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Talal Salman, publisher of the leftist newspaper AS SAFIR, called for a political solution to end the 10-month-old unrest in Syria, warning that the Syrian crisis is posing a danger to neighboring countries. "The core of the crisis [in Syria] is political. The tragic security incidents, which are hitting the Syrian society, are a bloody aspect of this crisis which is jolting the image of the state in Syria with its various institutions," Salman said in a front-page editorial on Jan. 9. "As much as a political solution for this crisis is delayed or obstructed, the economic and social consequences will increase the dangers to the [Syrian] state itself and also to Syria's neighbors who are living in a state of anxiety over the fate of their entities," he said.

"The dangers of the crisis have gone beyond Syria to its Arab environment. The gravity of the Syrian regime's responsibility has increased as a result of its failure to tackle the crisis with the required speed and consciousness," Salman said. "[The Syrian crisis] has become a source of danger to the neighboring countries, regardless of the map of conflicts among their various political parties." "Has enough blood been shed for the regime in Syria to be aware of the dangers caused by its rejection of reforms?" Salman asked. He said that had the Syrian regime begun implementing reforms demanded by the protesters at the beginning of the uprising in March, it would have saved Syria "a lot of tragic losses" and would have saved Syria's close neighbors the feeling that the contagion of sectarian discord was spreading to them.
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Title Annotation:ARAB OPINIONS
Publication:The Weekly Middle East Reporter (Beirut, Lebanon)
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Date:Jan 13, 2012
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