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System leads to feather-bedding.

I'M afraid AW of Gosforth's example of an inhuman bedroom tax cuts little ice with me.

AW's letter highlights the feather-bedded system linked to housing benefits and indeed social housing which deters people from actually making decisions and actions to deal with their own problems.

If this hypothetical couple, whose two children go to university, use the money they would have spent on these children to pay the extra rent ready for their possible return, they could stay exactly where they are.

Just remember we are talking about subsidised housing with no repair bills unlike many families in similar positions who have scrimped and scraped to buy a modest house and when things go wrong there is no one there to help them they simply have to deal with their own problem.

Subsidised authority-owned housing has been a constant source of feather-bedding for many people for too long and these families should take responsibility for their own, something that many of us have had to do for many, many years.

A THOMPSON, Harlow Green, Low Fell, Gateshead.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Mar 12, 2013
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