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Syphilis prevalence in MSM 15 times higher than in general population. Hicks, Lucy Aug 1, 2021 498
HEALTH WARNING OVER SURGE IN SEX DISEASE; Syphilis cases outbreak requires 'urgent action'. COLIN BRENNAN Jul 14, 2021 182
Treponema [trep"o-ne'me]. Pogliani, Fabio C.; Ollhoff, Rudiger D. Apr 1, 2021 374
Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, syphilis, and malaria among blood donors at tertiary care hospital blood bank. Qadir, Hira; Nasir, Nadia; Kouser, Shaheen; Mansoori, Huma; Qadir, Nida; Baig, Rozina; Qadir, Areesh Report Mar 31, 2021 1775
The Historic Elimination of Mother-to-Child HIV and Syphilis Transmission in Puerto Rico. Vermund, Sten H.; Febo, Irma Mar 1, 2021 2529
Elimination of the Perinatal Transmission of HIV and Syphilis in Puerto Rico and Sustained Success since 2007: Convergence of Science, Women-Centered Care, and Policy. Zorrilla, Carmen D.; Rodriguez-Figueroa, Linnette; Leon, Sandra Miranda-De; Lopez-Alvarado, Bernardi Datos estadísticos Mar 1, 2021 4889
Mycoplasma genitalium and Other Reproductive Tract Infections in Pregnant Women, Papua New Guinea, 2015-2017. Scoullar, Michelle J.L.; Boeuf, Philippe; Peach, Elizabeth; Fidelis, Ruth; Tokmun, Kerryanne; Melepi Report Mar 1, 2021 7529
Human immunodeficiency virus infection and syphilis among homeless people in a large city of Central-Western Brazil: prevalence, risk factors, human immunodeficiency virus-1 genetic diversity, and drug resistance mutations. Pinheiro, Raquel Silva; Carvalho, Paulie Marcelly Ribeiro dos Santos; Matos, Marcos Andre de; Caetan Report Jan 1, 2021 6729
Evaluation of Syphilis Coinfection in HIV-Infected Individuals/HIV'le Infekte Bireylerde Sifilis Koinfeksiyonunun Degerlendirilmesi. Dinc, Harika Oyku; Alkan, Sena; Ozbey, Dogukan; Sirekbasan, Serhat; Gareayaghi, Nesrin; Cihan, Merve Report Dec 1, 2020 2578
Syphilis: Cutting risk through primary prevention and prenatal screening. Finley, Tory A.; Duff, Patrick Nov 1, 2020 2767
When syphilis threatened to bring down the Uganda Protectorate. Oct 8, 2020 1381
Chembio Diagnostics receives FDA approval for DPP HIV-Syphilis System. Oct 2, 2020 350
Inconclusive Syphilis Results: A Retrospective Review of Public Health Results. O'Byrne, Patrick; Tilley, Leslie; Friedman, Dara Spatz; Orser, Lauren Aug 31, 2020 4003
Mother's Knowledge on HIV, Syphilis, Rubella, and Associated Factors in Northern Tanzania: Implications for MTCT Elimination Strategies. Chotta, Nikolas A.S.; Msuya, Sia E.; Mgongo, Melina; Hashim, Tamara H.; Stray-Pedersen, Arne Jul 31, 2020 7989
Acute syphilitic posterior placoid chorioretinopathy: A case report. Siddiqui, M.A. Rehman; Hussain, Syed Zohaib Maroof; Irfan, Jeeva; Ahmed, Raeefuddin Clinical report Jul 11, 2020 1432
Missed Opportunities for Prevention of Congenital Syphilis--United States, 2018. Kimball, Anne; Torrone, Elizabeth; Miele, Kathryn; Bachmann, Laura; Thorpe, Phoebe; Weinstock, Hilla Jun 5, 2020 3732
Effectiveness and Tolerability of Oral Amoxicillin in Pregnant Women with Active Syphilis, Japan, 2010-2018. Nishijima, Takeshi; Kawana, Kei; Fukasawa, Ichio; Ishikawa, Naoko; Taylor, Melanie M.; Mikamo, Hiros Medical condition overview Jun 1, 2020 7670
Syphilis in Maria Salviati (1499-1543), Wife of Giovanni de' Medici of the Black Bands. Fornaciari, Antonio; Gaeta, Raffaele; Minozzi, Simona; Giuffra, Valentina Jun 1, 2020 5371
Proximity and the Pox: Pathologizing Infidelity in Marston's Dutch Courtesan. Fleck, Andrew Jun 1, 2020 8000
The Effect of Different Treatment Regimens and Multiple Risk Factors on Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes among Syphilis-Seropositive Women in Guangzhou: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Hu, Fang; Guo, Shuai-Jun; Lu, Jian-Jun; Zhu, Sui; Hua, Ning-Xuan; Song, Yan- Yan; Liang, Jing-Jing; Report May 31, 2020 8904
It Is Complicated: The Medico-Social Journey of an Undocumented Pregnant Adolescent. Kest, Helen; Kaushik, Ashlesha; Tehreem, Bushra; Goldberg, David May 31, 2020 3380
Why cases of gonorrhoea and syphilis may rise. May 9, 2020 622
Syphilis in the Pleven region, Bulgaria: a retrospective study. Haydudova, Hristina Victorova; Gospodinov, Dimitar Konstantinov; Karcheva, Milena Dimitrova Report Apr 1, 2020 2763
Seroprevalence of Transfusion Transmitted Infections among Blood Donors Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital of Western Odisha. Mukherjee, Shuvankar; Agarwal, Santosh Kumar; Tiwari, Shreekant Feb 24, 2020 3870
2020 Rapid Lateral Flow Diagnostics Market - Dengue Fever, H. Pylori, HBs Ag, Syphilis, Toxoplasmosis & Typhoid Fever. Jan 14, 2020 207
Global Syphilis Testing Market Drivers, Challenges & Trends During the Forecast Period, 2020-2024. Jan 13, 2020 629
Syphilis in the ESRD Population. Robbins, Karen C. Report Jan 1, 2020 788
Diagnosis of Syphilitic Bilateral Papillitis Mimicking Papilloedema. Gonzalez-Martinez, Alicia; Quintas, Sonia; Vivancos, Diego Celdran; Cebrian, Jose; Vivancos, Jose Jan 1, 2020 1402
Secondary Syphilis with Eosinophilia Complicated by Severe Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction. Elias, Anthony; Wark, Kirsty; Slape, Dana; Cook, David; Lee, Kenneth; Mckew, Genevieve Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2020 2476
Spirochetes in the Liver: An Unusual Presentation of a Common STI. Narang, Natasha; Jashaami, Layth Al-; Patel, Nayan Dec 31, 2019 1639
End-Stage Renal Disease Patients at Higher Risk for Syphilis; Study shows incidence rate three times higher than that seen in general population. Report Dec 2, 2019 262
Pregnant women may get syphilis tests. Dec 2, 2019 477
