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Syria says Israeli raids target Mediterranean port region of Latakia. Reuters News Service May 5, 2021 434
Libya: 11,000 Turkish-backed Syrian mercenaries remain, threatening commerce. Andrew Rosenbaum Apr 28, 2021 582
Jerusalem's Palestinian youths succeed in forcing Israeli police to reopen Damascus Gate plaza. Apr 25, 2021 195
Syrian man admits killing Lebanese father after refusing marriage to his daughter. Bassam Zaazaa Apr 1, 2021 392
UN chief: the world has a 'collective responsibility' to end the war in Syria. Ephrem Kossaify Mar 31, 2021 822
Oman, Syria hold bilateral talks, sign agreement for visa waiver. Mar 21, 2021 286
Assad responsible for Syrian suffering -- joint US, European statement. Arab News Mar 16, 2021 661
Syrian foreign minister targeted by UK sanctions. Mar 16, 2021 177
First shot fired against US Syria sanctions. Dr. Theodore Karasik Mar 14, 2021 918
A decade of war in Syria killed over 388,000- Monitor. Mar 14, 2021 266
A decade of war in Syria killed over 388,000. Mar 14, 2021 285
US Syria strike. Mar 1, 2021 393
Russia criticizes US airstrikes in Syria. Xinhua Feb 27, 2021 182
Joe Biden orders first attack of presidency as US carries out airstrike in Syria; Officials say Joe Biden approved the airstrike against a structure belonging to Iran-backed militia in response to recent rocket attacks against US targets in Iraq. By, Katie Mansfield Feb 26, 2021 484
US airstrike in Syria sent 'unambiguous message' - White House. Feb 26, 2021 183
Syria airstrikes: why has US bombed Iran-backed militias in Syria - Joe Biden's first military action explained; The bombing near the Syrian city of Boukamal resulted in several militia casualties according to a war monitor. Finlay Greig Feb 26, 2021 498
Arab Christian figures rebut argument for removing US sanctions on Syria. Ephrem Kossaify Feb 17, 2021 2172
Anti-Daesh coalition to set up military base along Turkish-Syrian border. MENEKSE TOKYAY Feb 16, 2021 554
Turkey's Syria strategy in doubt after US policy shift. MENEKSE TOKYAY Feb 10, 2021 779
How new US administration will approach Syria conflict. Kerry Boyd Anderson Jan 25, 2021 1035
Israeli airstrikes kill 23 in Syria. Khwaja Nasir ahmad sadiqi Jan 14, 2021 172
Syrian army says Israeli jets struck Iran-backed militias in eastern Syria. Reuters News Service Jan 13, 2021 283
Refugee mum who fled war in Iraq and Syria says living in Hull squalor 'is worse'; Wheelchair user Intesar Hassan, 55, and her four children fled war in both Iraq and Syria before being moved into the 'squalor' home in Hull by the United Nations in 2012. By, Kirstin Tait & Lorraine King Jan 13, 2021 992
Syria blames U.S. for Syrian people's suffering. Jan 2, 2021 152
Lebanese blame 'brutal' Syrian regime over refugee attack. NAJIA HOUSSARI Dec 29, 2020 558
US sanctions put pressure on Syrian regime. Dec 24, 2020 490
General strike observed in the occupied Syrian Golan in protest against Israeli installation of wind turbines. Dec 9, 2020 178
Taiwan-funded civic center aims to connect Syrian refugees, Turkish locals. Nov 30, 2020 275
Israeli strikes in Syria kill 8 pro-Iran fighters: monitor. Nov 25, 2020 277
UNRWA Commissioner-General makes official visit to Syria, reviews Palestine refugee massive humanitarian needs. Nov 4, 2020 724
Taiwan-funded civic center in Turkish-Syrian border completed. Oct 10, 2020 495
After blast in Syria town, US says rise in attacks troubling. ReutersAFP Oct 8, 2020 981
British pair alleged to be part of 'Beatles' Syria terror cell appear in US court; Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh are accused of being involved in a "brutal hostage-taking scheme" that resulted in several violent deaths. By, Brett Gibbons Oct 8, 2020 593
