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Systems bioinformatics; an engineering case-based approach. (CD-ROM included).


Systems bioinformatics; an engineering case-based approach. (CD-ROM included)

Ed. by Gil Alterovitz and Marco F. Ramoni.

Artech House


386 pages




Beginning from an engineering perspective and written for engineering students, this textbook presents applications in systems bioinformatics, the intersection of systems biology and bioinformatics. The approach adopted by the editors (both of Harvard Medical School) is to match familiar engineering ideas, such as analysis, design, and reverse engineering with their applications in systems bioinformatics. Thus, a section on signal processing addresses biological signal processing and signal processing methods for mass spectrometry, a section on control and systems explores modeling cellular networks, and a section on probabilistic data networks and communications contains chapters on topological analysis of biomolecular networks and on Bayesian networks for genetic analysis. Other topics addressed include fundamentals of design for synthetic biology, applied cellular engineering, DNA/RNA sequence hybridization, biomolecular computing and cryptography, and chemotaxis. The CD-ROM contains a variety of computer programs for data analysis, modeling, and other purposes.

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