Availability of Injectable Antimicrobial Drugs for Gonorrhea and Syphilis, United States, 2016. Pearson, William S.; Cherry, Donald K.; Leichliter, Jami S.; Bachmann, Laura H.; Cummings, Nicole A. Nov 1, 2019 1754
Ninewells Hospital Supports National Effort to Eliminate Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV and Syphilis in Sri Lanka. Sep 23, 2019 534
Symptomatic congenital syphilis in a tertiary neonatal unit in Cape Town, South Africa: High morbidity and mortality in a preventable disease. Pillay, S.; Tooke, L.J. Sep 1, 2019 5111
Intermediate Uveitis as the Initial and Only Presentation of Syphilis. Balci, Sevcan Yildiz; Vural, Ece Turan; Ozcaliskan, Sehnaz Sep 1, 2019 1825
Dating sites blamed for syphilis rise. Aug 22, 2019 469
Date sites blamed as syphilis soars. Aug 21, 2019 452
Syphilis on the rise: Cases of syphilis--a sexually transmitted disease that has plagued humanity for centuries--have jumped alarmingly. Casey, Georgina Report Aug 1, 2019 738
Seroprevalence and Risk Factors in HIV/AIDS Patients Coinfected With Syphilis/HIV/AIDS Hastalarinda Sifilis Koinfeksiyonu Seroprevalansi ve Risk Faktorleri. Sarigul, Figen; User, Ulku; Oztoprak, Nefise Report Aug 1, 2019 2732
Congenital Syphilis as a Measure of Maternal and Child Healthcare, Brazil. Bezerra, Maria Lusia de Morais Belo; Fernandes, Flavia Emilia Cavalcante Valenca; Nunes, Joao Paulo Aug 1, 2019 6420
Bejel, a Nonvenereal Treponematosis, among Men Who Have Sex with Men, Japan. Kawahata, Takuya; Kojima, Yoko; Furubayashi, Keiichi; Shinohara, Koh; Shimizu, Tsunehiro; Komano, Ju Aug 1, 2019 1529
Prevalence of Syphilis among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care Clinic, Sede Muja District, South Gondar, Northwest Ethiopia. Yitbarek, Getachew Yideg; Ayele, Belete Achamyelew Report Jul 31, 2019 3111
Prevalence of Syphilis among Pregnant Women in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Hussen, Siraj; Tadesse, Birkneh Tilahun Clinical report Jul 31, 2019 7193
British pediatricians: Raise awareness of congenital syphilis. Jancin, Bruce Jul 1, 2019 558
Self-reported syphilis and associated factors among Brazilian young adults: findings from a nationwide survey. Kops, Natalia Luiza; Bessel, Marina; Hohenberger, Glaucia F.; Benzaken, Adele; Wendland, Eliana Jul 1, 2019 2518
Mongolia announces national campaign against syphilis. Jun 10, 2019 150
HIV Status and Other Risk Factors for Prevalent and Incident Sexually Transmitted Infection during Pregnancy (2000-2014). Dionne-Odom, Jodie; Khan, Michelle J.; Jauk, Victoria C.; Szychowski, Jeff; Long, Dustin M.; Wallace Apr 30, 2019 6246
Why mothers at Pumwani milk bank must test for syphilis. Interview Apr 21, 2019 953
Public health workers taking action on rising US STD rates. Krisberg, Kim Apr 1, 2019 1646
Audit of routine tests in the antenatal period in women delivering at National District Hospital, Bloemfontein, South Africa, in 2016. Steinberg, W.J.; Joubert, G.; Adu-Parko, A.; Godloza, M.; Lehasa, N.P.; Manele, N.; Moselakgomo, N.; Apr 1, 2019 1896
Risk Factors for Congenital Syphilis Transmitted from Mother to Infant--Suzhou, China, 2011-2014. Wang, Yajie; Wu, Minzhi; Gong, Xiangdong; Zhao, Liang; Zhao, Jing; Zhu, Chuanwu; Gong, Chancong Mar 15, 2019 3197
Increased Methamphetamine, Injection Drug, and Heroin Use Among Women and Heterosexual Men with Primary and Secondary Syphilis--United States, 2013-2017. Kidd, Sarah E.; Grey, Jeremy A.; Torrone, Elizabeth A.; Weinstock, Hillard S. Feb 15, 2019 3784
New syphilis cases in pregnancy rose 61% over 5 years. Craven, Jeff Jan 1, 2019 585
Congenital syphilis may be lurking. Harrison, Christopher J. Jan 1, 2019 1486
Sexually transmitted infections in children: a prospective cross-sectional hospital-based study. Clinical report Dec 31, 2018 2872
Syphilis DOCS IN SAFE SEX WARNING; Cases are on the increase BY KEITH MCLEOD. Dec 15, 2018 277
Performance of Chemiluminiscence Assay using Reverse Algorithm for Syphilis Screening in Blood Donors. Kale, Mamata; Das, Subhashish; Venkatesha, Mahesh; Beena, Parvangada Madappa Report Dec 1, 2018 2290
Helping achieve optimal pregnancy outcomes through proper infectious disease testing. Monroe, Judith; Chuma-Bitcon, Vera Report Nov 1, 2018 2019
Malaysia first in region to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis. Oct 8, 2018 635
After eliminating mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis, Malaysia sets sights on Hepatitis B. Oct 8, 2018 367
Factors Contributing to Congenital Syphilis Cases--New York City, 2010-2016. Slutsker, Jennifer Sanderson; Hennessy, Robin R.; Schillinger, Julia A. Medical condition overview Oct 5, 2018 3840
CDC: Congenital Syphilis More Than Doubled Since 2013; Congenital syphilis up from 362 cases in 2013 to 918 in 2017, with 46.17 percent increase since 2016. Sep 28, 2018 258
SPONSORED: Couple reveal herbs that treat Staphylococcus, Syphilis, Gonorrhea and related infections. Sep 8, 2018 531
SPONSORED: Couple reveal herbs that treat Staphylococcus, Syphilis, Gonorrhea and related infections. Sep 7, 2018 540
USPSTF Reaffirms Screening for Syphilis in Pregnancy; Screening results in decrease in incidence of congenital syphilis; no harms identified for penicillin. Medical condition overview Sep 4, 2018 241
Dating sites and heatwave blamed for rise in syphilis. Aug 25, 2018 480
Heatwave and online dating apps blamed for massive rise in cases of syphilis across Swansea Bay and Bridgend; There have been 16 cases confirmed in the past two weeks alone. Aug 24, 2018 505
HIV, Syphilis Screening Low With ED-Diagnosed PID in Adolescents; Findings among teens diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease in the emergency department. Aug 7, 2018 234
