have been working on a potential vaccine that could protect against Covid-19 and have reportedly made progress since trials began, offering new hope to the nation. By, Taz Ali Jul 16, 2020 579
Orgenesis teams up with European firm Educell on T-cell research projects. Jul 15, 2020 408
FDA Clears NeoImmuneTech Investigational New Drug Application of NT-I7 in Adults with Mild COVID-19. Jul 15, 2020 369
Tonix enters research, license agreement with Kansas State University. Jul 13, 2020 220
Avalon in process of extending AVA-001 therapy to next phases of development. Clinical report Jul 13, 2020 181
Maxcyte: at the forefront of cell therapy revolution. Jul 10, 2020 489
Scientists focus on how immune system T cells fight coronavirus in absence of antibodies. Reuters News Service Jul 10, 2020 787
Xencor, Atreca enter collaboration, license agreement. Jul 8, 2020 164
Atreca, Xencor to collaborate on T cell-engaging bispecific antibodies. Jul 8, 2020 220
TG Therapeutics publishes preclinical umbralisib data. Jul 8, 2020 155
Study finds COVID-19 immunity higher than thought. Arab News Jul 1, 2020 647
Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma Following Gender Reassignment Surgery: A Review of Presentation, Management, and Outcomes in the Transgender Patient Population. Zaveri, Shruti; Yao, Alice; Schmidt, Hank Jul 1, 2020 3851
RevImmune Launches Phase II Trial of the T-Cell Growth Factor CYT107 for COVID-19. Jun 30, 2020 586
Avalon GloboCare successfully completes Phase I first-in-human clinical study of its leading Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy candidate. Jun 30, 2020 413
Avalon GloboCare completes Phase 1 study of AVA-001. Jun 29, 2020 169
First Patient Dosed in Phase 1b/2a Study of NT-I7 (efineptakin alfa) and KEYTRUDA (pembrolizumab) in Patients with Relapsed/Refractory Advanced Solid Tumors. Jun 25, 2020 345
Scancell publishes new research highlighting potential of Modi-1 in hard-to-treat cancers. Jun 25, 2020 368
FDA lifts partial hold on Innate Pharma's lacutamab TELLOMAK Phase II trial. Jun 24, 2020 217
Regeneron highlights preclinical research on CD28 costimulatory bispecifics. Jun 24, 2020 196
BeyondSpring reports preclinical data on plinabulin. Jun 23, 2020 385
Seattle Genetics Initiates Phase 1 Clinical Trials for Two Novel Antibody-Based Drug Candidates. Jun 22, 2020 523
Autolus Therapeutics presents preclinical data on AUTO3, AUTO6NG. Jun 22, 2020 658
Hookipa Pharma announces Phase 2 interim safety results for HB-101. Financial report Jun 22, 2020 389
Rubius Therapeutics highlights preclinical data for RTX-321. Jun 22, 2020 219
PDS Biotechnology announces publication of results of PDS0101 combination. Financial report Jun 22, 2020 180
Precigen presents preclinical data for PRGN-3005 UltraCAR-T. Jun 22, 2020 250
Genocea presents preclinical data on inhibigen biology. Jun 22, 2020 195
Jounce Therapeutics presents preclinical data on JTX-1811. Jun 22, 2020 374
Neoleukin Therapeutics presents preclinical data for NL-201. Jun 22, 2020 536
Allogene says preclinical findings support DLL3-targeted AlloCAR-T in SCLC. Jun 22, 2020 182
Hookipa Pharma receives FDA clearance for IND application for HB-202/201 trial. Jun 17, 2020 222
aTyr Pharma announces dosing of first patient in Phase 2 trial of ATYR1923. Jun 15, 2020 241
Bellicum receives IND clearance to initiate Phase 1/2 trial for BPX-063. Jun 15, 2020 159
Genocea files IND application for GEN-011. Jun 15, 2020 173
Partner Therapeutics starts enrolling first patient dosed in Phase II investigator-initiated study of Leukine in T cell replete HLA-mismatched haploidentical stem cell transplant. Jun 12, 2020 192
Partner Therapeutics starts enrolling first patient dosed in Phase II investigator-initiated study of Leukine in T cell replete HLA-mismatched haploidentical stem cell transplant. Jun 12, 2020 196
BiondVax's universal influenza vaccine candidate achieves primary endpoints. Jun 10, 2020 161
TVAX Biomedical awarded US FDA Fast Track Designation for brain cancer treatment. Jun 8, 2020 233
TVAX Biomedical awarded US FDA Fast Track Designation for brain cancer treatment. Jun 8, 2020 237
Algernon Pharmaceuticals wins FDA clearance to study Ifenprodil as potential therapeutic COVID-19 treatment. Jun 5, 2020 464
Phio Pharmaceuticals reveals positive data from in vivo studies on the intratumoral use of INTASYL Compounds. Jun 1, 2020 221
Phio Pharmaceuticals reveals positive data from in vivo studies on the intratumoral use of INTASYL Compounds. Jun 1, 2020 225
Celyad presented updates on Phase 1 alloSHRINK trial at ASCO. Jun 1, 2020 343
Unclear Issues Regarding COVID-19. Yuksel, Aycan; Karadogan, Dilek; Gurkan, Canan Gunduz; Akyil, Fatma Tokgoz; Toreyin, Zehra Nur; Mari Jun 1, 2020 6393
Novel coronavirus vaccine won't be a slam dunk, says expert. Jancin, Bruce Jun 1, 2020 833