Syria accuses U.S. using sanctions to suffocate Syrians 'like George Floyd'. Reuters News Service Sep 27, 2020 282
US to provide $720 million Syria aid, $108 million for South Sudan. Arab News Sep 24, 2020 401
Chairperson of Azerbaijani Parliament: Illegal settlement of Syrian, Lebanese refugees in occupied Nagorno Karabakh raises concern. Sep 23, 2020 213
What message does increased US presence in Syria send to Russia and Turkey? MENEKSE TOKYAY Sep 22, 2020 620
Syria says U.S. sanctions behind acute fuel crisis. Reuters News Service Sep 17, 2020 402
US Army helicopter crashes in Syria's North. Sep 15, 2020 177
The Scots charity and the Syrian refugees helping to rebuild Beirut; A month has passed since Beirut's beating heart was stopped by the devastating blast which killed at least 190 people and injured over 6,000 more, but the aftershocks are still being felt. People are clinging on in the wastelands of a once thriving city, where the the damage wrought by one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history is being compounded by economic turmoil. But there are big hearts in Beirut, and few bigger than Nabil Khallouf's. Martyn Mclaughlin Sep 4, 2020 1042
Russia Blames The US For Confrontation In Syria. Aug 27, 2020 351
US slaps sanctions on Syria in push for Assad to end war. Reuters News Service Jul 29, 2020 449
Fighting Covid is scary.. but I'd rather be here than face terror of war in Syria; DOCTOR ON VIRUS FEARS IN HOMELAND Medic says it's a critical time for country still wracked by conflict. Jul 26, 2020 745
7 Syrians Injured in Alleged Israeli Airstrikes near Damascus. Jul 21, 2020 196
News I was accused of being a terrorist after fighting Isis; former para believes he was victim of diplomatic row having headed to syria after arena atrocity. BETH ABBIT @BETHABBITMEN Jul 15, 2020 1142
Several injured as Russo-Turkish patrol in Syria hits IED. Jul 14, 2020 198
Israel backs 'strong message' sent by US Syria strike. Jul 13, 2020 310
Iraqi forces retake area near Syrian border from IS. Jul 13, 2020 215
Lebanese border town sounds alarm over Syrian 'takeover'. NAJIA HOUSSARI Jul 4, 2020 752
Syrian regime will survive US sanctions. Robert Ford Jun 26, 2020 840
Muharem DuniA sentenced to 3 years and 6 months for taking part in war in Syria. Jun 24, 2020 280
Syrian air defences respond to Israeli attack on southern and eastern Syria. Reuters News Service Jun 23, 2020 207
US hits Syria with toughest sanctions yet to push Assad to end war. Reuters News Service Jun 17, 2020 632
High stakes on Syria as US Caesar Act comes into effect. Maria Maalouf Jun 15, 2020 1142
US, Syria sanctions put strains on Lebanon. Osama Habib Jun 7, 2020 901
Turkish military visit raises fears of Syrian operation. Arab News Jun 6, 2020 506
Lebanese trapped in Syria returning home. Jun 2, 2020 256
Daesh exploiting Syrian, Iraqi vacuums to make a comeback. Osama Al-Sharif May 26, 2020 911
Ibrahim holds talks with Syrian officials. May 20, 2020 231
Lebanese musician Zeid Hamdan and Syrian singer Lynn Adib team up for Bedouin Burger. Iain Akerman May 15, 2020 765
Report: 14 Iranians Killed after Israeli Jets hit Syrian Military Sites. May 6, 2020 535
US coronavirus battle evokes painful Syrian war memories for Arab American doctor. RAY HANANIA Apr 16, 2020 1350
4 Turkish soldiers, chief Syrian mercenary killed in Libya. Noha El Tawil Mar 23, 2020 435
Making Canada Home: Snapshots of Syrian and Iraqi Newcomer Cultural Production in the Waterloo Region, 2016-2019. Vermeyden, Anne; Mohamed, Eid Mar 22, 2020 8060
War in Syria rumbles into its 10th year. Zeina Karam Associated Press Mar 16, 2020 1014
