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Provides On-demand Sub 0.5m Very High Resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (sar) Earth Observation Imagery. Nov 21, 2019 182
Global UHF/VHF Band Synthetic Aperture Radar Market Technology Analysis,Business Outlook,Top Competitors,Forecast 2025. Nov 5, 2019 702
Worldwide Synthetic Aperture Radar Markets, Forecast to 2025 - X Band Will Bring in Healthy Gains of $2+ Billion by 2025. Oct 24, 2019 458
Light Field Industry Growth 2019 Segmentation, Application, Technology, Emerging Technology, Gross margin, Demands, Strategy, Business Trends by Forecast to 2023. Oct 17, 2019 826
Lot 2: Residential Building Measuring Area 113.44 Sq. Yards Part Of Khewat No. 1295 Khasra No. 3183 Khewat No. 1293 Khasra No. 3198(2-17) 3199(3-6) Mouja Taraf Insar Abadi Latif Garden Assandh Road Panipat Inside M.c. Limit Panipat Vide Sale Deed Bearing. Oct 5, 2019 174
Gan Based Pcdu For Eo Missions Based On Recurrent Platforms - Expro+. Sep 25, 2019 445
Gan Based Pcdu For Eo Missions Based On Recurrent Platforms - Expro+. Sep 24, 2019 443
InSAR Market 2019 - Global Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share Forecast Report. Report Sep 4, 2019 750
High-Resolution Elevation Model of Lop Nur Playa Derived from TanDEM-X. Geng, Yuyang; Shao, Yun; Zhang, Tingting; Gong, Huaze; Yang, Lan Sep 1, 2019 6884
Preliminary Evaluation of Gaofen-3 Quad-Polarized SAR Imagery for Longbao Protected Plateau Wetland Reserve. Wei, Qiufang; Shao, Yun; Wang, Xiaochen Sep 1, 2019 3450
Global Synthetic Aperture Radar In Space Market Research Report, Market Status, Growth, Outlook, Ove. Report Jul 23, 2019 965
Lot 2: Residential Building Measuring Area 113.44 Sq. Yards Part Of Khewat No. 1295 Khasra No. 3183 Khewat No. 1293 Khasra No. 3198(2-17) 3199(3-6) Mouja Taraf Insar Abadi Latif Garden Assandh Road Panipat Inside M.c. Limit Panipat Vide Sale Deed Bearing. Jul 20, 2019 175
United States : NASA Maps Surface Changes From California Quakes. Jul 10, 2019 374
Production-Induced Subsidence at the Los Humeros Geothermal Field Inferred from PS-InSAR. Bekesi, Eszter; Fokker, Peter A.; Martins, Joana E.; Limberger, Jon; Bonte, Damien; van Wees, Jan-Di Jul 1, 2019 5621
Application of InSAR in Surface Deformation Monitoring of Electric Power Line Selection. Liu, Qiang; Chu, Tianyong; Tan, Yumin; Boonpook, Wuttichai Jul 1, 2019 4257
Recent Advances in Lunar Exploration Using Radar and Microwave Techniques. Li, Jing; Meng, Zhiguo; Gusev, Alexander Jul 1, 2019 695
SAR Image De-noising Based on Residual Image Fusion and Sparse Representation. Ma, Xiaole; Hu, Shaohai; Yang, Dongsheng Jul 1, 2019 5639
Drone Accessories Market Outlook Focusing on Major Opportunities Expected to Occur during the Foreca. May 17, 2019 805
Drone Accessories Market Outlook Focusing on Major Opportunities Expected to Occur during the Foreca. May 16, 2019 840
Drone Accessories Market Outlook Focusing on Major Opportunities Expected to Occur during the Foreca. May 16, 2019 826
Axial Biotherapeutics Presents New Preclinical Data from AB-2004 Program Demonstrating Reduction of Microbiome-Derived Metabolites in Mouse Models with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) 2019 Annual Meeting ... May 7, 2019 396
United States : Raytheon developing new version of advanced synthetic aperture radar for U-2 aircraft. Apr 1, 2019 171
Vubiq Networks completes millimeter wave RFID hyperimaging system development. Feb 8, 2019 317
Vubiq Networks completes millimeter wave RFID hyperimaging system development. Feb 8, 2019 330