Avaliacao do nivel de conhecimento em relacao a Aids e sifilis por idosos do interior cearense, Brasil. Mesquita Bastos, Luzia; Souza Tolentino, Jessika Mayhara; de Oliveira Frota, Maria Alanne; Costa Tom Aug 1, 2018 5528
Syphilis cases hit 70yr high. Aug 1, 2018 101
Acquired Syphilis in a Chinese Family among Three Generations. Long, Fu-Quan; Zhao, Li-Shi; Chen, Jia Letter to the editor Jul 20, 2018 1172
Syphilis cases at a county six year high; IN BRIEF. Jun 13, 2018 225
The number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases is shooting up on Teesside; Gonorrhea and syphillis cases have hit a six year high in Stockton, according to new figures. Jun 10, 2018 410
Victorian-era disease makes comeback - and gay and bi-sexual men are most at risk; The North East has seen a near 30% rise in the number of new diagnoses of syphilis, according to Public Health England. Jun 6, 2018 307
Low sexual infection testing rates in large HIV-positive group. May 1, 2018 1329
Blood Bank states it did not give syphilis-infected blood to a patient. Apr 13, 2018 370
SYPHILIS MAKES A COMEBACK: The STI is making a comeback-and we can blame dating apps, condomless sex, and budget cuts. Ishmael, Olusegun Apr 1, 2018 890
Dickensian diseases; Rickets, gout, syphilis and scarlet fever are back in austerity Britain; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 31, 2018 180
Prevalence of HAV Ab, HEV (IgG), HSV2 IgG, and Syphilis Among Sheltered Homeless Adults in Tehran, 2012. Jahanbakhsh, Fatemeh; Amiri, Fahimeh Bagheri; Sedaghat, Abbas; Fahimfar, Noushin; Mostafavi, Ehsan Report Mar 1, 2018 4662
USPSTF: Screen all pregnant women for syphilis. Watson, Dan Brief article Feb 15, 2018 197
Police will help isolate patients suffering from syphilis. Feb 6, 2018 489
Increase in Ocular Syphilis Cases at Ophthalmologic Reference Center, France, 2012-2015. Pratas, Ana Catarina; Goldschmidt, Pablo; Lebeaux, David; Aguilar, Claire; Ermak, Natalia; Benesty, Feb 1, 2018 5863
Cerebral Syphilitic Gumma in Immunocompetent Man, Japan. Kodama, Tatsuya; Sato, Hidenori; Osa, Morichika; Fujikura, Yuji; Kawana, Akihiko Feb 1, 2018 1420
Analysis of cases of gestational and congenital syphilis between 2008 and 2010 in Fortaleza, State of Ceara, Brazil. Cardoso, Ana Rita Paulo; Araujo, Maria Alix Leite; Cavalcante, Maria do Socorro; Frota, Mirna Albuqu Feb 1, 2018 8136
Trebisov has been plagued with syphilis for eight years now. Jan 29, 2018 223
Secrets of Boris' mummy; Syphilis-hit corpse is his relative. Jan 26, 2018 153
Bilateral posterior uveitis due to syphilis/Sifiliz'e bagli bilateral posterior uveit. Olut, Ali Ilgin; Tosun, Selma; Sagban, Levent; Ari, Alpay; Turkan, Nihat Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 1483
Determination of a Sample-to-Cutoff Ratio to Predict True-Positivity in Blood Donor Samples Screened for Syphilis by a Chemiluminescent Immunoassay. Akcakanat, I. Ebru; Ozbek, Ozgen Alpay; Dogan, Yavuz; Abacioglu, Yusuf Hakan Jan 1, 2018 4507
The Epidemiology of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Syphilis in Ghana: A Five-Year Single Urban Site Parallel Population-Based Analysis vis-a-vis the Sentinel Survey. Osei-Yeboah, James; Lokpo, Sylvester Yao; Ussher, Francis Abeku; Orish, Verner Ndudiri; Hamid, Abdul Jan 1, 2018 4808
Syphilis among Female Sex Workers: Results of Point-of-Care Screening during a Cross-Sectional Behavioral Survey in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Ouedraogo, Henri Gautier; Meda, Ivlabehire Bertrand; Zongo, Issaka; Ky-Zerbo, Odette; Grosso, Ashley Survey Jan 1, 2018 6409
Seroprevalence of Malaria and Hepatitis B Coinfection among Pregnant Women in Tamale Metropolis of Ghana: A Cross-Sectional Study. Helegbe, Gideon Kofi; Aryee, Paul Armah; Mohammed, Baba Sulemana; Wemakor, Anthony; Kolbila, David; Report Jan 1, 2018 8616
Liver Cholestasis Secondary to Syphilis in an Immunocompetent Patient. Hussain, Nazneen; Igbinedionfe, Samuel O.; Diaz, Richie; Alexander, J.S.; Boktor, Moheb; Knowles, Ku Jan 1, 2018 1820
Repeat Intravitreal Dexamethasone Implant for Refractory Cystoid Macular Edema in Syphilitic Uveitis. Lautredou, Cassandra C.; Hardin, Joshua S.; Chancellor, John R.; Uwaydat, Sami H.; Ellabban, Abdalla Jan 1, 2018 1419
Comparison of RPR and ELISA with TPHA for the Diagnosis of Syphilis: Implication for Updating Syphilis Point-of-Care Tests in Ethiopia. Negash, Markos; Wondmagegn, Tadelo; Geremew, Demeke Jan 1, 2018 5369
Latent Syphilis Infection in Pregnancy: An Ultrasound Diagnosed Case of Penicillin Treatment Failure. Pasquini, Lucia; Magro-Malosso, Elena Rita; Cordisco, Adalgisa; Trotta, Michele; Di Tommaso, Mariaro Medical condition overview Jan 1, 2018 1699
Syphilis-Related Eye Disease Presenting as Bilateral Papilledema, Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Hemorrhage, and Anterior Uveitis in a Penicillin-Allergic Patient. Dietze, Jamie; Havens, Shane Report Jan 1, 2018 2099
Rare Case of Four Osseous Lesions of the Skull in a Patient with Secondary Syphilis. Kusler, Jace; Arthurs, Supha Report Jan 1, 2018 1350
Health system in syphilis control, from the nurses' perspective/Sistema de saude no controle da sifilis na perspectiva das enfermeiras/Sistema de salud en el control de la sifilis en la perspectiva de las enfermeras. Nobre, Caroline Soares; de Albuquerque, Conceicao de Maria; Frota, Mirna Albuquerque; Machado, Maria Jan 1, 2018 4167
A Case of Congenital Syphilis Presenting with Unusual Skin Eruptions. Leung, Alexander K.C.; Leong, Kin Fon; Lam, Joseph M. Jan 1, 2018 1968