Turkish deployments in Syria hike ahead of joint patrol: SOHR. Egypt Today staff Mar 14, 2020 551
Refugees on Syrian-Turkish border vulnerable to radicalization. Emily Przyborowski Mar 11, 2020 787
Turkish role western Syria no longer desired by West: Writer. Noha El Tawil Mar 8, 2020 896
50 Pakistani fighters killed in Turkish strikes in Syria. Mar 7, 2020 514
Turkish drones neutralize 21 Syrian troops. Mar 6, 2020 214
Change of heart in Turkish-Russian cooperation on Syria. Sinem Cengiz Mar 6, 2020 936
Putin begins talks with Erdogan on Syria in search of ceasefire. Reuters News Service Mar 5, 2020 664
Two more Turkish soldiers killed in Syria ahead of Erdogan-Putin meet. Reuters News Service Mar 4, 2020 453
PM Imran condoles Turkish soldiers' killing in Syrian air strike in call with President Erdogan. Mar 4, 2020 291
Syrian warplane targeted by Turkish forces in Idlib. Mar 3, 2020 293
Pakistan expresses sorrow over Turkish troops' killing in Syria. Feb 29, 2020 288
Pakistan expresses concern over killing of Turkish soldiers in Syria. Feb 28, 2020 360
Syria strike leaves Turkish-Russian ties in tatters. Sinem Cengiz Feb 28, 2020 740
Turkish-Russian tensions over Syria about to come to a head. Talmiz Ahmad Feb 27, 2020 1060
Europe can save Syria from Turkish aggression. Christiane Waked Feb 25, 2020 755
6 Killed In Israeli Strikes South Of Damascus. Feb 24, 2020 356
Israeli jets strike Islamic Jihad targets in Syria and Gaza -Israeli military. Reuters News Service Feb 24, 2020 491
Turkish forces shell Syrian government's positions in western Idlib. Xinhua Feb 22, 2020 212
Turkey's Erdogan says Syria talks with Russia unsatisfactory, offensive "matter of time". Reuters News Service Feb 19, 2020 421
Turkish Syria campaign emboldened by US support. MENEKSE TOKYAY Feb 13, 2020 695
As the Lebanese economy crumbles, Syrian refugees face their toughest winter. Euan Ward And Emily Lewis Feb 10, 2020 1365
Escalation in Syria's Idlib strains Russian-Turkish ties. MENEKSE TOKYAY Feb 6, 2020 774
Syria says Israeli helicopters strike targets in southern Syria. Feb 5, 2020 433
Turkey threatens escalation of Idlib crisis after Syrian regime shelling kills Turkish soldiers. MENEKSE TOKYAY Feb 4, 2020 1022
Syrian shelling kills four Turkish soldiers in Idlib -- defence ministry. Reuters News Service Feb 3, 2020 235
SOHR reveals details of Turkish-Syrian clashes in Idlib. Noha El Tawil Feb 3, 2020 625
US stepping up sanctions against Syria for Idlib attack, says US envoy. Randa Takieddine Feb 1, 2020 706
Syrian Army prevents US military convoy from passing checkpoint in Hasakah. Jan 27, 2020 245
Oscar-nominated 'For Sama' captures pain and destruction of war in Syria. Emily Zemler, Los Angeles Times Jan 26, 2020 979
Pentagon says US soldier killed in Syria. Jan 26, 2020 101
Skirmishes reported between Russian and US troops in northeastern Syria: Al-Mayadeen. Jan 25, 2020 239
Syrian President Receives Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs. Jan 25, 2020 186
Breaking: Suspected Israeli airstrikes target eastern Syria. Jan 24, 2020 150
People of occupied Syrian Golan renew utter rejection of Israeli project of wind turbines. ghossoun Jan 24, 2020 208
Grospic: Presence of U.S. troops in Syria is an occupation aiming at looting resources. ruaa-jazaeri Jan 23, 2020 216
No uptick in IS activities in Iraq, Syria - US official. Jan 23, 2020 220
US forces block Syrian, Russian troops from access to key highway: photos. Jan 20, 2020 177
Zakharova: US presence in Syria completely contradicts international law. ghossoun Jan 18, 2020 159
Iran becomes a hurdle to US plan in Syria: Dr Talat Wizarat. Jan 17, 2020 279
