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Syntroleum, ExxonMobil sign GTL technology agreement.

Syntroleum Corp. and ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company have signed an agreement that grants Tulsa-based Syntroleum a worldwide license under ExxonMobil's Gas to Liquids (GTL) patents to produce and sell fuels from natural gas or other carbonaceous substances such as coal. Syntroleum has the right to extend the terms of this agreement to its licensees.

ExxonMobil has established a strong proprietary position on the catalysts, processes and products of the AGC-21 Gas to Liquids conversion process. ExxonMobil has been offering to license over 3,500 worldwide patents to ensure that others are not blocked from introducing GTL products into nations in which ExxonMobil holds GTL patents. Over the last 20 years Syntroleum has developed its own proprietary patented air-based GTL process which it is using at its Catoosa Demonstration Facility near Tulsa. The Syntroleum Process is also the basis for its GTL Barge concept that Syntroleum is using to pursue stranded natural gas around the world.
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Title Annotation:Newsreel; gas to liquids, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company
Comment:Syntroleum, ExxonMobil sign GTL technology agreement.(Newsreel)(gas to liquids, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company )
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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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