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Syrian rebels join Turkish military to attack Kurds in northern Syria.

The first batch of the Turkish-backed militants has crossed the borders to join the Turkish military as it prepares a wide-scale military operation against the Kurdish fighters in northern Syria.

Militants from the FSA-affiliate Ahrar al-Sharqiyah armed factions left Afrin in northern Aleppo to the borders near Tal Abyad in northern Raqqa, where the Turkish military is amassing forces to invade northern Syria.

Dubbed Operation Peace Spring, the Turkish Army campaign is intended to clear the Syrian-Turkish borders from 'terrorist Kurdish groups which pose a threat to Turkey's national security'.

The Kurds have dispatched huge reinforcements to the northern borders in order to repel the Turkish invasion.

Following the US Army withdrawal, a senior SDF official said they are considering forming a partnership with Syrian President Bashar Assad to fight off the Turkish invasion.

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Publication:Al-Masdar News
Geographic Code:7SYRI
Date:Oct 8, 2019
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