Tucker Modeling based Kronecker Constrained Block Sparse Algorithm. Zhang, Tingping; Fan, Shangang; Li, Yunyi; Gui, Guan; Ji, Yimu Case study Feb 1, 2019 4123
Millimeter wave technology increases bit density. Dec 12, 2018 233
Millimeter wave technology increases bit density. Dec 12, 2018 223
Millimeter wave technology increases bit density. Dec 12, 2018 233
Vubiq Networks continues millimeter wave innovation. Nov 14, 2018 180
Vubiq Networks continues millimeter wave innovation. Nov 14, 2018 170
Vubiq Networks continues millimeter wave innovation. Nov 14, 2018 180
Monostatic and Bistatic Low Frequency Ultrawideband SAR Imaging Experiment. Xie, Hongtu; Chen, Zengping; Xu, Shiyou; Li, Fuhai; Shi, Shaoying; Zhang, Lin; Xiao, Hui; Wang, Guan Nov 1, 2018 3753
Maxar Technologies subsidiary awarded up to $7M NASA contract. Oct 17, 2018 255
India : PSLV-C42 launches 2 foreign satellites. Sep 18, 2018 534
China developing satellites to monitor South China Sea, report says. Aug 16, 2018 379
IMSAR delivers first NSP-5 ER to Beechcraft King Air customer. Jul 9, 2018 178
IMSAR delivers first NSP-5 ER to Beechcraft King Air customer. Jul 9, 2018 191
Telephonics awarded $31.8M radar contract for U.S. Coast Guard's HC-27J program. Jun 14, 2018 107
Radar Imaging System for In-Service Wind Turbine Blades Inspections: Initial Results from a Field Installation at a 2 MW Wind Turbine. Moll, Jochen; Simon, Jonas; Malzer, Moritz; Krozer, Viktor; Pozdniakov, Dimitry; Salman, Rahmi; Durr Report Jun 1, 2018 4396
Radiant Solutions awarded $2.6M contract from Army Geospatial Center. Mar 22, 2018 201
Derivation of Soil Moisture using Modified Dubois Model with field assisted surface roughness on RISAT-1 data. Thanabalan, P.; Vidhya, R. Report Mar 1, 2018 3719
Roses 2018: Science Team For The Nasa Isro Synthetic Aperture Radar. Feb 18, 2018 137
Binary Morphological Filtering of Dominant Scattering Area Residues for SAR Target Recognition. Shan, Chao; Huang, Bin; Li, Minggao Jan 1, 2018 8758
Unscented Particle Smoother and Its Application to Transfer Alignment of Airborne Distributed POS. Gong, Xiaolin; Zheng, Xiaorui; Yan, Xing-Gang; Lu, Zhaoxing Jan 1, 2018 5650
Groundwater and Subsidence Modeling Combining Geological and Multi-Satellite SAR Data over the Alto Guadalentin Aquifer (SE Spain). Ezquerro, Pablo; Guardiola-Albert, Carolina; Herrera, Gerardo; Fernandez-Merodo, Jose Antonio; Bejar Jan 1, 2018 8446
Poroelasticity and Fluid Flow Modeling for the 2012 Emilia-Romagna Earthquakes: Hints from GPS and InSAR Data. Nespoli, Massimo; Belardinelli, Maria Elina; Gualandi, Adriano; Serpelloni, Enrico; Bonafede, Mauriz Jan 1, 2018 9439
Ocean Wave Information Retrieval Using Simulated Compact Polarized SAR from Radarsat-2. Wang, Xiaochen; Shao, Yun; She, Lu; Tian, Wei; Li, Kun; Liu, Long Jan 1, 2018 6046
A DLM-LSTM Framework for North-South Land Deformation Trend Analysis from Low-Cost GPS Sensor Time Series. Pu, Fangling; Xu, Zhaozhuo; Chen, Hongyu; Xu, Xin; Chen, Nengcheng Jan 1, 2018 6495
Coastal Zone Classification Based on Multisource Remote Sensing Imagery Fusion. Li, Jiahui; Zhao, Youxin; Dai, Jiguang; Zhu, Hong Jan 1, 2018 4441
Systems and Sensors in Geoscience Applications. Pradhan, Biswajeet; Jung, Hyung-Sup; Beydoun, Ghassan Jan 1, 2018 1564
Mapping Pyroclastic Flow Inundation Using Radar and Optical Satellite Images and Lahar Modeling. Lee, Chang-Wook; Lu, Zhong; Kim, Jin-Woo; Park, Sung-Jae Jan 1, 2018 5074
India : ISRO and NASA Collaboration. Dec 21, 2017 358
