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System integrates machining.

The CM9000 Cell Manager combines cellular system management software with an executive computer to provide two-way communication between individual machine controls.

Designed for integration with cellular systems comprised of machining centers and turning centers, the CM9000 interfaces with tool management and automated material-handling systems.

Created for factory automation, the system includes:

* dynamic real-time scheduling--based upon availability of resources,

* a wide range of configurations-Cell Managers interface with many different combination of machine tools, controls, transporters, work stands, and utility-type stations,

* versatility to integrate all brands of individual machine controls.

The system can be integrated to higher level computers--MRPII, CAD, through a complete computer-integrated business (CIB).

The system also features modular design and full M/S reporting capabilities that allow continuous monitoring of system performance with reports on part production, part trace, station utilization, and machine diagnostics.

Menu-driven design allows simple selection of control functions including workpart scheduling, multiple part/pallet transfers for untended machining, comprehensive tool .management, self-diagnostics, workpart inspection for size, tool inspection/adjustment for wear, decision-making to adjust for load variances, and reporting machining process with printout for record-keeping.
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Title Annotation:Machining Controls & Software
Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:May 1, 1992
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