First Paleogenetic Evidence of Probable Syphilis and Treponematoses Cases in the Brazilian Colonial Period. Guedes, Lucelia; Dias, Ondemar; Neto, Jandira; da Silva, Laura da Piedade Ribeiro; de Souza, Sheila Jan 1, 2018 6433
Condyloma lata in prepubertal male child: In the era of viral sexually transmitted infections. Dec 31, 2017 1073
Infections sexuellement transmissibles. Dec 28, 2017 2053
Neurosifilis: un problema antiguo que no pierde actualidad. Galindo, Juliana; Mier, Juan Felipe; Miranda, Carlos Alberto; Rivas, Juan Carlos Dec 1, 2017 4920
Cost Analysis and Performance Assessment of Partner Services for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, New York State, 2014. Johnson, Britney L.; Tesoriero, James; Feng, Wenhui; Qian, Feng; Martin, Erika G. Dec 1, 2017 4585
SYPHILIS SPIKE: Prenatal care is critical. Brunk, Doug Nov 1, 2017 1071
Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and Syphilis among High Risk Groups in Pakistan. Report Oct 31, 2017 4259
Sailor Moon continues to help Japan fight against syphilis. Oct 11, 2017 371
Seroepidemiology of Syphilis Infection among 2 Million Reproductive-age Women in Rural China: A Population-based, Cross-sectional Study. Liao, Kai-Ju; Zhang, Shi-Kun; Liu, Min; Wang, Qiao-Mei; Liu, Jue; Shen, Hai-Ping; Zhang, Yi-Ping Report Sep 20, 2017 4531
Management of Early Congenital Syphilis in a Newborn Case with Maculopapular Rash/Makulopapuler Dokuntusu Olan Erken Konjenital Sifilizli Olguda Tedavi Yonetimi. Uygur, Ozgun; Yasar, Burce Emine; Bal, Zumrut Sahbudak; Koroglu, Ozge Altun; Yalaz, Mehmet; Akisu, M Case study Sep 1, 2017 2516
Why Is Syphilis Making A Comeback? Aug 24, 2017 546
Usefulness of Positron Emission Tomography in Patients with Syphilis: A Systematic Review of Observational Studies. Chen, Jian-Hua; Zheng, Xin; Liu, Xiu-Qin Report Jul 27, 2017 4713
Recalcitrant genital papules: this patient was initially told he had genital warts, but the appearance of the lesions, and the presence of a rash on his trunk and extremities, suggested another diagnosis. Bartels, Anne; Crandall, Michael; Spring, Leah Case study Jul 1, 2017 1615
INCIDENCIA DA SIFILIS: UM ESTUDO DE CASO DO MUNICIPIO DE GUACUI, ESPIRITO SANTO, BRASIL. de Oliveira, Eliezer Bastos, Jr.; Pinheiro, Vagner de Souza; de Oliveira, Wilkes; Barreto, Juliano G Jul 1, 2017 4895
Screening for Syphilis and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections in Pregnant Women--Guam, 2014. Cha, Susan; Malik, Tasneem; Abara, Winston E.; DeSimone, Mia S.; Schumann, Bernadette; Mallada, Esth Jun 23, 2017 4941
"The Vintage" Faulkner: Imagining Futurity in the Degenerate South of Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Solomon, Eric E. Critical essay Jun 22, 2017 9544
SYPHILIS cases DOUBLE; Doctors warn dangerous disease is on the rise and to be careful. Financial report Jun 11, 2017 605
Syphilis cases up 97% in sex infection crisis. Jun 7, 2017 264
Epidemiological surveillance of vertical transmission of syphilis: data from six federal units in Brazil/Vigilancia epidemiologica da transmissao vertical da sifilis: dados de seis unidades federativas no Brasil/Vigilancia epidemiologica de la transmision vertical de la sifilis: datos de seis unidades federativas de Brasil. Saraceni, Valeria; Pereira, Gerson Fernando Mendes; Silveira, Mariangela Freitas da; Araujo, Maria A Jun 1, 2017 7135
The Tuskegee Syphilis Study And 2 Other Inhumane US Experiments. May 13, 2017 551
Health-worker barriers to syphilis screening in pregnant women in Bolivia's Los Andes network/Barreras del personal de salud para el tamizaje de sifilis en mujeres embarazadas de la Red Los Andes, Bolivia. Tinajeros, Freddy; Rey Ares, Lucila; Elias, Vanessa; Reveiz, Ludovic; Sanchez, Franz; Mejia, Martha; Medical condition overview May 1, 2017 4372
Aneurysm and dissection in a patient with syphilitic aortitis. Junior, Fernando Pivatto; Finkler, Bruno Schaaf; Torres, Felipe Soares; Schaefer, Pedro Guilherme; S May 1, 2017 1546
Amoxicillin and ceftriaxone as treatment alternatives to penicillin for maternal syphilis. Katanami, Yuichi; Hashimoto, Takehiro; Takaya, Saho; Yamamoto, Kei; Kutsuna, Satoshi; Takeshita, Noz May 1, 2017 1990
Sexually transmissable infections. Casey, Georgina May 1, 2017 3588
Seroprevalence of transfusion transmitted infections among different blood group donors at Blood Bank LUMHS, Hyderabad. Report Apr 30, 2017 2455
State-specific rates of primary and secondary syphilis among men who have sex with men--United States, 2015. de Voux, Alex; Kidd, Sarah; Grey, Jeremy A.; Rosenberg, Eli S.; Gift, Thomas L.; Weinstock, Hillard; Apr 7, 2017 4157
Sexually transmitted diseases awareness month--April 2017. Apr 7, 2017 307
Single nontender ulcer on the glans: the patient's history and the clinical appearance of the ulcer led to the diagnosis of this re-emerging condition. Husein-ElAhmed, Husein Case study Apr 1, 2017 1318
Health-worker barriers to syphilis screening in pregnant women in Bolivia's Los Andes Network/Barreras del personal de salud Para el tamizale de sifilis en mujeres Andes Bolivia. Tinajeros, Freddy; Ares, Lucila Rey; Elias, Vanessa; Reveiz, Ludovic; Sanchez, Franz; Mejia, Martha; Ensayo Apr 1, 2017 3763
Transcending the legacy of silence and shame surrounding the unethical syphilis study at Tuskegee. Harrell, Joan R.; Crutcher, Betty Neal; Wilson, Wylin Mar 9, 2017 698
Chembio awarded CE mark for DPP HIV-Syphilis Assay for detection of HIV and syphilis. Jan 18, 2017 268
Chembio awarded CE mark for DPP HIV-Syphilis Assay for detection of HIV and syphilis. Jan 18, 2017 264
A nodular-ulcerative form of secondary syphilis in AIDS. Gevorgyan, Ofelya; Owen, Benjamin D.; Balavenkataraman, Arvind; Weinstein, Mitchell R. Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1627