Effect of all-trans retinoic acid on casein and fatty acid synthesis in MAC-T cells. Liao, Xian-Dong; Zhou, Chang-Hai; Zhang, Jing; Shen, Jing-Lin; Wang, Ya-Jing; Jin, Yong-Cheng; Li, S Jun 1, 2020 7937
Histone deacetylases inhibitor and RAD51 recombinase increase transcription activator-like effector nucleases-mediated homologous recombination on the bovine [beta]-casein gene locus. Park, Da Som; Kim, Se Eun; Koo, Deog-Bon; Kang, Man-Jong Jun 1, 2020 5719
Immunocheckpoint Inhibitor- (Nivolumab-) Associated Hypereosinophilia in Non-Small-Cell Lung Carcinoma. Singh, Navdeep; Singh Lubana, Sandeep; Constantinou, George; Leaf, Andrea N. May 31, 2020 3548
Prediction of CD4 T-Lymphocyte Count Using WHO Clinical Staging among ART-Naive HIV-Infected Adolescents and Adults in Northern Ethiopia: A Retrospective Study. Aregay, Abraham Desta; Kidane, Kibriti Mehari; Aregay, Asfawosen Berhe; Fenta, Kiros Ajemu; Woldegeb Report May 31, 2020 4696
Abnormal Peripheral Neutrophil Transcriptome in Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes Patients. Lin, Qiuqiu; Zhou, Wenzhi; Wang, Yanfei; Huang, Juan; Hui, Xiaoyan; Zhou, Zhiguang; Xiao, Yang May 31, 2020 6019
Epitope-Based Peptide Vaccine against Glycoprotein G of Nipah Henipavirus Using Immunoinformatics Approaches. Mohammed, Arwa A.; Shantier, Shaza W.; Mustafa, Mujahed I.; Osman, Hind K.; Elmansi, Hashim E.; Osma May 31, 2020 6907
The Regulatory Effects of mTOR Complexes in the Differentiation and Function of CD[4.sup.+] T Cell Subsets. Wang, Peng; Zhang, Qian; Tan, Liang; Xu, Yanan; Xie, Xubiao; Zhao, Yong May 31, 2020 11515
The Sufficient Immunoregulatory Effect of Autologous Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation on Regulatory T Cells in Patients with Refractory Rheumatoid Arthritis. Ghoryani, Mohsen; Shariati-Sarabi, Zhaleh; Tavakkol-Afshari, Jalil; Mohammadi, Mojgan May 31, 2020 4671
Probiotics Can Boost the Antitumor Immunity of CD[8.sup.+]T Cells in BALB/c Mice and Patients with Colorectal Carcinoma. Mao, Jie; Zhang, Shu-Ze; Du, Peng; Cheng, Zhi-Bin; Hu, Huan; Wang, Shi-Yao May 31, 2020 4115
The Scribble Complex PDZ Proteins in Immune Cell Polarities. Barreda, Dante; Gutierrez-Gonzalez, Luis H.; Martinez-Cordero, Erasmo; Cabello-Gutierrez, Carlos; Ch May 31, 2020 8392
Th9 Cells in Peripheral Blood Increased in Patients with Immune-Related Pancytopenia. Shao, Qing; Wang, Yangyang; Liu, Zhaoyun; Liu, Hui; Wang, Yihao; Zhao, Yang; Li, Lijuan; Fu, Rong May 31, 2020 4666
Successful Regulatory T Cell-Based Therapy Relies on Inhibition of T Cell Effector Function and Enrichment of FOXP3+ Cells in a Humanized Mouse Model of Skin Inflammation. Landman, S.; de Oliveira, V.L.; Peppelman, M.; Fasse, E.; van Rijssen, E.; Bauland, S.C.; van Erp, P May 31, 2020 6016
The Analysis of PTPN6 for Bladder Cancer: An Exploratory Study Based on TCGA. Shen, Chengquan; Liu, Jing; Wang, Jirong; Yang, Xiaokun; Niu, Haitao; Wang, Yonghua Report May 31, 2020 3732
Comprehensive Analysis of Tumor-Infiltrating Immune Cells and Relevant Therapeutic Strategy in Esophageal Cancer. Lu, Guangrong; Chen, Liping; Wu, Shengjie; Feng, Yuao; Lin, Tiesu May 31, 2020 7345
Improvement of Flavonoids in Lemon Seeds on Oxidative Damage of Human Embryonic Kidney 293T Cells Induced by [H.sub.2][O.sub.2]. Yang, Dingyi; Jiang, Yong; Wang, Yuqing; Lei, Qianqian; Zhao, Xin; Yi, Ruokun; Zhang, Xin May 31, 2020 5792
Notch-Hes1 Signaling Regulates [IL-17A.sup.+][gamma][[delta].sup.+]T Cell Expression and IL-17A Secretion of Mouse Psoriasis-Like Skin Inflammation. Wang, Yanqin; Li, Xinxin; Xing, Xiaoyun; Xue, Haibo; Qi, Ruiqun; Ji, Hong; Ma, Lei May 31, 2020 5833
Density of Langerhans Cells in Nonmelanoma Skin Cancers: A Systematic Review. Pogorzelska-Dyrbus, Joanna; Szepietowski, Jacek C. Report May 31, 2020 7512
Identification of miRNA-mRNA Crosstalk in Respiratory Syncytial Virus- (RSV-) Associated Pediatric Pneumonia through Integrated miRNAome and Transcriptome Analysis. Zhang, Xu; Huang, Feng; Yang, Diyuan; Peng, Tao; Lu, Gen May 31, 2020 5469
TREM-1 and TREM-2 Expression on [CD14.sup.+] Cells in Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid in Pulmonary Sarcoidosis and Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis in the Context of T Cell Immune Response. Suchankova, M.; Urban, J.; Ganovska, M.; Tibenska, E.; Szaboova, K.; Tedlova, E.; Sandor, F.; Majer, May 31, 2020 5736
Design of a Multiepitope-Based Peptide Vaccine against the E Protein of Human COVID-19: An Immunoinformatics Approach. Abdelmageed, Miyssa I.; Abdelmoneim, Abdelrahman H.; Mustafa, Mujahed I.; Elfadol, Nafisa M.; Murshe May 31, 2020 7472
Systematic Investigation of Polyurethane Biomaterial Surface Roughness on Human Immune Responses in vitro. Segan, Soren; Jakobi, Meike; Khokhani, Paree; Klimosch, Sascha; Billing, Florian; Schneider, Markus; May 31, 2020 8897