High-Resolution Grid-Independent Imaging for Terahertz 2-D Synthetic Aperture Radar with Spatial Under-Sampling. Ding, Li; Ding, Xi; Ye, Yangyang; Wu, Sixuan; Zhu, Yiming Report Nov 1, 2017 4580
Patch Antenna Using Rectangular Centre Slot and Circular Ground Slot for Circularly Polarized Synthetic Aperture Radar (CP-SAR) Application. Kurniawan, Farohaji; Sumantyo, Josaphat T. Sri; Ito, Koichi; Kuze, Hiroaki; Gao, Steven Report Nov 1, 2017 4369
Slope Stability Solutions Give Actionable Data Fast: New and established products compete at accuracy, speed and usability. Morton, Jesse Report Oct 1, 2017 4042
NASA Is Providing Mexico With Aerial Data Of The Earthquake Site To Aid In Recovery. Sep 22, 2017 489
Framework Agreement For Ground-based Radar Interferometry Detection Service For Landslide Monitoring, Hydrogeological And Other Geological Phenomena - Territorial Monitoring Activities For Civil Protection Purposes With Advanced Gb-insar Products And Serv. Sep 22, 2017 234
India : Joint Project between NASA and ISRO. Aug 4, 2017 270
Characterization of three-dimensional rough fractal surfaces from backscattered radar data. Pouraimis, Georgios; Kotopoulis, Apostolos; Kallitsis, Evangelos; Frangos, Panayiotis Report Aug 1, 2017 4119
Canada : MDA to study use of Synthetic Aperture Radar for Mars science and space exploration. Jun 23, 2017 332
An/aps-153(v)1 Radar Retrofit Kits With Automatic Radar Periscope. Jun 22, 2017 165
France : Airbus celebrates 10 years of precision and reliability of TerraSAR-X satellite. Jun 15, 2017 393
Satellite Imagery For In-shore Ice Analysis In Greenland. Jun 10, 2017 142
Despeckling of SAR images using nondecimated wavelet and Savitzky Golay filter. Banu, A. Shakin; Vasuki, Dr.P.; Roomi, S. Mohamed Mansoor; Gnanasekaran, J.S. Apr 1, 2017 2372
Multitemporal monitoring of Karvina subsidence troughs using Sentinel-1 and Terrasar-X interferometry. Lazecky, Milan; Jirankova, Eva; Kadlecik, Pavel Report Jan 1, 2017 3921
Signal Processing Based Remote Sensing Data Simulation in Radar System. Hao, Renxuan; Guo, Tan Jan 1, 2017 4635
Airborne Position and Orientation System for Aerial Remote Sensing. Li, Jianli; Fang, Jiancheng; Lu, Zhaoxing; Bai, Lijian Report Jan 1, 2017 5934
High-Resolution ISAR Imaging with Wideband V-FM Waveforms. Feng, Dejun; Pan, Xiaoyi; Wang, Guoyu Jan 1, 2017 3546
Performance Improvement of Spaceborne SAR Using Antenna Pattern Synthesis Based on Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization. Won, Young-Jin; Lee, Kyun Ho; Lee, Jae-Hyun Jan 1, 2017 4755
Precision Imaging of Frequency Stepped SAR with Frequency Domain Extracted HRRP and Fast Factorized Back Projection Algorithm. Yin, Can-Bin; Ran, Da Jan 1, 2017 7194
An Improved Adaptive Template Size Pixel-Tracking Method for Monitoring Large-Gradient Mining Subsidence. Huang, Jilei; Deng, Kazhong; Fan, Hongdong; Lei, Shaogang; Yan, Shiyong; Wang, Lei Jan 1, 2017 6873
Estimating Actual 2D Ground Deformations Induced by Underground Activities with Cross-Heading InSAR Measurements. Yu, Xiaoying; Hu, Jun; Sun, Qian Jan 1, 2017 5938
Performance Evaluation of Azimuth Offset Method for Mitigating the Ionospheric Effect on SAR Interferometry. Zhu, Wu; Zhang, Wen-Ting; He, Yu-Fang; Qu, Wei Jan 1, 2017 4618
Estimating Snow Depth and Snow Water Equivalence Using Repeat-Pass Interferometric SAR in the Northern Piedmont Region of the Tianshan Mountains. Li, Hui; Wang, Zuo; He, Guangjun; Man, Wang Jan 1, 2017 10637
A Novel Active Semisupervised Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm for SAR Image Recognition. Gao, Fei; Yue, Zhenyu; Wang, Jun; Sun, Jinping; Yang, Erfu; Zhou, Huiyu Report Jan 1, 2017 5320