Syria, Russia condemn US attacks, demand stopping Washington's attempts to create tension hotbeds in Syria. hala Jan 16, 2020 248
Turkish-backed militants destroy Syrian Army vehicle in Idlib: video. Jan 16, 2020 138
Turkish Cypriots detain Syrian migrants. Nick Theodoulou Jan 15, 2020 288
Syria calls for Turkish pullout in 'positive' talks between spy chiefs. MENEKSE TOKYAY Jan 15, 2020 640
Iran: US after Syrian Oil Wells, Own Interests in Region. Jan 15, 2020 774
Syrian Air Defenses Confront Israeli Aggression on Strategic Base in Homs. Jan 15, 2020 210
Update: Suspected Israeli missiles hit Syrian airbase that houses Iranian troops. Jan 14, 2020 201
Informed source denies reports that Syrian-Russian- Turkish meeting dealt with a potential coordination against Kurd militants. m.eyon Jan 14, 2020 121
Dozens of tribes in northeast Syria demand US withdrawal after Soleimani assassination: video. Jan 13, 2020 283
Syrian Iranian debates to enhance bilateral relations and joint cooperation. yara Jan 13, 2020 149
Syrian Army stops US military convoy and forces it to turn around. Jan 12, 2020 168
CARE: Majority of Syrian, Iraqi refugees in Jordan living with less assistance, more debt. Jan 12, 2020 702
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Receives US Envoy to Syria. Jan 12, 2020 110
Zasypkin: U.S. military presence in Syria illegitimate. hala Jan 11, 2020 124
Soleimani's death offers a chance to fix US policy on Syria. Josh Rogin Jan 10, 2020 841
Airstrikes target Iran-backed PMF near Iraqi-Syria border. ANI Jan 10, 2020 109
Dean of the Syrian captives in the Israeli occupation jails liberated. ghossoun Jan 10, 2020 279
8 Dead After Unidentified Planes Hit Iraqi Militiamen In Syria. Avnika Saraf Jan 10, 2020 408
Informants in Iraq, Syria Helped US Kill Soleimani. Jan 10, 2020 1009
Informants in Iraq, Syria helped U.S. kill Soleimani. Jan 10, 2020 1056
Car bomb kills 4 Turkish soldiers in Syria - DM. Jan 9, 2020 113
Four Turkish soldiers killed in northeast Syria bomb attack. Jan 9, 2020 120
Four Turkish soldiers killed in northeast Syria bomb attack. Reuters News Service Jan 9, 2020 129
Putin deplores escalation in Middle East during talks With Syria's Assad. ANI Jan 8, 2020 175
The IDA rallies around Syrian director Feras Fayyad after 'US visa denial'. Arab News Jan 8, 2020 555
US envoy for Syria to visit Riyadh, Ankara Thurs. Jan 8, 2020 197
Surge in Lebanese crossing into Syria for supplies, new year celebrations. NAJIA HOUSSARI Jan 7, 2020 682
Displaced Syrian Kurds recount their woes after Turkish invasion. Anjana Sankar Jan 7, 2020 1045
Putin Holds Talks with Assad in Syria. Jan 7, 2020 186
US military brings reinforcements into Syria from neighboring Iraq. Jan 6, 2020 192
Larijani demands Trump to provide evidence that Soleimani has targeted US forces in Iraq and Syria. Jan 5, 2020 232
Developing: Israeli warplanes spotted near Syrian border amid increased tensions. Jan 4, 2020 200
China, Russia, Syria condemn US strike that killed Soleimani. ANI Jan 3, 2020 382
Syria strongly condemns US aggression led to martyrdom of Iranian Gen. Soleimani and Deputy Chairman of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Commission. hala Jan 3, 2020 301
Russia, Iraq, Syria Strongly Condemn US Killing of Iranian Commander, Say Trump's Move to Worsen ME Situation. Jan 3, 2020 523
Syrian captive in Israeli prison al-Maqt stresses his continued resistance in facing the Israeli occupation practices. hala Jan 2, 2020 125
Joint operations: Iraqi-Syrian coordination prevents the movement of terrorists. Jan 2, 2020 151
Turkish and Syrian armies trade attacks in Idlib as situation worsens. Jan 1, 2020 159
Syrian Army launches retaliatory attack against Turkish forces in northern Syria. Jan 1, 2020 155
