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System 5 International Tax Management and Planning (ITMAP).

System 5 International Tax Management and Planning IT-MAP), Fast-Tax, Computer Language Research, Inc., 2395 Midway Road, Carrollton, TX 75006, (214) 250-7000. Cost varies per module.

This tax processing system is the most recent addition to the family of microcomputer-based products designed specifically for the corporate tax department known as System 5. IT-MAP is made up of four modular components: International Electronic Tax Package (I-ETP) software for collecting, classifying and adjusting financial accounts; Foreign Tax Credit (FTC) software for calculating foreign tax credit and generating Form 1118; Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC) software for analyzing earnings and profits, as well as Subpart F income and generating Form 547 1; and Foreign Sales Corporation (FSC) software for handling grouping and pricing alternatives and calculations, as well as generating Form 1120-FSC. Other features include: ability to override any number at any time while still saving the original value; an "electronic audit trail" and actual "tax form screen emulation".
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Title Annotation:corporate tax department processing system
Publication:The National Public Accountant
Date:Jan 1, 1991
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