Prognostic Impact of PD-1 and Tim-3 Expression in Tumor Tissue in Stage I-III Colorectal Cancer. Kuai, Wentao; Xu, Xinjian; Yan, Jing; Zhao, Wujie; Li, Yaxing; Wang, Bin; Yuan, Na; Li, Zhongxin; Ji May 31, 2020 7501
AKNA Is a Potential Prognostic Biomarker in Gastric Cancer and Function as a Tumor Suppressor by Modulating EMT-Related Pathways. Wang, Gang; Sun, Dan; Li, Wenhui; Xin, Yan May 31, 2020 4982
In Vivo Suppression of Autophagy via Lentiviral shRNA Targeting Atg5 Improves Lupus-Like Syndrome. Liu, Chi-Jui; Tang, Shye-Jye; Chou, Chun-Che; Sun, Guang-Huan; Sun, Kuang-Hui May 31, 2020 5554
Syncona says investee firm starts trials for new +personalised' skin cancer therapy. May 30, 2020 300
Arix Bioscience portfolio companies Autolus and Harpoon present updates at ASCO. May 30, 2020 266
Adaptimmune presented updated data from its ADP-A2M4 Phase 1 trial at ASCO. May 29, 2020 268
Autolus Therapeutics presents additional data on AUTO3 in DLBCL. May 29, 2020 230
Marker Therapeutics reports results from MultiTAA-specific T cell therapy. Financial report May 29, 2020 275
Harpoon Therapeutics presents data from dosing trial for TriTAC HPN424 at ASCO. May 29, 2020 261
Rapt Therapeutics announces poster presentation for Phase 1/2 trial of FLX475. May 29, 2020 288
Innovent doses first patient in China with Anti-TIGIT monoclonal antibody. May 26, 2020 191
Innovent doses first patient in China with Anti-TIGIT monoclonal antibody. May 26, 2020 187
Innovent Biologics doses first China patient in phase one clinical trial. May 26, 2020 289
Innovent Biologics doses first China patient in phase one clinical trial. May 26, 2020 285
Algernon Pharmaceuticals files investigational new drug application with FDA for possible coronavirus treatment Ifenprodil. May 26, 2020 472
Nektar: Data from study of BEMPEG/nivolumab combo published in Cancer Discovery. May 22, 2020 291
Inovio's COVID-19 vaccine INO-4800 generates antibodies and immune responses. May 20, 2020 258
Xenetic enters agreement with Scripps Research to advance XCART development. May 19, 2020 249
Cue Biopharma to present preclinical data on CUE-102/A02, CUE-102/A24. May 18, 2020 181
JAB 'TO GIVE 6YR IMMUNITY'. May 17, 2020 160
Nimbus Therapeutics Identifies Potent, Selective HPK1 Inhibitor with Robust In Vivo Activity. May 15, 2020 270
Dupont to Head Research and Development at Atara Biotherapeutics. May 15, 2020 476
Janssen's BCMA CAR-T Therapy JNJ-4528 Showed Early, Deep and Durable Responses in Heavily Pretreated Patients with Multiple Myeloma. May 14, 2020 874
Tonix Pharmaceuticals reports Q1 EPS (37c), two est. (31c). Financial report May 12, 2020 244
Adaptimmune presents advances from allogeneic platform. May 12, 2020 159
Mustang Bio announces presentations at ASGCT meeting. May 12, 2020 294
Bluebird Bio, Bristol-Myers enter amended BCMA CAR-T collaboration agreement. May 11, 2020 173
Avalon GloboCare advancing immune cell therapy to treat blood cancers using FLASH-CAR technology. May 9, 2020 750
Deadline for 'disastrous' loss looming. NANCY NICOLSON May 9, 2020 191
MaxCyte agrees clinical and commercial deal with US t-cell therapy expert. May 8, 2020 238
Avalon GloboCare advances cellular immunotherapy with FLASH-CAR tech. May 8, 2020 418
Autolus Therapeutics announces key upcoming milestones. May 7, 2020 170
Gritstone Oncology reports Q1 EPS (71c), consensus (73c). Financial report May 7, 2020 310
New clues on how to treat COVID-19 from T cell counts. May 2, 2020 237
83rd ANNUAL ITEEA CONFERENCE: Where Technology and Engineering Education Come to Life! Calendar May 1, 2020 218
Trends in Mortality From Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, 1984-2016: An Autopsy-Based Study. Nizami, Sobia; Morales, Cameron; Hu, Kelly; Holzman, Robert; Rapkiewicz, Amy Clinical report May 1, 2020 4717
Bone Marrow Infiltration of Angioimmunoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma: Identification and Prognostic Impact of Histologic Patterns and Diagnostic Application of Ancillary Phenotypic and Molecular Analyses. Gerlach, Magdalena M.; Juskevicius, Darius; Vela, Visar; Dirnhofer, Stefan; Tzankov, Alexandar May 1, 2020 7453
MALAT1 is involved in type I IFNs-mediated systemic lupus erythematosus by up-regulating OAS2, OAS3, and OASL. Gao, Fei; Tan, Yuan; Luo, Hong May 1, 2020 6303
Human dental follicle mesenchymal stem cells alleviate T cell response in inflamed tissue of Crohn's patients. Zibandeh, Noushin; Genc, Deniz; Duran, Yazgul; Banzragch, Munhtsetseg; Sokwala, Sakina; Goker, Kamil May 1, 2020 5516
The first report of colonic involvement of angioimmunobiastic T-cell lymphoma. Turan, Ilker; Ozsan, Nazan; Doganavsargil, Basak; Davulcu, Eren Arslan; Bulbul, Hale Letter to the editor May 1, 2020 690
Human dental follicle mesenchymal stem cells alleviate T cell response in inflamed tissue of Crohn's patients. Zibandeh, Noushin; Genc, Deniz; Duran, Yazgul; Banzragch, Munhtsetseg; Sokwala, Sakina; Goker, Kamil May 1, 2020 4852