Automatic Target Recognition Strategy for Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Based on Combined Discrimination Trees. Zhao, Xiaohui; Jiang, Yicheng; Stathaki, Tania Report Jan 1, 2017 12637
MIMO SAR Imaging for Wide-Swath Based on Compressed Sensing. Liu, Feng; Mu, Shanxiang; Lv, Wanghan Report Jan 1, 2017 5107
Characterization of rough fractal surfaces from backscattered radar data. Kotopoulis, Apostolos Dimitrios; Malamou, Anna; Pouraimis, George; Kallitsis, Evangelos; Frangos, Pa Report Dec 1, 2016 4020
A Downsampled SAR-BM3D Despeckling Approach for Single-Look SAR Images in High Resolution. Wang, Wuchao; Liu, Xiaolin; Zhang, Wenlong Report Nov 15, 2016 1869
Research on Error Analysis and Correction Technique of Atmospheric Refraction for InSAR Measurement with Distributed Satellites. Hu, Guojun; Zhang, Li; Li, Gang; Gong, Hui; Qin, Jinchun Report Nov 15, 2016 2201
An automatic pattern matching approach for oil spill detection in SAR images. Murugan, J. Senthil; Parthasarathy, V. Report Nov 1, 2016 3728
Canada : MDA to deliver advanced space-based synthetic aperture radar capabilities for broad-area maritime surveillance. Oct 7, 2016 146
United States : KEYW secures contract from Leidos for global airborne collection services. Sep 22, 2016 114
Astro Aerospace completes NISAR reflector design review. Aug 18, 2016 188
Astro Aerospace completes NISAR reflector design review. Aug 18, 2016 198
Providing And Fixing Of Interlocking Tiles And Drain Form Bareja, Raju Narang, Madan And Raju Wali Gali, Main Bazar, Insar Chowk, Ward No. 8, Panipat. Aug 16, 2016 133
China Launches High-Res Imaging Satellite. Aug 10, 2016 224
India,United States : India, US to launch co-developed satellite in 2021. Jul 24, 2016 146
India : Development of Data Satellite by NASA and ISRO. Jul 22, 2016 227
Industry specific software development services. Jul 2, 2016 559
Specifics in the formation of subsidence troughs in the Karvina part of the Ostrava-Karvina coalfield with the use of radar interferometry. Jirankova, Eva; Lazecky, Milan Report Jul 1, 2016 4679
United States : Intermap announces $2.6 million mapping services solutions contract. May 16, 2016 160
Build its next Earth Explorer mission, the Biomass satellite. May 16, 2016 332
France,Germany : Airbus Defence and Space signs contract to build Biomass the European Space Agencys forest mission. May 4, 2016 438
Synthetic aperture radar (sar) value added processing for the nrl transportable ground terminals (tgts). Apr 22, 2016 111
United States : Airbus Defence and Space signs deal with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Apr 14, 2016 170
France : Airbus Defence and Space wins contract for Solid State Recorder to fly on NASA-ISRO SAR Mission (NISAR). Apr 13, 2016 361
India, U.S. to jointly launch satellite to study quakes, volcanoes. Apr 5, 2016 213
The Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) and the Norwegian Space Centre will establish a knowledge center that can be responsible for prioritizing admission, systematic processing, refining methods and t. Mar 14, 2016 463
Channel Error Estimation Methods Comparison under Different Conditions for Multichannel HRWS SAR Systems. Jin, Tingting; Qiu, Xiaolan; Hu, Donghui; Ding, Chibiao Mar 1, 2016 2204
Radar Imaging of Sidelobe Suppression Based on Sparse Regularization. Zhu, Xiaoxiang; Jin, Guanghu; He, Feng; Dong, Zhen Mar 1, 2016 2316