Prevalence of Traditional and Reverse-Algorithm Syphilis Screening in Laboratory Practice: A Survey of Participants in the College of American Pathologists Syphilis Serology Proficiency Testing Program. Rhoads, Daniel D.; Genzen, Jonathan R.; Bashleben, Christine P.; Faix, James D.; Ansari, M. Qasim Report Jan 1, 2017 3487
Secondary Syphilis Presenting as Glossodynia, Plaques en Prairie Fauchee, and a Split Papule at the Oral Commissure: Case Report and Review. Eyer-Silva, Walter de Araujo; Freire, Maria Alessandra Leite; Horta-Araujo, Cecilia Angelina; Silva, Case study Jan 1, 2017 3325
The Great Impostor: Transaminitis Masking the Coinfection of Syphilis and Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Tolia, Sunit; Kassem, Hassan; Capatina-Rata, Ana Case study Jan 1, 2017 2751
Novel Treponema pallidum Recombinant Antigens for Syphilis Diagnostics: Current Status and Future Prospects. Kubanov, Aleksey; Runina, Anastassia; Deryabin, Dmitry Report Jan 1, 2017 8475
Depression and HIV Risk Behaviors among Female Sex Workers in Guangdong, China: A Multicenter Cross-Sectional Study. Shen, Hongcheng; Zou, Huachun; Huang, Shujie; Liu, Fengying; Zhao, Peizhen; Chen, Lei; Zhang, Ye; Lu Report Jan 1, 2017 5991
Double Morphology: Tertiary Syphilis and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome--A Rare Association. Ngwanya, R.M.; Kakande, B.; Khumalo, N.P. Case study Jan 1, 2017 1412
Clinical Features and Treatments of Syphilitic Uveitis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Zhang, Ting; Zhu, Ying; Xu, Gezhi Report Jan 1, 2017 9298
The Burden and Trend of Blood-Borne Pathogens among Asymptomatic Adult Population in Akwatia: A Retrospective Study at the St. Dominic Hospital, Ghana. Lokpo, Sylvester Yao; Dakorah, Mavis Popuelle; Norgbe, Gameli Kwame; Osei-Yeboah, James; Adzakpah, G Report Jan 1, 2017 5066
HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment in the region of the Americas: achievements, challenges and perspectives. Perez, Freddy; Ravasi, Giovanni; Figueroa, J. Peter; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Kamb, Mary; Sued, Omar; Gh Dec 1, 2016 1850
HIV and syphilis coinfection in pregnancy and vertical HIV transmission: a study based on epidemiological surveillance data/Coinfeccao HIV/sifilis na gestacao e transmissao vertical do HIV: um estudo a partir de dados da vigilancia epidemiologica. Acosta, Lisiane M.W.; Goncalves, Tonantzin Ribeiro; Barcellos, Nemora Tregnago Dec 1, 2016 6009
Comparative effectiveness of single and dual rapid diagnostic tests for syphilis and HIV in antenatal care services in Colombia/Comparacion de la eficacia de la prueba rapida individual y la prueba rapida dual para el diagnostico de la sifilis y la infeccion por el VIH en los servicios de atencion prenatal en Colombia. Gaitan-Duarte, Hernando Guillermo; Newman, Lori; Laverty, Maura; Habib, Ndema Abu; Gonzalez-Gordon, Dec 1, 2016 6163
100 STI cases a week in Ulster; Infections down but syphilis on rise. Nov 5, 2016 300
Ocular syphilis--eight jurisdictions, United States, 2014-2015. Oliver, Sara E.; Aubin, Mark; Atwell, Leah; Matthias, James; Cope, Anna; Mobley, Victoria; Goode, Al Disease/Disorder overview Nov 4, 2016 2665
Social factors associated with use of prenatal care in Ecuador/Factores sociales asociados con la utilizacion de los servicios de atencion prenatal en Ecuador. Sanchez-Gomez, Amaya; Cevallos, William; Grijalva, Mario J.; Silva-Aycaguer, Luis C.; Tamayo, Susana Nov 1, 2016 4425
Syphilis Is On The Rise In The US. Oct 31, 2016 529
Evaluation of the sensitivity and specificity of a commercially available rapid syphilis test--Escambia County, Florida, 2016. Matthias, James; Dwiggins, Patty; Totten, Yolanda; Blackmore, Carina; Wilson, Craig; Peterman, Thoma Oct 28, 2016 958
Syphilis cases on troubling trajectory. Oct 28, 2016 622
Cerebral syphilitic gumma within 5 months of syphilis in HIV-infected patient. Tsuboi, Motoyuki; Nishijima, Takeshi; Teruya, Katsuji; Kikuchi, Yoshimi; Gatanaga, Hiroyuki; Oka, Sh Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2016 1289
WHO issues new treatment guidelines for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Oct 1, 2016 245
Cross-reactivity of Anti-Treponema Immunohistochemistry With Non-Treponema Spirochetes: A Simple Call for Caution. Ruiz, Sory J.; Procop, Gary W. Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2016 762
Cross-reactivity of Anti-Treponema Immunohistochemistry With Non-Treponema Spirochetes: A Simple Call for Caution. Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2016 466
Syphilis on the rise: a prolonged syphilis outbreak among HIV-infected patients in Northern Greece. Tsachouridou, Olga; Skoura, Lemonia; Christaki, Eirini; Kollaras, Panagiotis; Sidiropoulou, Eleni; Z Sep 1, 2016 5844
Safe sex alert after syphilis cases in gay men treble. Aug 5, 2016 219
Market Report, "Syphilis Diagnostic Tests - Medical Devices Pipeline Assessment, 2016", published. Jul 8, 2016 434
USPSTF: screen for syphilis more frequently. Chitnis, Deepak Jul 1, 2016 388
USPSTF updates syphilis screening recommendations: screening certain high-risk groups improves the chances of detecting syphilis early. Chitnis, Deepak Jul 1, 2016 1249
Characteristics of gonorrhea and syphilis cases among the Roma ethnic group in Belgrade, Serbia. Bjekic, Milan; Vlajinac, Hristina; Sipetic-Grujicic, Sandra Report Jul 1, 2016 3660
Secondary syphilis in the oral cavity and the role of the dental surgeon in std prevention, diagnosis and treatment: a case series study. Seibt, Creta Elisa; Munerato, Maria Cristina Clinical report Jul 1, 2016 3402