The first report of colonic involvement of angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma. Turan, Ilker; Ozsan, Nazan; Doganavsargil, Basak; Davulcu, Eren Arslan; Bulbul, Hale Letter to the editor May 1, 2020 593
Numerical Solution of Fractional-Order HIV Model Using Homotopy Method. Aljhani, Sami; Noorani, Mohd Salmi Md; Alomari, A.K. Apr 30, 2020 5382
Upregulation of CEP55 Predicts Dismal Prognosis in Patients with Liver Cancer. Yang, Lingpeng; He, Yang; Zhang, Zifei; Wang, Wentao Apr 30, 2020 6455
US FDA grants Orphan Drug designation to Marker Therapeutics' MT-401 leukaemia treatment. Apr 30, 2020 312
US FDA grants Orphan Drug designation to Marker Therapeutics' MT-401 leukaemia treatment. Apr 30, 2020 308
Soligenix reports 'positive' Phase 3 FLASH study results. Apr 30, 2020 196
Neon Therapeutics announces acceptance of CTA application for NEO-PTC-01. Apr 30, 2020 163
Mesenchymal Stem Cells Enhance Pulmonary Antimicrobial Immunity and Prevent Following Bacterial Infection. Li, Wenchao; Chen, Weiwei; Huang, Saisai; Tang, Xiaojun; Yao, Genhong; Sun, Lingyun Apr 30, 2020 6061
hCTLA4-Gene-Modified Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hBMMSCs) Maintain POSTN Secretion to Enhance the Migration Capability of Allogeneic hBMMSCs through the Integrin [alpha]v[beta]3/FAK/ERK Signaling Pathway. Song, Lei; Zhang, Fei; Zhou, Rui; Xiao, Jun; He, Lei; Dai, Fei Apr 30, 2020 4959
Ultra-Low-Dose Radiotherapy for Palliation of Mycosis Fungoides. Aral, Ipek Pinar; Gurok, Nese Gocer; Konuk, Aykut Oguz; Ucer, Ozlem Apr 30, 2020 2190
Primary Cutaneous CD30+ Anaplastic Large T Cell Lymphoma in a Patient Treated with Cyclosporine for Actinic Reticuloid. Gambichler, T.; Patsinakidis, N.; Susok, L.; Segert, M.H.; Doerler, M. Apr 30, 2020 2608
Expression and Significance of Immune Checkpoints in Clear Cell Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix. Zong, Liju; Zhang, Qianqian; Zhou, Yuncan; Kong, Yujia; Yu, Shuangni; Chen, Jie; Zhang, Youzhong; Xi Apr 30, 2020 4670
Multicentre Harmonisation of a Six-Colour Flow Cytometry Panel for Naive/Memory T Cell Immunomonitoring. Macchia, Iole; La Sorsa, Valentina; Ruspantini, Irene; Sanchez, Massimo; Tirelli, Valentina; Carollo Apr 30, 2020 8707
Preferential Expression of B7-H6 in Glioma Stem-Like Cells Enhances Tumor Cell Proliferation via the c-Myc/RNMT Axis. Chen, Hanqing; Guo, Yundi; Sun, Jing; Dong, Jun; Bao, Qinghua; Zhang, Xueguang; Fu, Fengqing Apr 30, 2020 6580
The Role of MicroRNAs in Regulatory T Cells. Liu, Chao; Li, Nannan; Liu, Guijian Apr 30, 2020 9580
miR-21 and Pellino-1 Expression Profiling in Autoimmune Premature Ovarian Insufficiency. Li, Xinran; Xie, Jiaxin; Wang, Qingru; Cai, Huihua; Xie, Chuhai; Fu, Xiafei Apr 30, 2020 6644
Triggered Immune Response Induced by Antigenic Epitopes Covalently Linked with Immunoadjuvant-Pulsed Dendritic Cells as a Promising Cancer Vaccine. Chen, Chumeng; Aldarouish, Mohanad; Li, Qilong; Liu, Xiangzhen; Han, Feng; Liu, Hui; Qian, Qijun Apr 30, 2020 6407
Development and Validation of a Bordetella pertussis Whole-Genome Screening Strategy. Antunes, Ricardo da Silva; Quiambao, Lorenzo G.; Sutherland, Aaron; Soldevila, Ferran; Dhanda, Sande Apr 30, 2020 6824
A Highly Sensitive and Selective Isobutyraldehyde Sensor Based on Nanosized [Sm.sub.2][O.sub.3] Particles. Jiang, Li; Wu, Yun; Wang, Yan; Zhou, Qin; Zheng, Yuguo; Chen, Yafei; Zhang, Qianchun Apr 30, 2020 4480
The Supernatant of Tonsil-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Has Antiallergic Effects in Allergic Rhinitis Mouse Model. Park, In-Su; Kim, Ji Hye; Bae, Jun-Sang; Kim, Dong-Kyu; Mo, Ji-Hun Apr 30, 2020 4020
Yupingfeng Granule Improves Th2-Biased Immune State in Microenvironment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma through TSLP-DC-OX40L Pathway. Yao, Fei; Yuan, Qin; Song, Xiudao; Zhou, Liang; Liang, Guoqiang; Jiang, Guorong; Zhang, Lurong Apr 30, 2020 6119
Gubenzhike Recipe Ameliorates Respiratory Mucosal Immunity in Mice with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease through Upregulation of the [gamma][delta]T Lymphocytes and KGF Levels. Wang, Yue-Qi; Liao, Qiang; Tang, Shi-Huan; Cai, Zhe; Zhang, Hong-Chun Apr 30, 2020 14510
Wasp Venom Possesses Potential Therapeutic Effect in Experimental Models of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Gao, Yuan; Yu, Wan-Xin; Duan, Xiao-Mei; Ni, Lian-Li; Liu, Heng; Zhao, Hai-Rong; Xiao, Huai; Zhang, C Apr 30, 2020 6047
Heat Biologics reports progress on COVID-19 efforts. Apr 29, 2020 281
Fate Therapeutics to present cell-based cancer immunotherapy program data. Apr 28, 2020 312
Laboratorio Central de Testes do Conselho de Qualidade e Conformidade de Abu Dhabi lanca a marca do desinfetante de maos Emirati. Apr 27, 2020 456