United States : NASA Radar Brings a New View of World Heritage Site. Jan 28, 2016 355
Performance simulator for bistatic sar missions. Jan 18, 2016 263
Estimating soil moisture distributions across small farm fields with ALOS/PALSAR. Kojima, Yuki; Oki, Kazuo; Noborio, Kosuke; Mizoguchi, Masaru Report Jan 1, 2016 3991
France : Next Generation of Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellites will see the World in Colour. Dec 9, 2015 300
High resolution ISAR imaging based on improved smoothed L0 norm recovery algorithm. Feng, Junjie; Zhang, Gong Report Dec 1, 2015 4076
Performance simulator for bistatic sar missions. Nov 21, 2015 261
Design and manufacture the radar antenna for its NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) satellite. Oct 31, 2015 147
InSAR applications in environmental sciences. Gheorghe, Diana; Armas, Iuliana Report Oct 1, 2015 3871
Notice of the Office of Economic Affairs of the Civil Guard. Subject: Satellite monitoring service using optical imaging and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for use in the National Focal Point of the C. Aug 18, 2015 104
Surveillance satellite service using optical imaging and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for use in the National Focal Point of the Civil Guard. Aug 8, 2015 119
Development of a ka-band insar airborne instrument. Jul 16, 2015 454
Choosing the right processor for synthetic aperture radar. Warner, John; Wang, Dan; Ali, Murtaza Jul 1, 2015 810
India : TAPAN Misra selected as new head of ISRO application centre. Feb 21, 2015 261
Microwave radiation imaging using inverse synthetic aperture radar technique. Asmontas, Steponas; Kiprijanovic, Oleg; Levitas, Boris; Matuzas, Jonas; Naidionova, Irina Report Feb 1, 2015 2454
An improved classification scheme with adaptive region growing and Wishart classification algorithm for digital images. Chen, Jun; Du, Peijun; Tan, Kun; T.h., Borjer Report Feb 1, 2015 3608
Resolution of the Frequency Diverse Metamaterial Aperture Imager. Yurduseven, Okan; Imani, Mohammadreza F.; Odabasi, Hayrettin; Gollub, Jonah; Lipworth, Guy; Rose, Al Jan 1, 2015 5095
India,United States : Agreement Signed with NASA. Dec 18, 2014 189
Using synthetic aperture radar to define spring breakup on the Kuparuk River, Northern Alaska. Floyd, Angelica L.; Prakash, Anupma; Meyer, Franz J.; Gens, Rudiger; Liljedahl, Anna Report Dec 1, 2014 7322
Poland : Selex ES introduces new surveillance radar at MSPO Poland. Sep 3, 2014 246
United Kingdom : BAE Systems and Airbus Defense and Space Partner to Set New Global Geospatial Content Standard. May 21, 2014 409
Ocean feature analysis using automated detection and classification of sea-surface temperature front signatures in RADARSAT-2 images. Jones, Chris T.; Sikora, Todd D.; Vachon, Paris W.; Buckley, Joseph R. May 1, 2014 1708
Eden Autism Services Ceo Peter Bell Named 2014 Insar Advocate Awardee. Apr 16, 2014 439
Ocean wind speed climatology from spaceborne SAR imagery: the authors discuss the potential generation of a > 10-yr archive of Radarsat-I synthetic aperture radar wind speed data and its use to compute wind speed climatologies. Monaldo, Frank M.; Li, Xiaofeng; Pichel, William G.; Jackson, Christopher R. Apr 1, 2014 2269
France : Unique radar instrument for first Copernicus satellite opens new era of environmental observation. Apr 1, 2014 449
France : Unique radar instrument for first Copernicus satellite opens new era of environmental observation. Apr 1, 2014 473
Micro-Air-Vehicle-Borne Near-Range SAR with Motion Compensation. Wu, Huaming; Zwick, Thomas Feb 1, 2014 3274
