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Moisture diffusion behavior in bismaleimide resin subjected to hygrothermal cycling. Li, Yanmei; Miranda, John; Sue, Hung-Jue Feb 1, 2002 3460
The Effect of Kevlar Fiber Reinforcement on the Curing, Thermal, and Dynamic-Mechanical Properties of an Epoxy/Anhydride System. ANTON, J. J. SUAY; PRADAS, M. MONLEON; RIBELLES, J. L. GOMEZ Aug 1, 2000 5044
Thermal Effects on Stereolithography Injection Mold Inserts. COLTON, JONATHAN S.; LEBAUT, YANN Jun 1, 2000 3085
Prices Up for Most Recycled Resins. Block, Debbie Galante Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 322
Melt Viscoelasticity of Polyethylene Terephthalate Resins for Low Density Extrusion Foaming. XANTHOS, M.; YILMAZER, U.; DEY, S. K.; QUINTANS, J. Mar 1, 2000 7293
Relationship Between Isothermal and Dynamic Cure of Thermosets Via the Isoconversion Representation. ATARSIA, A.; BOUKHILI, R. Mar 1, 2000 8133
Attempts to Enhance the Properties of EPON 830-4,4'-Methylene Bis Cyclohexylamine Epoxy Resin Systems by Exposing Them to 0.1290 to 0.8810 Tesla Magnetic Fields While Thermally Curing Them. GERZESKI, ROGER Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 1999 4650
Water diffusion in unsaturated polyester films. Effect of plasticization on the glass transition. Marais, S.; Metayer, M.; Labbe, M.; Legras, M.T.; Saiter, J.M. Aug 1, 1999 3521
Using special effects in rotomolding applications. Bodi, Alan; Burgess, Alan Jun 1, 1999 2450
Plastics trade groups square off in competition. May 1, 1999 434
Recyclers find new ways to get more out of waste. Knights, Mikell Feb 1, 1999 881
The effects of particle bulk modulus on toughening mechanisms in rubber-modified polymers. Chen, Xiao-Hong; Mai, Yiu-Wing Oct 1, 1998 3279
Resin technology. Wigotsky, Victor Jun 1, 1998 3891
Recycled PS prices go up 'and' down. Block, Debbie Galante Mar 1, 1998 481
New blow molding resins: a peek at the future. De Gaspari, John Cover Story Dec 1, 1997 1867
Recycled PET prices go up, HDPE heads down. Block, Debbie Galante Dec 1, 1997 460
Demanding electronics spark resin development. De Gaspari, John Jun 1, 1996 3227
Close up on processing metallocene resins. Knights, Mikell Jun 1, 1996 1518
Curing reaction of saturated aliphatic polyester modified unsaturated polyester resins. Liu, S.B.; Yang, J.F.; Yu, T.L. Dec 1, 1995 5029
Permeable boundary condition for numerical simulation in resin transfer molding. Wu, Ching-Jenn; Hourng, Lih-Wu Aug 1, 1995 5505
New-generation LLDPE film resins. Sherman, Lilli Manolis Jun 1, 1995 532
The effect of curing of unsaturated polyester resin on the dynamic relaxation time. Alperstein, D.; Narkis, M.; Siegmann, A.; Binder, B. May 15, 1995 3015
Dilatometric study of low profile unsaturated polyester resins. Kinkelaar, Mark; Muzumdar, Shailesh; Lee, L. James May 1, 1995 7360
Unusual resins, new additives starred at SPE polyolefins conference. Sherman, Lilli Manolis Apr 1, 1995 1270
New resins and reinforcements debut at SPI Composites expo. Naitove, Matthew H. Apr 1, 1995 1438
Automotive plastics: recycle-content resins head the news at SAE show. Gabriele, Michael C. Apr 1, 1995 2094
More price hikes, no letup in sight. Gabriele, Michael C. Apr 1, 1995 1960
Modeling the dielectric response of unsaturated polyester resin during cure. Alperstein, D.; Narkis, M.; Siegmann, A. Feb 15, 1995 2874
Blowing film with PCR is not that tough. Ogando, Joseph Dec 1, 1994 2818
Scale-up of LLDPE blown film extrusion. Shirodkar, P.P.; Firdaus, V.; Fruitwala, H. Dec 1, 1994 2253
Preheating your filler makes compounding easier. Naitove, Matthew H. Dec 1, 1994 566
Take a resin supplier to lunch. Naitove, Matthew H. Editorial Sep 1, 1994 421
A numerical model for single screw extrusion with poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) resins. Thibault, F.; Tanguy, P.A.; Blouin, D. Sep 1, 1994 3562
Materials. Gabriele, Michael C. Jul 1, 1994 840
Clearing up confusion about coating/laminating process. Jan 1, 1994 91
Sequa files suit, names agent. Aug 1, 1993 94
Materials, reinforcements, additives. Naitove, Matthew H. Apr 1, 1993 3343
Extra-tough, new-generation LLDPE said to mimic LDPE processability. Schut, Jan H. Apr 1, 1993 618
Unimodal HMW-HDPE hits high film output rates. Ogando, Joseph Feb 1, 1993 487
GE Plastics focuses on new processes, faster product development. Gabriele, Michael C. Feb 1, 1993 759
New materials & processes at SPI Composites meeting. Monks, Richard Jan 1, 1993 2611
Report sees slim gain for resins in 1992. Apr 1, 1992 239
Breaking through to new applications. Wigotsky, Victor Industry Overview Jan 1, 1992 3547
Engineering resins: into the '90s. Wigotsky, Victor Feb 1, 1991 3526
How sterilization changes long-term resin properties. Sturdevant, Marianne F. Jan 1, 1991 2208
Engineering resins; breaking the rules. Wigotsky, Victor May 1, 1990 3298
Higher prices for PP, PS, PVC. Feb 1, 1990 2191

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