Le Laboratoire Central d'Abou Dhabi du Conseil de la Qualite et la Conformite devoile la marque de desinfectant pour les mains des Emirats. Apr 27, 2020 580
Frequency of Epstein Barr Virus in Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Determined by Latent Membrane Protein 1 Expression. Jaseela, T. K.; V., Letha; Jayalakshmi, P. L.; Sundaram, Sankar Apr 27, 2020 2195
Coronavirus: UAE-made hand sanitiser launched in Abu Dhabi. Staff Report Apr 27, 2020 327
Scancell soars as it begins research into coronavirus vaccine. Apr 25, 2020 317
Scancell the top riser in London after it starts work on a coronavirus vaccine. Apr 25, 2020 2042
Gilead, Kite and oNKo-innate Announce Research Collaboration to Discover Cancer Immunotherapies Focused on Natural Killer Cells. Apr 22, 2020 387
Maxcyte: at the forefront of cell therapy revolution. Apr 21, 2020 502
Sangamo, Mogrify announce collaboration and license agreement. Apr 21, 2020 245
Compugen and Bayer's BAY 1905254 study results published in reviewed paper. Apr 20, 2020 183
Mizuho Bank lends $55M for electricity. Apr 19, 2020 390
Coronavirus Could Attack Immune System like HIV by Targeting Protective Cells. Apr 17, 2020 286
Elicio Therapeutics and National Cancer Institute Collaborate to Study ELI-002 Mutant KRAS Targeting Mechanism. Apr 16, 2020 550
Commercial financing for greater power transmission underway. Apr 13, 2020 728
Precision BioSciences doses first patient in Phase 1/2a trial of PBCAR20A. Apr 7, 2020 192
CytoDyn says coronavirus patients treated with leronlimab show initial improvements after three days. Apr 3, 2020 446
The shutters come down on the Dumfries BrightHouse. JACKIE GRANT Apr 3, 2020 219
Daiichi Sankyo Submits Application for CAR T Therapy Axicabtagene Ciloleucel for Treatment of Patients with Certain Relapsed/Refractory B-cell Lymphomas in Japan. Disease/Disorder overview Apr 2, 2020 565
Value of ambroxol in the treatment of asthmatic bronchitis. Xiaoxia Du, Chengyan Zhao, Shiqing Liu and Shufen Su Apr 2, 2020 2747
GenScript Biotech generates 18.4% higher overall revenue in 2019. Apr 1, 2020 216
GenScript Biotech generates 18.4% higher overall revenue in 2019. Apr 1, 2020 220
CD4+CD25+FOXP3+[CD127.sup.LOW] regulatory T cells in patients with vulgar psoriasis. Olisova, O.Yu.; Bykovskaia, S.N.; Gudova, V.V. Report Apr 1, 2020 3789
Critical role of metabotropic glutamate receptor 4 in bone marrow-derived dendritic cells in the Th17 cell differentiation and the melanogenesis of B16 cells. Zhao, Guangming; Zhou, Wenhui; Liu, Ying; Wang, Yupeng; Li, Zhou; Song, Zhiqi Apr 1, 2020 5709
Targeting immune cells to treat cerebral malaria. Apr 1, 2020 433
In vitro and in vivo pharmacokinetic characterization of LMT-28 as a novel small molecular interleukin-6 inhibitor. Ahn, Sung-Hoon; Heo, Tae-Hwe; Jun, Hyun-Sik; Choi, Yongseok Apr 1, 2020 5161
A First Case Report of DiGeorge Syndrome from Ethiopia Highlights Challenges in Identifying and Treating Children with Primary T-Cell Deficiencies in Low Resource Settings. Alemayehu, Tinsae; Deribessa, Solomie Jebessa Report Mar 31, 2020 1685
Posttransplantation Lymphoproliferative Disease Treated by Retransplantation. Abrahamsen, Ingerid Weum; Gronvold, Bjorn Christer; Inderberg, Else Marit; Mensali, Nadia; Mattsson, Mar 31, 2020 2186
Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis Associated with Nivolumab Therapy. Cruz-Whitley, Jessica; Giehl, Nolan; Jen, Kuang-Yu; Young, Brian Mar 31, 2020 2208
Effect of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Xenogeneic T and B Cells Isolated from Lupus-Prone [MRL.Fas.sup.lpr] Mice. Lee, Hong Kyung; Kim, Eun Young; Kim, Hyung Sook; Park, Eun Jae; Lee, Hye Jin; Lee, Tae Yong; Kim, K Mar 31, 2020 5255
Pneumocystis jirovecii Pneumonia in Patients with Nephrotic Syndrome: Application of Lymphocyte Subset Analysis in Predicting Clinical Outcomes. Liu, Yang; Zheng, Ke; Liu, Yecheng; Zhu, Huadong Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 6025
The Toll-Like Receptor 3 Agonist Polyriboinosinic Polyribocytidylic Acid Increases the Numbers of NK Cells with Distinct Phenotype in the Liver of B6 Mice. Salem, Mohamed L.; Naggar, Sabry A. El-; Mobasher, Maysa A.; Elgharabawy, Rehab M. Mar 31, 2020 8832
Impact of IFN-Free and IFN-Based Treatment on Blood Myeloid Dendritic Cell, Monocyte, Slan-DC, and Activated T Lymphocyte Dynamics during HCV Infection. Vita, Serena; Zuccala, Paola; Savinelli, Stefano; Mascia, Claudia; Rossi, Raffaella; Schiavone, Fran Mar 31, 2020 7983
A 7-Amino Acid Peptide Mimic from Hepatitis C Virus Hypervariable Region 1 Inhibits Mouse Lung Th9 Cell Differentiation by Blocking CD81 Signaling during Allergic Lung Inflammation. Zhao, Wanzhou; Tan, Conghao; Yu, Xi; Yu, Ruihe; Mei, Qibing; Cheng, Yun Mar 31, 2020 6789