Iran, Hezbollah, Iraq condemn US strikes in Syria and Iraq. Bassant Mohammed Dec 31, 2019 331
Syria denounces US attack on Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces. Hazem al-Sabbagh Dec 30, 2019 130
Oil Prices Remain Positive Amid US Air Strikes In Iraq, Syria. Neer Varshney Dec 30, 2019 429
Syria condemns US attack on Iraqi forces. Dec 30, 2019 208
Syrian military seizes large cache of US and Israeli-made weapons: photos. Dec 30, 2019 140
Turkish military attack kills several Syrian Army soldiers in northern Syria. Dec 30, 2019 189
Trump aides call U.S. strikes on Iraq and Syria 'successful,' warn of potential further action. Reuters News Service Dec 30, 2019 560
Bahrain backs US strikes in Iraq, Syria. Ramadan Al Sherbini, Correspondent Dec 30, 2019 190
Strikes by US in Iraq, Syria an act of terrorism: Iran. ANI Dec 30, 2019 261
U.S. strikes in Iraq, Syria target Iranian-backed Shi'ite Muslim militia group. Dec 30, 2019 376
Iranian FM Blasts US for Killing Iraqi, Syrian People under Pretext of Self-Defense. Dec 30, 2019 298
Meeting delegation of Syrian clans' heads, Velayati: U.S. troops presence in Syria illegitimate. ruaa-jazaeri Dec 29, 2019 545
Iraqi Kurdistan: Syrian refugees in region exceeds 19,000. Dec 29, 2019 153
Iranian Speaker Warns of Stealing Syrian Oil by US. Dec 29, 2019 367
Syrian director Feras Fayyad 'denied US visa' before Oscars. Arab News Dec 29, 2019 350
Update: Hashd Al-Shaabi confirms US attack on base along Syrian border. Dec 29, 2019 146
Breaking: US forces allegedly attack Kataeb Hezbollah's base along Syrian-Iraqi border. Dec 29, 2019 174
Russia reveals Israel bombed Iranian forces in Syria from Jordanian airspace. Dec 29, 2019 210
Second video surfaces of Turkish-backed Syrian militants in Libya. Dec 29, 2019 123
Syrian children throw stones at US convoy in northeast Syria: video. Dec 28, 2019 140
Fist fight broke out between Russian, US troops in Syria: monitor. Dec 28, 2019 205
ISIS claims attack on US base in eastern Syria. Dec 28, 2019 169
Moment US and Syrian troops come face to face in northeast Syria: video. Dec 27, 2019 102
There are Syrian, Turkish, Indian, Russian citizens imprisoned in Kyrgyzstan. Dec 26, 2019 137
Syrian FM: US Uses Daesh as 'Scarecrow' to Intimidate Others While Secretly Backing Them. Dec 26, 2019 311
Syria Wants to Sue US for Plundering Its Oil. Dec 26, 2019 218
Video footage of the Syrian Army besieging Turkish troops in southeast Idlib. Dec 25, 2019 170
Beijing: U.S. politicizes humanitarian issues in Syria, adopts double standards. ruaa-jazaeri Dec 24, 2019 399
Al-Moallem to RT: Syria's relations with Russia deeply-rooted and long-standing. m.eyon Dec 24, 2019 320
Syria cancels additional fees on Jordanian truckers. Dec 24, 2019 137
Palestinian-led forces help Syrian Army encircle Turkish military post: video. Dec 24, 2019 110
Iran vows to 'respond to American and Israeli crimes' in Syria. Dec 24, 2019 222
Syrian Army completes encirclement of Turkish military post in southeast Idlib. Dec 23, 2019 202
Syrian gov't accuses US of bombing oil facilities in Homs. Dec 23, 2019 222
Israel used Lebanese airspace to launch attack on Damascus: report. Dec 23, 2019 249
Syrian air defenses confront Israeli missiles over southern Syria. Dec 23, 2019 230
Syrian troops close in on Turkish lookout post. Bassem Mroue Dec 23, 2019 640
Shoukry discusses with SDC updates in Syria, Turkish offensive. Bassant Mohammed Dec 23, 2019 276
Lavrov: necessity of political solution to crisis in Syria... al-Moallem: Syria faces a continued Turkish aggression, looting its oil by the U.S. ruaa-jazaeri Dec 23, 2019 164
New footage shows Syrian troops closing in on Turkish military post in Idlib. Dec 22, 2019 157