CARACTERIZACION DE LA SIFILIS CONGENITA Y GESTACIONAL EN CALDAS, COLOMBIA. Agudelo Loaiza, Ruben Dario; Medina Arredondo, Martha Cecilia; Cardona Rivas, Dora Jul 1, 2016 4538
Coexistence of syphilis and psoriasis. Kumar, V. Senthil; Saradha, K.P.; Anandan, V.; Kumar, M. Manisurya; Kalpana, A.S. Case study Jun 9, 2016 903
Examination of a prenatal syphilis screening program, Alberta, Canada: 2010-2011. Plitt, Sabrina S.; Osman, Mariam; Sahni, Vanita; Lee, Bonita E.; Charlton, Carmen; Simmonds, Kimberl Report May 1, 2016 5190
Tertiary syphilis: tubero-serpiginous and tubero-ulcerous syphilids. Jorge, Livia Montelo Araujo; Nery, Jose Augusto da Costa; Filho, Fred Bernardes Clinical report May 1, 2016 536
Evaluation of micro-TPHA, VDRL and RPR tests in the serodiagnosis of syphilis. Santhi, T.; Lakshmi, S. Jhansi; Lavanya, G.; Raju, B.T.V.N.; Prasad, P. Guru Report Apr 18, 2016 1902
Warning as cases of sex disease up 22%; Fears over syphilis rise. Apr 6, 2016 275
A bitter pill: the Tuskegee syphilis experiment's effect on its subjects and descendants carries to this day, bearing relevance to minority and lower-income public health. Morris, Catherine Feb 11, 2016 2545
Young man with unexplained hair loss. Kinard, Jeffrey; Tieu, Kathy; Kimmer, Sandra; Usatine, Richard P. Clinical report Dec 1, 2015 1265
Increase in incidence of congenital syphilis--United States, 2012-2014. Bowen, Virginia; Su, John; Torrone, Elizabeth; Kidd, Sarah; Weinstock, Hillard Nov 13, 2015 3988
Ocular syphilis on the rise: what you must know. Jancin, Bruce Nov 1, 2015 700
A cluster of ocular syphilis cases--Seattle, Washington, and San Francisco, California, 2014-2015. Woolston, Sophie; Cohen, Stephanie E.; Fanfair, Robyn Neblett; Lewis, Sarah C.; Marra, Christina M.; Oct 16, 2015 957
Ocular syphilis on the rise: what to look for. Jancin, Bruce Report Oct 15, 2015 708
Ireland's STD crisis; Shock jump in gonorrhoea cases here in just 10 yrs; Syphilis and chlamydia have also rocketed. Sep 23, 2015 492
Generalized lymphadenopathy: an unusual presentation of syphilis. Khammassi, Naziha; Gargoura, Asma; Abdelhedi, Haykel; Kort, Youssef; Mabrouk, Manel; Cherif, Ouahida Sep 1, 2015 1447
Primary Anal Canal Syphilis in Men: The Clinicopathologic Spectrum of an Easily Overlooked Diagnosis. Gopal, Purva; Shah, Rajal B. Sep 1, 2015 3636
Cuba eliminates mother-to-child HIV, syphilis. Worcester, Sharon Aug 1, 2015 580
Cuba: mother-child HIV/syphilis eliminated: Cuba has eliminated mother-to-child transmissions of both HIV and syphilis. Brief article Aug 1, 2015 181
Membranous glomerulonephritis secondary to syphilis. Araujo, Stanley de Almeida; Giordano, Luiz Flavio; Rosa, Ariel Augusto de Britto; do Carmo, Paula Al Case study Jul 1, 2015 595
Malignant syphilis as an initial presentation of underlying HIV infection: a case report. Devkota, Ashok R.; Ghimire, Rabindra; Sam, Mirela; Aung, Oo Jun 1, 2015 1521
A case of acute bilateral syphilitic uveitis/Akut bilateral bir sifilitik uveit olgusu. Akincioglu, Dorukcan; Ozgonul, Cem; Gokce, Gokcen; Durukan, Ali Hakan Clinical report May 1, 2015 1739
Serological diagnosis of syphilis: a comparison of different diagnostic methods. Simcic, Sasa; Potocnik, Marko Report Apr 1, 2015 3094
Back from hell! The most dangerous book in New York. Gerber, Richard J. Critical essay Mar 22, 2015 3312
For a night with Venus, a lifetime with Mercury. Statescu, Laura; Statescu, Cristian; Solovastru, Laura Gheuca Report Mar 22, 2015 3876
Male circumcision linked to reduction in risk of syphilis. Doskoch, P. Report Mar 1, 2015 985
Painless penile papule: the asymptomatic lesion on our HIV-positive patient's penis suggested an STD, but the patient said he hadn't had any sexual partners for many years. Marszalek, Robyn M.; Bae-Harboe, Yoon-Soo Cindy; Mahalingam, Meera; Masterpol, Katherine Case study Mar 1, 2015 1491
Writing, disease and psychic degeneration in the poem la Venusalgie ou Maladie de Venusby Jean Francois Sacombe. Caclaru, Mariana-Diana Essay Mar 1, 2015 2421
Syphilis in pregnancy. Medical condition overview Feb 28, 2015 1670
Chembio Diagnostics wins approval in Brazil for commercial use of DPP HIV-Syphilis combination assay. Feb 10, 2015 223
Chembio Diagnostics wins approval in Brazil for commercial use of DPP HIV-Syphilis combination assay. Feb 10, 2015 219
Rapid syphilis test cleared for use in offices, hospitals. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Feb 1, 2015 348
Skin rash, dyspnea and bone pain: secondary syphilis. Manriquez, Juan; Andino-Navarrete, Romina; Andrighetti, Catalina Report Jan 1, 2015 322
Rapid syphilis test cleared for use in medical offices, EDs. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Jan 1, 2015 348
Syphilis outreach can prevent transmission. Krisberg, Kim Jan 1, 2015 181
Use of Treponema pallidum PCR in testing of ulcers for diagnosis of primary syphilis. Gayet-Ageron, Angele; Sednaoui, Patrice; Lautenschlager, Stephan; Ferry, Tristan; Toutous-Trellu, La Report Jan 1, 2015 2381
Lichen planus mimicking syphilis II papules - a case study. Gounder, Deivam S; Subbaiah, Priyadharshini; Narasimhan, Balasubramanian; Ramalingam, Rajalakshmi; S Case study Dec 1, 2014 1696
Seroprevalence of transfusion transmitted diseases in voluntary donors in a tertiary care centre. Dheemantha, P.; Panchakshari; Sreelatha, R. Oct 30, 2014 1403
Australia Hits An All-Time High With Cases Of Syphilis. Sep 19, 2014 369
Labial ulcer: oral manifestation of syphilis. Vera-Kellet, Cristian; Harz-Fresno, Isidora; Manriquez, Juan Clinical report Sep 1, 2014 304
Health chiefs say syphilis cases are down despite two Scots outbreaks. Aug 28, 2014 136
