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Syrian Doctor Performs Rare Iris Replacement Surgery.

Damascus, (SANA) -- Syrian Doctor Mohammad al-Shuja'a managed to perform a delicate operation involving a complete replacement of an iris, giving an eye a natural color and shape without affecting vision.Dr. al-Shuja'a said iris replacement surgeries are both therapeutic and cosmetic, such as in the cases of aniridia (the underdevelopment of the iris in newborn babies), the surgical removal of the iris due to tumors or trauma, heterochromia. (having two different-colored eyes), and transparent iris.The doctor said these operations give new hope to patients, particularly those suffering from tumors in the iris and are forced to remove it, adding that hopefully the operation will become less expensive in the future, as it is currently too expensive due to the high cost of used materials.He went on to affirm that the patient didn't suffer from any side-effects except the standard post-surgery symptoms of feeling pain for 15 days, during which he remained under careful observations.During a recent press conference, Dr. Mohammad Shuja'a gave a detailed explanation on changing eye color via iris replacement, showing a video of the operation.H. Sabbagh / Mazen

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Publication:Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)
Date:Dec 28, 2009
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