West Nile Virus Vaccine Design by T Cell Epitope Selection: In Silico Analysis of Conservation, Functional Cross-Reactivity with the Human Genome, and Population Coverage. Waller, Frances M.; Reche, Pedro A.; Flower, Darren R. Mar 31, 2020 4899
Dendritic Cells: Immune Response in Infectious Diseases and Autoimmunity. Sesti-Costa, Renata; de Moraes-Vieira, Pedro Manoel Mendes; Cervantes- Barragan, Luisa Mar 31, 2020 1869
Molecular and Cellular Pathways Contributing to Joint Damage in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Fang, Qinghua; Zhou, Chun; Nandakumar, Kutty Selva Disease/Disorder overview Mar 31, 2020 10029
Nicotine Impairs the Response of Lung Epithelial Cells to IL-22. Nguyen, Hannah My-Hanh; Torres, Jaclene Amber; Agrawal, Sudhanshu; Agrawal, Anshu Mar 31, 2020 5820
[I-a.sup.low][CD11b.sup.high] DC Regulates the Immune Response in the Eyes of Experimental Autoimmune Uveitis. Zhao, Yu; Wang, Jingwen; Min, Zhang; Peng, Li; Qi, Shuhong; Lin, Wei Mar 31, 2020 10579
Recombinant Erythropoietin Provides Protection against Renal Fibrosis in Adenine-Induced Chronic Kidney Disease. Vazquez-Mendez, Estefania; Gutierrez-Mercado, Yanet; Mendieta-Condado, Edgar; Galvez-Gastelum, Franc Mar 31, 2020 6879
Effects of Shikonin on the Functions of Myeloid Dendritic Cells in a Mouse Model of Severe Aplastic Anemia. Zheng, Mengying; Liu, Bingnan; Shao, Yuanyuan; Hua, Luogang; Fu, Rong; Wang, Huaquan; Wang, Ting; Qi Mar 31, 2020 6678
Immunomodulatory and Antioxidant Activities of a Polysaccharide from Ligustrum vicaryi L. Fruit. Liu, Shuling; Wang, Litao; Ren, Qiang; Wang, Jianan; Li, Yanzhi; Wang, Guanghui; Gao, Huijie; Du, Ru Mar 31, 2020 5758
Epimedium Polysaccharide Ameliorates Benzene-Induced Aplastic Anemia in Mice. He, Jin; Han, Ru; Yu, Gongchang; Lavin, Martin F.; Jia, Qiang; Cui, Ping; Peng, Cheng Mar 31, 2020 6631
Analysis of Blimp-1 and PD-1/PD-L1 Immune Checkpoint in an Autoimmune Thyroiditis Animal Model. Zhang, Xue; Lv, Xiaoshu; Chen, Mengya; Liu, Haixia Mar 31, 2020 4792
The Phlorotannin-Rich Fraction of Ecklonia cava Extract Attenuated the Expressions of the Markers Related with Inflammation and Leptin Resistance in Adipose Tissue. Son, Myeongjoo; Oh, Seyeon; Choi, Junwon; Jang, Ji Tae; Choi, Chang Hu; Park, Kook Yang; Son, Kuk Hu Mar 31, 2020 6925
The Effects of Preoperative Oral Carbohydrate on Frequency of T and NK Cells in Patients with Cervical Cancer Treated Using Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy and Surgery: A Prospective Cohort Study. Zhang, Fuqing; Yao, Mengxia; Lin, Zhiping; Chen, Yili; Jiang, Hui; Zeng, Meina; Chen, Wenhua Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 6947
Astragalus membranaceus-Derived Anti-Programmed Death-1 Monoclonal Antibodies with Immunomodulatory Therapeutic Effects against Tumors. Chang, Fu-Ling; Tsai, Keng-Chang; Lin, Tsai-Yu; Yang, Tz-Wen; Lo, Yan-Ni; Chen, Wang-Chuan; Chang, J Mar 31, 2020 6162
The miR-582/CD1B Axis Is Involved in Regulation of Dendritic Cells and Is Associated with Clinical Outcomes in Advanced Lung Adenocarcinoma. Guo, Jun; Jin, Hui; Xi, Yanfeng; Guo, Jian; Jin, Yi; Jiang, Da Mar 31, 2020 5573
Increased Expression of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells in Patients with HBV-Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Li, Tianyu; Zhang, Xinyu; Lv, Zhuo; Gao, Li; Yan, Huimin Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 4207
Meta-Analysis of Changes in the Number and Proportion of Regulatory T Cells in Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Li, Ming; Zhou, Xueping; Zhou, Lingling; Yu, Zhichao; Fu, Ling; Yang, Pei Mar 31, 2020 13650
Bone Marrow Plasma Cytokine Signature Profiles in Severe Aplastic Anemia. Liu, Bingnan; Shao, Yuanyuan; Liu, Zixuan; Liu, Chunyan; Zhang, Tian; Fu, Rong Mar 31, 2020 6214
The Antiosteoporosis Effects of Yishen Bugu Ye Based on Its Regulation on the Differentiation of Osteoblast and Osteoclast. Li, Yangyang; Zhang, Yongfeng; Meng, Weiqi; Li, Yutong; Huang, Tao; Wang, Di; Hu, Min Mar 31, 2020 5652
The Immune Cell Landscape in Different Anatomical Structures of Knee in Osteoarthritis: A Gene Expression-Based Study. Chen, Ziming; Ma, Yuanchen; Li, Xuerui; Deng, Zhantao; Zheng, Minghao; Zheng, Qiujian Report Mar 31, 2020 7078
Prognostic Values of Baseline [sup.18]F-FDG PET/CT in Patients with Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma. Zhou, Yeye; Zhang, Xiaoyi; Qin, Haifeng; Zhao, Zixuan; Li, Jihui; Zhang, Bin; Sang, Shibiao; Wu, Yiw Mar 31, 2020 5740
AlloVir's Viralym-M Granted Orphan Drug Designation by European Medicines. Mar 30, 2020 797
CytomX Therapeutics to partner with Astellas Pharma on T-cell therapy for cancer. Mar 23, 2020 234
Soligenix announces preliminary Phase 3 FLASH trial results. Clinical report Mar 19, 2020 242
Flagship Pioneering Launches Repertoire Immune Medicines as Immune Medicines Group. Mar 17, 2020 226