Several Syrian soldiers killed in ambush by Turkish-backed militants in northeast Latakia. Dec 21, 2019 135
Syrian Army troops approaching Turkish base in southeastern Idlib: source. Dec 20, 2019 218
Syrian Army blocks US forces from using highway in northeast Syria: video. Dec 20, 2019 158
Iranian, Turkish Presidents Stress More Cooperation on Syria. Dec 19, 2019 339
U.S. Congress members: Using white phosphorous by Turkish occupation against civilians in Syria a war crime. ruaa-jazaeri Dec 19, 2019 366
US military rebuilds presence in northeast Syria by returning to 6 abandoned bases. Dec 18, 2019 198
Russian military opened fire on an Israeli aircraft in southwest Syria: report. Dec 18, 2019 184
Russian, US military top brass meet on Syria. Dec 18, 2019 144
Syria and Russia hold U.S. responsible for hindering efforts to end the file of Syrian refugees. m.eyon Dec 17, 2019 189
US Occupying Syria for Oil. Dec 17, 2019 573
President al-Assad: "The Belt and Road Initiative" constitutes worldwide transformation in international relations...There will be no prospect for US presence in Syria. ghossoun Dec 16, 2019 3778
Assad Accuses US of Selling Oil Stolen from Syria's Fields to Turkey. Dec 16, 2019 422
Syrian opposition member Al Khoja enters Turkish politics. Sami Moubayed, Correspondent Dec 16, 2019 690
Ex-Syrian opposition leader enters Turkish politics. Dec 15, 2019 172
Large US military convoy enters northeastern Syria from Iraq: photos. Dec 15, 2019 143
Israeli man finds Syrian soldier's letter from 1973 October War. Dec 15, 2019 276
Lavrov, Turkish counterpart discuss developments in Syria. ghossoun Dec 13, 2019 115
US military asks Pentagon for instructions on how to deal with potential attack from Syrian, Turkish, Iranian, Russian troops. Dec 13, 2019 227
Syrian Army blocks US military convoy from passing Qamishli Airport: video. Dec 12, 2019 148
Syria: U.S. administrations have committed systematic violations of human rights. shaza Dec 12, 2019 245
Iran accuses US of pocketing Syria's oil revenues. Dec 11, 2019 273
Turkish-backed militants destroy Syrian Army post in northwest Hama. Dec 10, 2019 151
Lavrentiev: Participants in Astana 14th will discuss illegal US presence in Syria. ghossoun Dec 10, 2019 190
Report: Russia Warplanes Intercept Israeli Jets over Southern Syria. Dec 9, 2019 510
Syria participates in the diplomatic charitable Christmas fair and market in Odessa. ghossoun Dec 8, 2019 108
Large number of Iraqi military reinforcements sent to Syrian border. Dec 8, 2019 223
Saudi Journalists Union offers Syria cooperation agreement as diplomatic rift softens. Dec 8, 2019 405
Russian Air Force allegedly intercepts Israeli warplanes in southern Syria: media. Dec 8, 2019 242
US aircraft carrier allegedly heading to Syrian waters amid turmoil with Iran. Dec 7, 2019 262
Tulsi Gabbard to attempt to pass bill to withdraw all US troops from Syria. Dec 7, 2019 255
U.S. military completes pullback from northeast Syria, says Esper. Dec 5, 2019 329
US military completes pullback from northeast Syria, Esper says. Dec 5, 2019 216
Kurdish-led Afrin Liberation Forces attack Turkish base in Syria: video. Dec 4, 2019 176
Syrian Army nearly strikes Turkish military post in eastern Idlib. Dec 4, 2019 216
8 Children Among 11 Killed in Turkish Shelling on Syria's Aleppo. Dec 3, 2019 297
Syrian Army reopens crossing with Turkish-backed militants in east Aleppo. Dec 2, 2019 113
Syrian President sends letter to Syrian prisoner in Israeli jail. Dec 2, 2019 271
Over 20 US military vehicles enter Syria from Iraq. Dec 1, 2019 224
Syria Blames US for Meddling in Constitutional Committee's Work. Dec 1, 2019 281