A Novel Array Error Estimation Method for Azimuth Multichannel SAR. Ma, Xile; Dong, Zhen; Sun, Zaoyu; He, Feng; Liang, Diannong Feb 1, 2014 3293
Radar Automatic Target Recognition Based on Sequential Vanishing Component Analysis. Liu, Shengqi; Zhan, Ronghui; Zhang, Jun; Zhuang, Zhaowen Feb 1, 2014 5072
Classification of Targets Improved by Fusion of the Range Profile and the Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Image. Choi, In-O; Jung, Joo-Ho; Kim, Si-Ho; Kim, Kyung-Tae; Park, Sang-Hong Jan 1, 2014 3942
A Method of Filtering and Unwrapping SAR Interferometric Phase Based on Nonlinear Phase Model. Huang, Haifeng; Wang, Qingsong Jan 1, 2014 5843
Azimuth Stacking Algorithm for Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging. Li, Zhe; Jin, Tian; Wu, Junjie; Wang, Jian; Liu, Qing Huo Jan 1, 2014 4773
Octave Division Motion Compensation Algorithm for Near-Range Wide-Beam SAR Applications. Wu, Huaming; Zwick, Thomas Jan 1, 2014 3862
Unsupervised SAR image segmentation based on a hierarchical TMF model in the discrete wavelet domain for sea area detection. Wang, Jiajing; Jiao, Shuhong; Shen, Lianyang; Sun, Zhenyu; Tang, Lin Report Jan 1, 2014 4788
TerraSAR-X StripMap data interpretation of complex urban scenarios with 3D SAR tomography. Wei, Lianhuan; Balz, Timo; Liao, Mingsheng; Zhang, Lu Jan 1, 2014 3811
Sparse representation based SAR vehicle recognition along with aspect angle. Xing, Xiangwei; Ji, Kefeng; Zou, Huanxin; Sun, Jixiang Report Jan 1, 2014 4926
Fast SAR image change detection using Bayesian approach based difference image and modified statistical region merging. Zhang, Han; Ni, Weiping; Weidong Yan; Bian, Hui; Wu, Junzheng Report Jan 1, 2014 6221
Correction of channel imbalance for MIMO SAR using stepped-frequency chirps. Luo, Xiulian; Deng, Yunkai; Wang, Robert; Guo, Lei; Wang, Mingjiang Correction notice Jan 1, 2014 3731
Special MISO-SAR and MIMO-SAR modes for bidirectional imaging. Jiang, Hai; Song, Hongjun; Guo, Lei; Wang, Wei Jan 1, 2014 3294
An efficient signal reconstruction algorithm for stepped frequency MIMO-SAR in the spotlight and sliding spotlight modes. Zhang, Jiajia; Sun, Guangcai; Xing, Mengdao; Bao, Zheng; Zhou, Fang Jan 1, 2014 3601
Joint two-dimensional ambiguity resolving based on space-time filtering for MIMO-SAR. Huang, Ping-ping; Li, Hua-sheng; Zhang, Sheng; Sun, Guang-Cai Jan 1, 2014 3591
Property analysis of MIMO-based missile-borne forward-looking SAR. Li, Yachao; Meng, Ziqiang; Zhu, Shengqi; Quan, Yinghui; Xing, Mengdao; Bao, Zheng Jan 1, 2014 4048
Channel phase error compensation for MIMO-SAR. Zhang, Lei; Deng, Yunkai; Wang, Robert Jan 1, 2014 3972
Multiband microwave imaging analysis of ionosphere and troposphere refraction for spaceborne SAR. Zhang, Fan; Li, Guojun; Li, Wei; Hu, Wei Jan 1, 2014 4528
Global Hawk studies Canadian Arctic. Dec 20, 2013 230
Global Hawk studies Canadian Arctic. Dec 20, 2013 238
A novel SAR target detection algorithm based on contextual knowledge. Gao, Fei; Ru, Achang; Sun, Jinping; Hussain, Amir Report Oct 1, 2013 5335
Complete complementary sequence coding waveform based azimuth multi-channel space-borne SAR with ultra-low range sidelobe ratio performance. Chen, Jie; Zhu, Yan Qing; Wang, Peng Bo; Yang, Wei Report Oct 1, 2013 4545
Extended high resolution range profile-jet engine modulation analysis with signal eccentricity. Park, Ji Hoon; Yang, Woo Yong; Bae, Jun Woo; Kang, Seong Cheol; Myung, Noh Hoon Report Oct 1, 2013 4219