Flagship Pioneering Launches Repertoire Immune Medicines as Immune Medicines Group. Mar 17, 2020 255
Cancer support base to launch. DAVID WALKER Mar 16, 2020 439
Zelluna Immunotherapy collaborates with Karolinska Institutet. Mar 13, 2020 189
Zelluna Immunotherapy collaborates with Karolinska Institutet. Mar 13, 2020 185
Family's delight after stem cell donor match found for Phoebe. DAYNA FARRINGTON Mar 13, 2020 506
Pluristem, Charite University of Medicine Berlin announce collaboration. Mar 12, 2020 200
Kuur Therapeutics Launches to Develop and Commercialise "Off-the-shelf" CAR-NKT Cell Therapies Targeting Hematological and Solid Tumors. Mar 11, 2020 449
ImmunityBio Achieves Durable Virus Control of SHIV Without Anti-Retroviral Therapy by Activating NK and Memory T Cells With N-803, an IL-15 Superagonist. Mar 11, 2020 606
Precision expects additional data from PBCAR0191 trial during 2020. Mar 10, 2020 250
Cellectis granted new patent regarding allogeneic T-cell preparation from USPTO. Mar 10, 2020 176
CEL-SCI initiates development of immunotherapy to treat COVID-19. Mar 9, 2020 218
Tamuq students present solutions to global challenges at top contest. Mar 1, 2020 494
Erythromycin Suppresses the Cigarette Smoke Extract-Exposed Dendritic Cell-Mediated Polarization of [CD4.sup.+] T Cells into Th17 Cells. Liu, Jifeng; Zhong, Xiaoning; He, Zhiyi; Zhang, Jianquan; Bai, Jing; Liu, Guangnan; Liang, Yi; Ya, L Mar 1, 2020 5428
Epigenetic Therapy as a Putative Molecular Target to Modulate B Cell Biology and Behavior in the Context of Immunological Disorders. da Costa, Thayse Pinheiro; Cheikh, Marcia Cury El-; Carneiro, Katia Mar 1, 2020 9588
Rotavirus VP6 Adjuvant Effect on Norovirus GII.4 Virus-Like Particle Uptake and Presentation by Bone Marrow-Derived Dendritic Cells In Vitro and In Vivo. Tamminen, Kirsi; Heinimaki, Suvi; Vesikari, Timo; Blazevic, Vesna Mar 1, 2020 9566
Elevated Expression of the Long Noncoding RNA IFNG-AS1 in the Peripheral Blood from Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Peng, Huiyong; Ren, Shuting; Liu, Yingzhao; Zhou, Huimin; Tang, Xinyi; Yang, Jun; Tian, Jie; Xu, Pin Mar 1, 2020 5107
Upregulation of CD146 in Pediatric B-Cell Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and Its Implications on Treatment Outcomes. Zahran, Asmaa M.; Badawy, Omnia El-; Elsayh, Khalid I.; Mohamed, Wael M.Y.; Riad, Khalid F.; Abdel-R Mar 1, 2020 5316
Pretransplant Donor-Specific Anti-HLA Antibodies and the Risk for Rejection-Related Graft Failure of Kidney Allografts. Betjes, Michiel G.H.; Sablik, Kasia S.; Otten, Henny G.; Roelen, Dave L.; Claas, Frans H.; de Weerd, Mar 1, 2020 6072
Frequent Recurrences of Genital Herpes Are Associated with Enhanced Systemic HSV-Specific T Cell Response. Holub, Michal; Stranikova, Alzbeta; Chalupa, Pavel; Arientova, Simona; Roubalova, Katerina; Beran, O Mar 1, 2020 3872
Cytotoxic and Antioxidant Effects of Antimalarial Herbal Mixtures. Dadzie, Isaac; Avorgbedo, Shaibu Adams; Appiah-Opong, Regina; Cudjoe, Obed Mar 1, 2020 3847
Does Isoniazid Preventive Therapy Provide Better Treatment Outcomes in HIV-Infected Individuals in Northern Ethiopia? A Retrospective Cohort Study. Atey, Tesfay Mehari; Bitew, Helen; Asgedom, Solomon Weldegebreal; Endrias, Asrat; Berhe, Derbew Fika Report Mar 1, 2020 6789
Lymphomatoid papulosis. Martin, Donna Bilu Mar 1, 2020 407
[CD19.sup.+][CD24.sup.hi][CD38.sup.hi] B Cell Dysfunction in Primary Biliary Cholangitis. Chen, Qubo; Lai, Lanmin; Chi, Xiaoling; Lu, Xinyi; Wu, Huaxian; Sun, Jing; Wu, Weilin; Cai, Li; Zeng Mar 1, 2020 6732
Defects of CTLA-4 Are Associated with Regulatory T Cells in Myasthenia Gravis Implicated by Intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy. Xu, Wenhua; Ren, Mingshan; Ghosh, Swagata; Qian, Kai; Luo, Zhaofeng; Zhang, Aimei; Zhang, Cuiping; C Mar 1, 2020 6423
Isolated testicular vasculitis due to immune checkpoint inhibitor. Weiner, Rebecca; Hanson, Britt; Rehman, Jamaal; Sun, Bob Mar 1, 2020 1308
Relapse of polymyalgia rheumatica following adjuvanted influenza vaccine: A case-based review. Bassendine, Margaret F.; Bridge, Simon H. Mar 1, 2020 3559
Amaranthus mangostanus Inhibits the Differentiation of Osteoclasts and Prevents Ovariectomy-Induced Bone Loss. Jeong, Yeon-Hui; Hur, Haeng Jeon; Lee, Ae Sin; Lee, Sang Hee; Sung, Mi Jeong Mar 1, 2020 5475
The Traditional Chinese Medicine Fufang Shatai Heji (STHJ) Enhances Immune Function in Cyclophosphamide-Treated Mice. Fan, Kai-Jian; Li, Yun-Wu; Wu, Jing; Li, Jun; Zhang, Jun; Wang, Qi-Shan; Xu, Bing-Xin; Cai, Qing; Wa Mar 1, 2020 7068
Immune Response and its Effects on the Host during Helminthic Infections. Gazi, Umut; Ozkan, Aysegul Taylan Mar 1, 2020 4027
Implications of Oxidative Stress and Cellular Senescence in Age-Related Thymus Involution. Barbouti, Alexandra; Vasileiou, Panagiotis V.S.; Evangelou, Konstantinos; Vlasis, Konstantinos G.; P Mar 1, 2020 11320