US, Russia cooperating in Syria despite disagreements. Yasar Yakis Dec 1, 2019 876
US affirms continued support to Syria constitutional cmte. Nov 30, 2019 233
Son of ex-Syrian president says he knows where Israeli spy Eli Cohen is buried. Sami Moubayed, Correspondent Nov 29, 2019 630
France warns Turkey over Syria military action ahead of talks with European leaders. MENEKSE TOKYAY Nov 29, 2019 590
British military leaves Turkish border for Syria's oil rich region: video. Nov 28, 2019 134
Syrian Army shoots down Turkish military drone in Qamishli. Nov 28, 2019 152
Two Turkish soldiers killed in attack on Syrian border. Nov 28, 2019 255
US-Syrian DJ Tala Samman to kick off Lana Del Rey's Abu Dhabi F1 concert. Arab News Nov 28, 2019 252
US Troops Continue To Fight In Syria. Benjamin Minick Nov 27, 2019 403
Bogdanov: Russia keen on enhancing relations with Syria. hala Nov 27, 2019 155
New satellite images show Syrian military sites destroyed by Israeli forces: photos. Nov 26, 2019 147
A US-Iran Military Front is Fast Shaping Up on the Syrian-Iraqi Border -- with a Role for the IDF. Nov 25, 2019 516
MANAMA DIALOGUE: 500 US troops in Syria to resume fight against IS. Nov 24, 2019 365
Pence Tells Iraqi Kurdish Leader Trump Has Their Backs Weeks After Hasty US Retreat in Syria. Nov 24, 2019 429
Syria to develop ties with friendly countries in Asia, Mikdad says. shaza Nov 24, 2019 181
American presence in Syria is vital to fend off Daesh. Charles Lister (Centrepiece) Nov 24, 2019 973
US official predicts terror tactics from Syria, not fighters, to spread to SE Asia. Nov 24, 2019 756
CENTCOM: Around 500 US Personnel Remain in Eastern Syria. Nov 23, 2019 156
Damascus Envoy to UN: US Occupying Syria Oil Wells, Looting Resources. Nov 23, 2019 389
Grospic: Recent Israeli attack on Syria criminal act, internationally rejected. ghossoun Nov 23, 2019 158
Turkish incursion in Syria facilitated ISIS reconstruction: Pentagon. Taha Sakr Nov 22, 2019 403
Turkish Army, allies kill several Syrian soldiers in northeast Syria. Nov 22, 2019 243
US and EU begin ditching the Syrian opposition. Nov 22, 2019 287
Russia reveals details about several Israeli attacks inside Syria. Nov 21, 2019 329
US impeding peace talks between Syrian Kurds and gov't: Lavrov. Nov 21, 2019 217
Israeli strikes in Syria devastate several sites inside southern Damascus: video. Nov 21, 2019 183
Syria strongly condemns acts of aggression by Turkish occupation forces against Syrian people. hala Nov 21, 2019 293
Syria strongly condemns acts of aggression by Turkish occupation forces against Syrian people. Nov 21, 2019 290
Powerful blasts heard in Damascus, Israeli military says they attacked 20 targets in Syria. ANI Nov 20, 2019 282
Israeli Raids on Syria , and Damascus Confronts them. Nov 20, 2019 271
Oman affirms strong, rapidly developing relations with Syria. ruaa-jazaeri Nov 20, 2019 185
Syria says two civilians killed, others wounded in Israeli attack on Damascus. Reuters News Service Nov 20, 2019 266
Syria says two civilians killed, others wounded in Israeli attack on Damascus. Nov 20, 2019 255
Russia: Israeli attack on Syria violates int'l law. Nov 20, 2019 111
Syrian outlook uncertain despite Erdogan's US triumph. Talmiz Ahmad Nov 20, 2019 977
Video footage of Israeli attack on southern Damascus. Nov 20, 2019 137
Syrian, Israeli forces traded missile fire along the border. Nov 19, 2019 168
Breaking: Early reports of an Israeli attack on western Damascus. Nov 19, 2019 155
Turkish Foreign Minister warns of resuming Syrian offensive if deal on Kurdish pullout is not fulfilled. ANI Nov 19, 2019 323
Syria condemns US position on Zionist settlements in occupied Palestinian territories. ghossoun Nov 19, 2019 211