United States : NASA Awards Synthetic Aperture Radar Distributed Active Archive Center Contract. Sep 28, 2013 113
Italy : Expanding the InSAR Community. Sep 17, 2013 396
A near-field 3D circular SAR imaging technique based on spherical wave decomposition. Zhang, Biao; Pi, Yiming; Min, Rui Report Sep 1, 2013 4800
Structure preserving SAR image despeckling via L0-minimization. Liu, Gang; Yang, Wen; Xia, Gui-Song; Liao, Mingsheng Report Sep 1, 2013 6308
Azimuth multichannel SAR imaging based on compressed sensing. Wang, Ming Jiang; Yu, Wei Dong; Wang, Robert Report Sep 1, 2013 5630
Removal of JEM signal by accurate estimation of initial parameters of chirplet basis functions. Jung, Joo Ho; Kim, Kyung Tae; Park, Sang Hong Report Sep 1, 2013 3256
An improved SAR radiometric terrain correction method and its application in polarimetric SAR terrain effect reduction. Wang, Peng; Ma, Qin; Wang, Jinfei; Hong, Wen; Li, Yang; Chen, Zhaohua Report Sep 1, 2013 6166
Effects of local phase errors in multi-look SAR images. Bezvesilniy, Oleksandr O.; Gorovyi, Ievgen M.; Vavriv, Dmytro M. Abstract Aug 1, 2013 6658
Efficient strip-mode SAR raw data simulator of extended scenes included moving targets. Yang, Liang; Yu, Wei-Dong; Luo, Yun-Hua; and; Zheng, Shi-Chao Abstract Aug 1, 2013 5245
Sparse autofocus recovery for under-sampled linear array SAR 3-D imaging. Wei, Shun-Jun; Zhang, Xiao-Ling Report Aug 1, 2013 6109
Imaging enhancement of stepped frequency radar using the sparse reconstruction technique. Pang, Bo; Dai, Da-Hai; Xing, Shi-Qi; Li, Yong-Zhen; Wang, Xue-Song Report Aug 1, 2013 6844
The accurate fourth-order Doppler parameter calculation and analysis for Geosynchronous SAR. Zhao, Bingji; Qi, Xiangyang; Song, Hongjun; Gao, Wenjun; Han, Xiaolei; Chen, Runpu Report Aug 1, 2013 3867
Body-of-revolution-enhanced imaging in ultra-wideband SAR. Liang, Fu Lai; Song, Qian; Zhang, Han Hua; Jin, Tian; Zhou, Zhi Min Report Aug 1, 2013 5308
A unified fast solution for the single/ interferometer/stereo SAR geolocation equation based on the RDPC model. Huang, Haifeng; Wang, Qingsong Report Aug 1, 2013 6147
Sentinel-1 insar performance study with tops data. Jul 19, 2013 224
On the mixed scattering mechanism analysis of model-based decomposition for polarimetric SAR data. Yang, Wen; Song, Hui; Xia, Gui-Song; Xu, Xin Report Jul 1, 2013 5509
Scattering analysis for ship Kelvin wakes on two-dimensional linear and nonlinear sea surfaces. Sun, Rong-Qing; Zhang, Min; Wang, Chao; Yuan, Xiao-Feng Abstract Jul 1, 2013 5071
New development of two-step processing approach for spotlight SAR focusing in presence of squint. Mo, Ya-Jun; Deng, Yun-Kai; Luo, Yun-Hua; Zhao, Bing-Ji; Yan, He Report Jul 1, 2013 4495
A new conical-trajectory polar format algorithm for spotlight bistatic SAR. Wang, Yan; Li, Jingwen; Sun, Bing; Chen, Jie; Xu, Huaping Report Jul 1, 2013 3906
CFAR target detection in ground SAR image based on KK distribution. Gao, Yanzhao; Zhan, Ronghui; Wan, Jianwei; Hu, Jiemin; Zhang, Jun Report Jul 1, 2013 7003
An extended frequency scaling algorithm for high squint spotlight airborne SAR. Zuo, Weihua; Pi, Yiming; Min, Rui Report Jun 1, 2013 5680
Feature extraction for landmine detection in UWB SAR via SWD and Isomap. Lou, Jun; Jin, Tian; Zhou, Zhimin Report Jun 1, 2013 4414
Enhanced and efficient ISAR image focusing using the discrete Gabor representation in an oversampling scheme. Park, Ji-Hoon; Myung, Noh-Hoon Report Jun 1, 2013 4357
SAR processing for profile reconstruction and characterization of dielectric objects on the human body surface. Gonzalez-Valdes, Borja; Alvarez, Yuri; Martinez, Jose A.; Las-Heras, Fernando; Rappaport, Carey M. Report Jun 1, 2013 2967