Tissue Infiltrating Immune Cells as Prognostic Biomarkers in Endometrial Cancer: A Meta-Analysis. Guo, Fang; Dong, Yishan; Tan, Qingqing; Kong, Jing; Yu, Bin Mar 1, 2020 7240
Autophagy Inhibition Potentiates the Anticancer Effects of a Bendamustine Derivative NL-101 in Acute T Lymphocytic Leucemia. Gao, Hang; Lou, Siyue; Hong, Huanwu; Ge, Qiufu; Zhao, Huajun Mar 1, 2020 6437
The Prognostic Impact of Circulating Regulatory T Lymphocytes on Mortality in Patients with Ischemic Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction. Hammer, Andreas; Sulzgruber, Patrick; Koller, Lorenz; Kazem, Niema; Hofer, Felix; Richter, Bernhard; Mar 1, 2020 5300
Possible Mechanisms Involved in the Cooccurrence of Oral Lichen Planus and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Wu, Peiyao; Luo, Shuhan; Zhou, Tao; Wang, Rui; Qiu, Xuemei; Yuan, Peiyang; Yang, Yuqing; Han, Qi; Ji Mar 1, 2020 6679
In Silico Vaccine Design against Mycoplasma hominis Infections. Shiragannavar, Shilpa; Madagi, Shivakumar Report Mar 1, 2020 4856
Cellectis and Servier Expand Collaboration on UCART19 Products. Feb 24, 2020 533
Maxcyte: At the forefront of cell therapy revolution. Feb 22, 2020 521
Cellectis and Servier Expand Collaboration on UCART19 Products. Feb 20, 2020 533
Crowds turn out to try to save little Phoebe; More than 100 people tested to see if they are a bone marrow match. DAYNA FARRINGTON Feb 11, 2020 331
'It's amazing. I feel like I can plan for the future again'. NEAL KEELING @NEALKEELINGMEN Feb 3, 2020 533
82nd ANNUAL ITEEA CONFERENCE: Technological and Engineering Literacy for ALL. Calendar Feb 1, 2020 284
CD1a- and cosmetic-related contact dermatitis. Wesley, Naissan O.; Talakoub, Lily Feb 1, 2020 542
Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome: An Overview. Matson, Daniel R.; Yang, David T. Feb 1, 2020 4019
A Simpler, More Effective Approach. Feb 1, 2020 307
Arix Bioscience investee company Autolus publishes encouraging additional data from blood cancer drug study. Jan 31, 2020 218
European Medicines Agency Validates Kite's Marketing Application for company's Second CAR T Cell Therapy. Jan 30, 2020 608
Celyad - Letter to Shareholders - January 2020. Jan 28, 2020 190
Protein Kinase C Theta Type, Pipeline Review, H1 2020: Stage of Development, Mechanism of Action, Route of Administration & Molecule Type. Jan 27, 2020 1073
Carolina Researchers May Have Just Discovered Potential HIV Cure. Johnny Vatican Jan 24, 2020 606
Ascletis Pharma receives Chinese regulator approval to commence ASC22 clinical trials. Jan 23, 2020 203
Ascletis Pharma receives Chinese regulator approval to commence ASC22 clinical trials. Jan 23, 2020 199
First Patient Dosed in Phase 1 Clinical Trial with CART-TnMUC1. Jan 23, 2020 474
File a patent on T-cell discovery. Jan 22, 2020 332
Scientists Find Way To Make 'Universal Cancer Treatment'. Darwin Malicdem Jan 22, 2020 387
Scientists Discover 'T-Cell' Which Can Kill Several Kinds Of Cancer. Apeksha Bagchi Jan 22, 2020 238
Killer cells raise hopes of 'universal therapy for cancer'. MARK SMITH Health Correspondent Jan 21, 2020 583
New T-cells 'raise prospect of universal cancer therapy'. Press Association Jan 21, 2020 641
New killer T-cells raise hopes of 'universal cancer therapy'. MARK SMITH Health correspondent Jan 21, 2020 843
T-cell discovery offers hope over 'cancer therapy' Health: Finding may lead to 'universal' treatment. NINA MASSEY Jan 21, 2020 325
IMMUNE CELL FOUND TO DESTROY 'ALL CANCERS' Discovery could transform tumour treatment. MARTIN BAGOT Health and Science Editor Jan 21, 2020 132
IMMUNE CELL FOUND TO DESTROY 'ALL CANCERS' Discovery could transform tumour treatment. MARTIN BAGOT Health and Science Editor Jan 21, 2020 126
Killer immune cell discovery raises prospect of 'universal' cancer therapy. Jan 20, 2020 530
CAR-T Cell Therapy Market Review and Forecast 2018-2024: Market Size, Share, Trends, Issues and Recent Developments. Jan 20, 2020 562
CAR-T Cell Therapy For Cancer Can Lead To Multiple Organ Failure, Researchers Explain Why. Tarun Mazumdar Jan 19, 2020 344
Oscar's miracle; Boy, 5, free of cancer after PS500K appeal funds cure OUR. MARTIN FRICKER Jan 17, 2020 276
First Patient Dosed with Cellectis' New Allogeneic UCART123 Product Candidate for Relapsed/Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia; AMELI-01 Clinical Trial Uses New UCART123 Construct With Optimized Production Process & New IND Number; First Patient ... Jan 16, 2020 854
Soligenix Shares Power Higher Ahead of SGX301 Phase 3 Data Release; Projected $200 Million Revenue Opportunity For CTCL Drug. Jan 16, 2020 2906
Astellas Pharma signs contract with Adaptimmune Therapeutics. Jan 15, 2020 202
Astellas Pharma signs contract with Adaptimmune Therapeutics. Jan 15, 2020 198

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