Official: Some 16,000 Syrian refugees fled to Iraqi Kurdistan region. Nov 18, 2019 195
Al-Jaafari: Syria looking forward to a comprehensive treaty for making the Middle East free of nuclear weapons. Hazem al-Sabbagh Nov 18, 2019 156
What Now in SYRIA? How President Trump s decision to pull U.S. troops from Syria has upended that nation's brutal civil war--and what it means for the U.S. Smith, Patricia Nov 18, 2019 1821
Saudi Arabia, US slam Syria at UN over elections and human rights. Nov 17, 2019 617
Indonesian Ambassador in Damascus underlines his country's efforts to bolster bilateral relations with Syria. shaza Nov 17, 2019 168
Peter Koenig: US Seeks Regime Change in Syria. Nov 16, 2019 688
Lavrentiev discuss with UK Prime Minister's International Affairs situation in Syria. hala Nov 16, 2019 137
Looting Syrian oil, organized crime completes US decades-old policies to control resources. ghossoun Nov 16, 2019 519
American Activist: US Presence in Syria Never Justified. Nov 14, 2019 880
Rouhani: U.S. goal behind deploying forces in Syria has never been combating terrorism at all. ruaa-jazaeri Nov 14, 2019 286
Assad: US Stealing Syria's Oil. Nov 14, 2019 250
Large US military convoy enters Iraq from Syria under air cover. Nov 13, 2019 144
'Israeli strikes in Syria are a message to the resistance forces': PIJ. Nov 13, 2019 239
US troops redeploy northeast of Syria after bringing them from Iraq. Nov 13, 2019 137
Turkish policy in Syria sees Erdogan playing a dangerous diplomatic double game. David Romano Nov 13, 2019 1547
Sabbagh: Repeated aggression by Israeli entity on Syria affirm its full harmony with terrorists. ruaa-jazaeri Nov 13, 2019 264
Hezbollah and Lebanese, Arab figures condemn Israeli aggression on Damascus and Gaza strip. yara Nov 13, 2019 267
Full details of Israeli attack on Damascus. Nov 12, 2019 250
New map of northeastern Syria battle after Turkish-backed forces advance. Nov 12, 2019 219
US troops at Syria base say they'll keep pressure on IS. Nov 12, 2019 276
Islamic Jihad official survives Israeli attack in Damascus. Nov 12, 2019 111
Israeli airstrike in Damascus kills two people. Nov 12, 2019 137
Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemns Israeli aggression on Mezza area in Damascus and on Gaza Strip. hala Nov 12, 2019 241
Russia slams US attempt to take control of Syria's oil. Nov 11, 2019 162
8 dead in car blast in Turkish-controlled northeast Syrian town. ANI Nov 11, 2019 274
Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff: Up To 600 US Military Personnel Remain in Syria. Nov 11, 2019 326
Syrian President: US Would Attack Foes, Friends to Protect its Hegemony, Doesn't Shy Away from Using Terrorists as Proxies. Nov 11, 2019 326
Grospic: Looting Syrian oil by US is an "international crime". ruaa-jazaeri Nov 11, 2019 154
'Tantamount to Robbery': Russia Slams US Attempt to Take Control of Syria's Oil Facilities. Nov 11, 2019 270
Turkish FM: US Doesn't Hide It's in Syria for Oil, Uses Revenues to Fund Terrorism. Nov 10, 2019 251
Over 500 US troops likely to remain in Syria -- US Joint Chiefs of Staff. Nov 10, 2019 261
Eight killed in bombing in Turkish-controlled northeast Syria. Reuters News Service Nov 10, 2019 329
About 500-600 US troops will stay in Syria: US Army Chief. ANI Nov 10, 2019 226
Syrian Army captures town from Turkish-backed militants: video. Nov 9, 2019 119
Syrian Army, SDF troops beat back Turkish-backed militants in northeast Syria. Nov 9, 2019 203
US accuses Syrian govt for attacks against civilians in Idlib province. ANI Nov 9, 2019 224
Damascus gave Iran advanced Israeli missile captured in Syria: Russian media. Nov 8, 2019 262

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