Estimation of pose angle for trihedral in ultrawideband virtual aperture radar. Chen, Bo; Jin, Tian; Zhou, Zhimin; Lu, Biying Report Jun 1, 2013 4823
An extended Inverse Chirp-Z transform algorithm to process high squint SAR data. Liu, Yue; Deng, Yun Kai; Wang, Robert Report Jun 1, 2013 3969
Application of a fully automatic autofocusing algorithm for post-processing of synthetic aperture radar images based on image entropy Minimization. Malamou, A.; Karakasiliotis, A.; Kallitsis, E.; Boultadakis, G.; Frangos, P. Report Jun 1, 2013 2952
A novel sparse stepped chaotic signal and its compression based on compressive sensing. Yang, Jiefang; Zhang, Yunhua Report May 1, 2013 6054
A novel three-step image formation scheme for unified focusing on spaceborne SAR data. Yang, Wei; Chen, Jie; Zeng, Hongceng; Zhou, Jian; Wang, Pengbo; Li, Chunsheng Report May 1, 2013 5531
Modeling SAR images based on a generalized gamma distribution for texture component. Gao, Gui; Qin, Xianxiang; Zhou, Shilin Report May 1, 2013 4375
Study of ionospheric effects on azimuth imaging for Medium-Earth-Orbit SAR. Li, Liang; Hong, Jun May 1, 2013 4122
Terrain height estimation using a stereo-SAR technique aided by a reference point. Lu, Kung-Yu; Kiang, Jean-Fu Report Apr 1, 2013 3260
The RFI suppression method based on STFT applied to SAR. Zhao, Tengfei; Zhang, Yongsheng; Yang, Lin; Dong, Zhen; Liang, Diannong Report Apr 1, 2013 4928
Simulation of SAR under ultra-wide band electromagnetic pulse in human tissue. Jiao, Teng; Yu, Xiao; Lv, Hao; Zhang, Yang; Xue, Hui Jun; Wang, Yan; Wang, Jian Qi Report Apr 1, 2013 3054
Moving-target velocity estimation in a complex-valued SAR imagery. Li, Yuan; Lv, Gaohuan; Liu, Xingzhao Report Apr 1, 2013 7863
SAR target classification using Bayesian compressive sensing with scattering centers features. Zhang, Xinzheng; Qin, Jianhong; Li, Guojun Report Apr 1, 2013 6461
Two dimension digital beamforming preprocessing in multibeam ScanSAR. Huang, Pingping; Xu, Wei; Qi, Weikong Report Apr 1, 2013 3192
A multi-scale local phase quantization plus biomimetic pattern recognition method for SAR automatic target recognition. Zhai, Yikui; Li, Jingwen; Gan, Junying; Ying, Zilu Report Mar 1, 2013 5558
A variable PRF imaging method for high squint diving SAR. Xu, Huaping; Gao, Jing; Li, Jianlong Report Mar 1, 2013 4360
Using wave-coefficients as feature vectors to identify aerospace targets. Jiang, Xiaomin; Jia, Shouqing; Xia, Mingyao; Chan, Chihou Report Mar 1, 2013 4583
An improved nonlinear chirp scaling algorithm based on curved trajectory in geosynchronous SAR. Hu, Cheng; Long, Teng; Tian, Ye Report Mar 1, 2013 7615
A compressive sensing approach for synthetic aperture imaging radiometers. Li, Shiyong; Zhou, Xi; Ren, Bailing; Sun, Houjun; Lv, Xin Report Mar 1, 2013 4711
SS-BSAR with GNSS and a stationary receiver--experimental results. Zeng, Zhangfan Mar 1, 2013 3476
Design of low SAR planar monopole antenna for mobile wireless communication applications. Elsheakh, Dalia M.; Abdallah, Esmat A. Report Feb 1, 2013 2983
An efficient imaging approach for tops SAR data focusing based on scaled fourier transform. Huang, Pingping; Xu, Wei Abstract Feb 1, 2013 4571
An improved scheme for parameter estimation of [G.sup.0] distribution model in high-resolution SAR images. Cheng, Jianghua; Gao, Gui; Ding, Wenxia; Ku, Xishu; Sun, Jixiang Report Feb 1, 2013 6599
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