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Synthetic saliva.

Salivart[R] Synthetic Saliva provides immediate, lasting relief of dry mouth (xerostomia) and dry throat. Thousands of patients suffer from dry mouth caused by certain diseases, by therapies such as head and neck radiation and chemotherapy, and by Sjogren's syndrome, diabetes, Bell's palsy, oral surgery, and the aging process. In addition, more than 400 drugs can cause dry mouth as a side effect. It can also be aggravated by mouth breathing, alcoholic beverages, spicy foods, and smoking.

One half-second spray of Salivart Synthetic Saliva coats the oral cavity and works like natural saliva to immediately provide relief of dry mouth and dry throat. Salivart carries the ADA seal of approval.

Salivart is packaged in a 75-g (2.5 fl. oz.) aerosol spray can. It contains no alcohol or glycerin, which can irritate dry mouth, and no artificial flavorings for a natural taste and feel.
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Publication:Ear, Nose and Throat Journal
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Date:Jul 1, 2001
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