Can the Perinatal Information System in Peru be used to measure the proportion of adverse birth outcomes attributable to maternal syphilis infection?/?Se puede utilizar el Sistema Informatico Perinatal del Peru para medir la proporcion de resultados adversos del nacimiento atribuibles a sifilis materna? Bradley, Heather; Tapia, Vilma; Kamb, Mary L.; Newman, Lori M.; Garcia, Patricia J.; Serruya, Suzann Aug 1, 2014 4990
Dating sites fuelling worrying rise in syphilis, medics warn. Jun 27, 2014 566
Syphilis rise fuelled by dating apps. Jun 27, 2014 306
Syphilis and sex videos. Jun 20, 2014 929
Primary and secondary syphilis--United States, 2005-2013. Patton, Monica E.; Su, John R.; Nelson, Robert; Weinstock, Hillard May 9, 2014 4307
Syphilis outbreak spreads across N.Wales; Number of cases rise fivefold in past year. May 2, 2014 384
Significant rise in syphilis cases in N.Wales. May 2, 2014 268
Prevalence and associated risk factors for syphilis in women with recurrent miscarriages. Apr 30, 2014 2798
Syphilis 'a daily occurrence' in Northern Ireland. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 194
When in doubt about lab tests ... Hickner, John Editorial Apr 1, 2014 447
Syphilis and HIV co-infection: excellent response to multiple doses of benzathine penicillin. Saje, Andreja; Tomazic, Janez Report Mar 1, 2014 2754
Chembio, RVR Diagnostics ink licence, manufacturing deals for DPP HIV 1/2, HIV-Syphilis assays. Feb 14, 2014 207
Secondary syphilis with oral manifestation. Safe, Izabella Picinin; Maia, Daniela Cristina Caetano Brief article Jan 1, 2014 232
Poor reporting of outcomes beyond accuracy in point-of-care tests for syphilis: a call for a framework. Jafari, Yalda; Johri, Mira; Joseph, Lawrence; Vadnais, Caroline; Pai, Nitika Pant Report Jan 1, 2014 7705
Hepatic lesions with secondary syphilis in an HIV-infected patient. Solari, Paola R.; Jones, Christopher; Wallace, Mark R. Case study Jan 1, 2014 2736
Syphilis' origins still unknown. Nov 5, 2013 189
SYPHILIS OUTBREAK IN TEEN SCHOOL KIDS; EXCLUSIVE; Teachers told of the dangers to pupils as figures show an alarming increase. Nov 2, 2013 670
Chembio receives first purchase order for DPP HIV-Syphilis Assay. Nov 1, 2013 253
Syphilis seropositivity in Pakistani soldiers. Sep 30, 2013 2671
Men with syphilis seek partners online. Tucker, Charlotte Sep 1, 2013 154
Repeat syphilis infection and HIV coinfection among men who have sex with men--Baltimore, Maryland, 2010-2011. Chaulk, Patrick; Muvva, Ravikiran; Morgan, James; Pearl, Marcia L.; Matus, Sandra; Blythe, David; Fl Aug 16, 2013 923
Case series of syphilis and HIV co-infections. Jun 30, 2013 2105
HIV and syphilis infection among men who have sex with men--Bangkok, Thailand, 2005-2011. Ananworanich, Jintanat; Chitwarakorn, Anupong; Wimonsate, Wipas; Varangrat, Anchalee; Supaporn, Chai Jun 28, 2013 2471
WARNING OVER RISE IN CASES OF SYPHILIS; NHS in tests plea. Jun 25, 2013 204
Chembio's HIV-Syphilis test shows 100% sensitivity, specificity in Mexican evaluation report. May 15, 2013 134
Author claims Britten suffered from syphilis; A controversial book about the death of Benjamin Britten is among the tomes released to mark the composer's centenary. Christopher Morley reports. Mar 7, 2013 879
What's the difference? SYPHILIS/GONORRHOEA. Mar 5, 2013 128
What's the difference? SYPHILIS/GONORRHOEA. Mar 5, 2013 128
Prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis C virus, hepatitis B virus and syphilis among individuals attending anonymous testing for HIV in Luanda, Angola. Nebenzahl, H. Guimaraes; Lopes, A.; Castro, R.; Pereira, F. Mar 1, 2013 1915
A Case of Endemic syphilis, Iran. Abdolrasouli, Alireza; Croucher, Adam; Hemmati, Yahya; Mabey, David Case study Jan 1, 2013 1215
Nodular secondary syphilis simulating lepromatous leprosy. Dupnik, Kathryn Margaret; Martins, Milena Maria Costa; Souza, Ana Teresa Da Silva; Jeronimo, Selma M Clinical report Dec 1, 2012 1284
Syphilis sero-positivity in recently admitted and long-term psychiatric inpatients: screening, prevalence and diagnostic profile. Henning, M.P.; Kruger, C.; Fletcher, L. Report Dec 1, 2012 4372
Writer claims syphilis killed Stevenson. Nov 12, 2012 161
The suppressed memoirs of Mabel Dodge Luhan; sex, syphilis, and psychoanalysis in the making of modern American culture. Book review Oct 1, 2012 147
Porn secret and syphilis loses man his wife. Oct 1, 2012 194
Porn film production on hold after Los Angeles syphilis cases. Aug 22, 2012 529
Porn Industry Shuts Down After Syphilis Scare While 1,000 XXX Stars Are Tested. Aug 21, 2012 432
DNA in newborns used for searching ancient syphilis. Jul 4, 2012 461
Slowing resurgent syphilis in people with HIV. Mascolini, Mark Cover story Jun 22, 2012 12403
Tighter screening and follow-up: keys to better syphilis care with HIV. Interview Jun 22, 2012 3227
Etymologia. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 214
Local transmission of imported endemic syphilis, Canada, 2011. Fanella, Sergio; Kadkhoda, Kamran; Shuel, Michelle; Tsang, Raymond Report Jun 1, 2012 2195
Syphilis: evolving screening algorithms and role of automated immunoassays. Soreng, Katherine; Mardis, Connie Jun 1, 2012 1611
The impact of analytical sensitivity on screening algorithms for syphilis. Zhang, WanMing; Yen-Lieberman, Belinda; Means, Cathy; Kreller, Rob; Waletzky, Joan; Daly, Thomas M. Report Jun 1, 2012 1039
Risk factors for intestinal invasive amebiasis in Japan, 2003-2009. Nagata, Naoyoshi; Shimbo, Takuro; Akiyama, Junichi; Nakashima, Ryo; Nishimura, So; Yada, Tomoyuki; W Clinical report May 1, 2012 5078
The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, social change, and the future of bioethics. Smolin, David M. Mar 22, 2012 8180
Attorney Fred Gray: another drum major for justice. Warren, Rueben C.; Williams, Luther S. Mar 22, 2012 2654
In remembrance there is prevention: a brief review of four historical failures to protect human subjects. Nelson, Cameron R. Report Mar 22, 2012 6004
Urgent recall for syphilis test. Jan 13, 2012 348
Patients recalled after test blinder; More than 500 people wrongly told they do not have syphilis. Jan 12, 2012 534
Columbus first brought syphilis to Europe. Dec 21, 2011 369
Syphilis resurgence puts pregnant women and their babies at risk. Nov 14, 2011 364
High syphilis and HIV co-infection in pregnant women in Zambia and Uganda. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 320
Increase in primary and secondary syphilis cases in older adults in Louisiana. Holden, Julie; Trachtman, Louis Report Nov 1, 2011 3100
Transfusion-transmitted syphilis in teaching hospital, Ghana. Owusu-Ofori, Alex K.; Parry, Christopher M.; Bates, Imelda Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2011 1280
Congenital syphilis, Reunion Island, 2010. Ramiandrisoa, Juliana; Aubert, Lyderic; Lespine, Emilie Boidin; Alessandri, Jean-Luc; Robillard, Pie Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2011 1273
Prevalence of syphilis among antenatal clinic attendees in Karachi: Imperative to begin universal screening in Pakistan. Report Oct 31, 2011 3740
Chembio receives CE marking for DPP Syphilis Screen & Confirm Assay. Oct 11, 2011 157
Lord Nelson's navy men suffered from scurvy, syphilis, and amputations. Sep 3, 2011 186
Syphilis on the upsurge again. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 226
Pruritic rash on trunk: the patient had been treated with topical antifungals and steroids without relief, but a more detailed history suggested a serious infectious etiology. Mattei, Peter L.; Johnson, Ryan R.; Beachkofsky, Thomas M.; Wisco, Oliver J.; Hivnor, Chad M.; Murch Case study Sep 1, 2011 1905
Screening during pregnancy 'cuts baby deaths due to congenital syphilis'. Jun 17, 2011 282
A new reflex testing algorithm for syphilis screening. Cornish, Nancy Jun 1, 2011 992
The clinical case differential diagnosis of tertiary syphilis and anthrax. Tsyrkunov, V.; Bogutskiy, M.; Prokopchik, N.; Khvoryk, D. Report Jun 1, 2011 2362
Lawsuit on US syphilis tests. Mar 30, 2011 311
Textiles as social texts: syphilis, material culture and gender in Golden Age Spain. Berco, Cristian Mar 22, 2011 14807
Guatemalans sue over 1940s US syphilis experiments. Mar 14, 2011 139
Pregnant women in China to be tested for HIV, syphilis and Hepatitis B. Mar 2, 2011 256
Discordant results from reverse sequence syphilis screening--five laboratories, United States, 2006-2010. Radolf, J.D.; Bolan, G.; Park, I.U.; Chow, J.M.; Schillinger, J.A.; Pathela, P.; Blank, S.; Zanto, S Feb 11, 2011 2798
Darkfield microscopy for point-of-care syphilis diagnosis. Pierce, Elaine F.; Katz, Kenneth A. Jan 1, 2011 1563
Risk Factors for Syphilis and HIV Infection in Pregnant Women Attending a Tertiary Care Public Sector Hospital. Batool, Asia; Bano, Khatoon Akhtar; Sherwani, Misbah Ul Islam Khan Report Dec 31, 2010 2150
Sorry for the syphilis: STD study gone horribly wrong. Balko, Radley Brief article Dec 10, 2010 223
US apology over Guatemala syphilis experiments. Oct 4, 2010 294
64 years later, US says sorry for Guatemala syphilis experiment. Oct 3, 2010 446
US apology over Guatemala syphilis experiments. Oct 3, 2010 294
HIV, syphilis risk quantified in gay, bisexual men. Tanzola, Melinda Sep 1, 2010 270
Congenital syphilis rising. Hollander, Dore Report Sep 1, 2010 259
Babies born with syphilis increase in the U.S. Brief article Jul 1, 2010 120
Rising threat of 'Syphilis' cases haunt China. Jun 22, 2010 282
Clinical Trial Finds Azithromycin Pills Equal to Penicillin Shots for Treating Early Syphilis. Jun 1, 2010 113
CDC reports rising congenital syphilis rates. Mechcatie, Elizabeth May 15, 2010 725
Congenital syphilis rises after 14-year decline. Mechcatie, Elizabeth May 1, 2010 597
Congenital syphilis rises after 14-year decline. Mechcatie, Elizabeth May 1, 2010 596
Congenital syphilis on the rise after long drop. Mechcatie, Elizabeth May 1, 2010 738
Progress in managing HIV. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 301
CASES OF SYPHILIS UP 400%. Mar 19, 2010 367
Warning as numbers of syphilis cases increase. Mar 17, 2010 268
Syphilis outbreak among American Indians--Arizona, 2007-2009. Johnson, M.; Urquidi, A.; Lozano, R.; Norton, J.; Andrews, C.; Lorentine, A.; Fallon, A.; Ziegler, P Clinical report Feb 19, 2010 2496
Newer laboratory testing algorithms for syphilis begin with EIA. Katz, Kenneth Jan 1, 2010 1463
Reemergence of syphilis in Martinique, 2001-2008. Cabie, Andre; Rollin, Bruno; Pierre-Francois, Sandrine; Abel, Sylvie; Desbois, Nicole; Richard, Pasc Report Jan 1, 2010 2864
Prevalence of toxoplasmosis, HIV, syphilis and rubella in a population of puerperal women using Whatman 903[R] filter paper. Madi, Jose Mauro; de Souza, Ricardo da Silva; de Araujo, Breno Fauth; Filho, Petronio Fagundes de Ol Clinical report Jan 1, 2010 4159
Syphilis 50 year high. Nov 25, 2009 87
Booming economy sends syphilis rates skyrocketing in China. Nov 4, 2009 145
North Carolina door-to-door health campaign fighting syphilis, HIV. Johnson, Teddi Dineley Nov 1, 2009 490
The use of rapid syphilis tests. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 119
Table II. Provisional cases of selected notifiable diseases, United States, weeks ending Cotober 24, 2009, and August 16, 2008 (42nd week). Clinical report Oct 30, 2009 1294

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